Birthstone Charms Necklaces

If you have a jewelry line, wholesale birthstone charms are a great way to add a personal touch. It is also a rite of passage for young girls to discover their birthstones. The experience of knowing her birthstone can be both fun and defining. Wearing birthstone charm necklaces will remind you of your loved ones and mark the milestones that have taken place in their lives. You can also purchase Moms and Babies charms to compliment the birthstone charms.

Choose a necklace that features birthstone charms. The birthstone charms on this necklace can symbolize any milestone in a person’s life. The charms are crafted in 14k yellow gold and are approximately 3mm in size. These pendants can be customized to feature the birthstone of any loved one. Choose from a variety of birthstones and customize them to fit any occasion. Once you’ve selected the birthstones you want to include, choose a chain color to match.

Birthstones: What are they?

The origins of birthstones can be traced back to the twelve stones that Moses used to decorate Aaron’s breastplate, which symbolized the twelve tribes of Israel. This breastplate is mentioned in the Book of Exodus.

The Twelve Apostles, the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac, and The Foundation Stones of Christianity were historically connected by a first-century writer named Josephus into a list of gemstones affiliated with the Apostles and recognized by a stone worn each month. The names of the Apostles were inscribed on these stones, along with praise and descriptions of each Apostle’s distinguishing qualities.

Direct connections were lost due to cultural differences in translation, customs, and tastes. Still, these concepts finally found their way into a collection of poems Tiffany & Co. published in the 1800s. The National Association of Jewelers eventually developed its list of birthstones related to monthly dates in the early 1900s. Throughout the years leading up to 2016, this list has occasionally been improved and updated.

1937 saw the establishment of a standard list of birthstones in Britain by the National Association of Goldsmiths; over time, the two lists came to be partly combined to provide a more standardized choice.

Certain eastern cultures associate birthstones with astrology as opposed to specific birth months. Gemstones have been given characteristics connected to celestial bodies and are more focused on a person’s birth time than a general month connection. An individual’s birth will be astrologically charted, and certain gemstones will be suggested for that person to wear in general and specific locations on the body to support and fend against any issues.

Traditional Birthstone Meanings & the Colour of Each Month’s Birthstone

The most conventional stones for each month are listed in birthstone charts in various ways, depending on the month. Depending on the information source and the locality, these birthstones can be different even though they are similar. There are some charts that can be found in sources that offer a few stones for certain months. However, the most common stones are as follows:

January: The garnet expresses passion and happiness and represents faith and commitment. This deep red stone can protect the wearer while traveling. Since it resembles a pomegranate seed, garnet was given that name.

February: Amethyst, now a semi-precious stone that ranges in color from light lavender to the deepest purple, was formerly thought to be a priceless jewel before large quantities were discovered in Brazil. Amethyst was once only permitted to be worn by royalty and was believed to prevent intoxication. It stands for tranquility, calm, and bravery.

March: Pale teal Aquamarine was believed to treat heart, liver, and stomach ailments by soaking it in water, which was then consumed. Bloodstone is a secondary gemstone that is dark green with red dots and increases vigor and self-assurance.

April: The conventional diamond stone, second only to opals in value but the toughest natural mineral stone on earth, has traditionally been considered a very expensive jewel. Diamonds are symbolic of enduring love and bravery. They have also been linked to lightning, a divine weapon. Since either gemstone is acceptable as the April birthstone, this stone can be replaced with cheaper quartz.

May: Emerald green has been a valuable gem prized for a long time. The stone was formerly one of Cleopatra’s favorite gems and was intended to improve conception, vigor, and fertility. These days, knowledge and patience are also attributed to the stone.

June: The traditional birthstones for June are three stones. Moonstone, pearl, and alexandrite. Ancient Greeks equated the extraordinarily delicate jewel known as the pearl with Aphrodite’s joyful tears. The moonstone’s balance and femininity, the pearl’s simplicity and delight, and the harmony of the alexandrite complement each other beautifully. Pearls are delicate and only intended for irregular wear. Moonstone is a white gemstone with a grey undertone that is chatoyant, which has been likened to the motion of the moonlight on the ocean. Alexandrite, a bluish-gray gemstone that is more uncommon than diamonds and one of the few to change color when exposed to incandescent light, appears reddish-toned.

July: The ruby red birthstone represents the sweltering summer sun. Hindus considered it the “King of Gems,” intended for love and passion. This gemstone, which is also interchangeable with the gemstone Carnelian, symbolizes spiritual nobility and knowledge. Carnelian is a solid-appearing stone that ranges from brownish red to pale pink. It helps boost fertility and encourage intimacy.

August: The green peridot, also known as the Evening Emerald, is distinguished by its pale green hue. It is said to shield the user from nightmares and symbolize safety and light. It was believed to be the tears of the God Pele because it was found in volcanic zones. The less popular Spinel serves as the secondary birthstone for August. The most prized spinels are red, but there are also blue, pink, and orange varieties. Due to its rarity (spinels are rare than diamonds) and propensity to be mistaken for sapphires and emeralds, Spinel is extremely expensive and may be priced higher. Spinels are reputed to be harmonious. Sardonyx, a stone with red and white bands representing courage, is August’s third birthstone. Sardonyx is also available in green, black, and yellow, among other hues.

September: The bluest sapphire, which stood for purity and wisdom and was once supposed to protect against poisoning, is the birthstone for September. If you’re looking for a less well-known birthstone, lapis lazuli is a secondary gemstone. Lapis is highly valued for its intense blue hue and vivid blue stone with various minerals flecked throughout. The deep blue stone additionally symbolizes self-expression and truthfulness.

October: The birthstone for this month is the iconic opal. Opal has a reputation for being a special stone that brings bad luck to everyone who wears it if it is not their birthstone. This is a false myth that has been spread through several stories. Even though opal is a delicate stone frequently cemented into its setting, wearing it is not unlucky. Due to its hue, glitter, and depth, opal was formerly regarded as the pinnacle of all gemstones. The birthstone for October is tourmaline, which also symbolizes protection, and the opal, which stands for truth. Watermelon pink and green tourmaline is a stone with two hues. This lovely pink stone’s gorgeous, unusual color combination is good for creativity.

November: Yellow topaz and citrine are the two lemon-colored birthstones for November. Citrine and Yellow Topaz are nearly indistinguishable in terms of color and look. Both stones represent the eleventh month and symbolize strength, joy, and intelligence. Other colors of topaz are also acceptable, although yellow topaz is typically considered the birthstone for November.

December: Three birthstones, occasionally four, symbolize the year’s final month. Zircon symbolizes protection and wisdom and can be found in many colors. When worn on the hand, turquoise symbolizes health and can ward off evil spirits. Along with zircon, Tanzanite is a relatively rare gemstone. Only discovered in Tanzania, blue-purple Tanzanite is more expensive due to its rarity. Zircon is an inexpensive, low-quality, colorless gemstone occasionally confused for Cubic Zirconia, a lab-created stone. Tanzanite’s perceptive talents enhance blue Tanzanite’sop creativity-enhancing qualities. Heat treatment of blue topaz can improve the color of the bluestone. Although it is the least expensive birthstone for December, all blue birthstones can be combined to create beautiful jewelry.

108 Pieces Crystal Birthstone Charms DIY Jewelry Necklace Bracelet Beads Pendant with Rings Mixed Handmade Round Crystal Charm for Earring Making Supplies, 7 mm, 12 Colors

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  • Included in the package are 108 crystal birthstone charms, available in 12 distinct hues with nine pieces of each color. You can use these pendants to create various jewelry designs and other projects.
  • These DIY bead pendants are exquisite in appearance and chic in style. They are fashioned in a round form with lovely colors, which may boost your disposition and make you look attractive. They are a lovely decoration option.
  • Reliable and useful: These birthstone charms are constructed of alloy and synthetic diamonds, and each pendant is approximately 0.4 inches (10 millimeters) long and 0.27 millimeters (7 millimeters) wide. They are strong and durable, never rust, and always shine with various lusters; To pass through the ring, you can use rope or chain (not provided), enabling you to complete various crafts.
  • DIY projects for entertainment It’s time to create some stunning charm decorations in your way. Use your imagination to construct or make DIY crafts with your styles. Each crystal pendant is fastened with a small loop, making adding to different designs easy.
  • On Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, your birthday, and other special occasions, send your friends, family, wife, lover, relatives, or anyone else who likes DIY jewelry these handcrafted round crystal charms.

Where can I Find Jewelry with Birthstones?

Birthstone jewelry is ideal as a present for birthdays, new mothers, graduations, anniversaries, and coming-of-age celebrations.

A birthstone charm is an ideal complement to a special someone’s charm bracelet. While pendants and bracelets are common birthstone jewelry products, rings and earrings are also acceptable options. Family trees, infinity signs, and names are among the most common pendants.
Customization is the best approach to making birthstone jewelry special when it comes to its individuality. Engraving a name or incorporating a special item is a couple of customized suggestions. If you’re looking for a gift, draw ideas from inside jokes and secret codes to make the gift special.

Going online to conduct your search for birthstone jewelry gives you quick access to a wide range of options at affordable pricing. Birthstone jewelry may be found in a whole area on the Blue Nile, with a range of pricing to fit most budgets. The assortment includes customizable pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets.

James Allen has a unique variety of gemstone jewelry, but supplies are frequently scarce and go fast. Take a look at their wonderful array of gemstone jewelry.

You may also check out Amazon for a great selection of birthstone jewelry pieces that fit different budgets.

How can I Know Which Birthstone is Best for Me?

Wearing gemstones is a fantastic technique to help your body stay balanced and energized. Placing crystals and gemstones around your home is another method to employ their healing energies to purify and repair your environment. Gemstones are used in various products, including jewelry, charms, and huge pieces for your house. Your unique judgment will determine what is best for your buy.

When choosing your jewels, one of the finest criteria is whether the stone gives you positive energy while looking at it. The greatest strategy to choose is to make a decision based on comfort and positive energy. For example, you may feel drawn to a certain color or type of stone. Perhaps a pearl is calling out to you. These sensations are real and can help you choose the perfect stone.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t pick a certain stone since it represents your birth in a certain way. However, if you go gemstone shopping with a specific stone in mind and get sidetracked by another stone that appeals to your tastes more, the gemstone you’re drawn to at the time may be the one you need in your life right now. Buy the blue topaz ring that feels like it was designed for your hand rather than a blue sapphire simply because it is your monthly birthstone since that stone ultimately resonates with your energy.

What is Birthstone Jewelry for Couples?

Jewelry with the couple’s birthstones can be given or received on important occasions like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or birthdays. It’s a unique approach to honoring your uniqueness while celebrating your love for one another!

Couples have a lot of unisex options. Couples can personalize birthstone necklaces, bracelets, and rings by engraving their names and adding jewels.

Popular designs for couple birthstone jewelry include interlocking hearts, the infinity symbol, breakable hearts, and dual birthstone rings.

What Gem Combinations Look Best?

Any colors with comparable tones can be paired together, including all blues (Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Sapphire, Tanzanite), all greens (Emerald, Peridot), all reds (Ruby, Garnet, Pink Tourmaline), all purples (Amethyst, Tanzanite), all yellows (Citrine, Yellow Diamond, Yellow Sapphire), and any other hues.

Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, and Topaz are stoned; the client can wear them daily with little to no concern. Due to their hardness and wearability, pearls, opals, jades, aquamarines, and onyx need to be worn more delicately.

Should a Gem be in Contact with Skin?

If the gemstone can balance our energies, then touching the stone to your skin will allow the healing energy to flow most effectively. The stone’s healing power can then begin regulating and controlling the energy in your body once it reaches you. Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water are the four basic energies.

Should I Take Off My Gemstone Ring Before Going to Bed?

Depending on the purpose for wearing the gemstone, yes. Typically, ceremonies are performed to put on and remove the gemstone. It would be advisable to take it off at night if you are wearing it for decoration, as most gemstones have the potential to scratch. However, removing the jewelry without a ritual can reduce its potency or even alter its mystical features if you wear it for mystical purposes.


Birthstone necklaces are the perfect gift for loved ones. Each charm is unique and offers timeless inspiration. You can create your necklace with birthstone charms or purchase them from a jewelry store. The choices are endless. It’s a great way to honor a loved one and expand your collection. If you’re unsure what birthstone charms to buy, consider starting a small collection and adding one or two to your collection.