Black Diamond Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Consider a black diamond rose gold engagement ring if you want to surprise your fiancé with a unique and stylish engagement ring. This unique design features a round black diamond in the center, surrounded by 0.20 carats of petite diamonds. It’s crafted in 14k rose gold and can come in any color, including white and yellow. Black diamonds are naturally Jet Black, making them perfect for an engagement ring.

If you want to surprise your sweetheart with a unique engagement ring, choose one that includes a rose-cut black diamond, which looks stunning, surrounded by 22 pave white diamonds. Then, you can opt for the rose-cut black diamond set in 14k white gold or yellow gold. Other options for a black diamond rose gold engagement ring is the classic solitaire black diamond ring and the emerald-cut diamond engagement ring.

Some Beautiful Black Diamond Rose Gold Engagement Rings

1. Cushion Cut 3 Stone Black Diamond Ring 2 CTW in 14k Rose Gold

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2. TVS-JEWELS Princess Cut Black Simulated Diamond Rose Gold Plating Over 925 Sterling Silver Bridal Wedding Ring

TVS-JEWELS Princess Cut Black Simulated Diamond Rose Gold Plating Over 925 Sterling Silver Bridal Wedding Ring With Matching Band Set For Women's Jewelry (8)

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3. Pear Black Diamond Engagement Ring Set 14K Rose Gold Petal Ring with Matching Diamond Band

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4. Black & White Natural Diamond Halo Swirl Bridal Set Ring & Wedding Band 1.95 ctw 14K Gold

Black & White Natural Diamond Halo Swirl Bridal Set Ring & Wedding Band 1.95 ctw 14K Gold
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5. 14k Gold Wedding Ring Set Enhancer Look Bands Solitaire Pear Black Diamond

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What Exactly is a Black Diamond?

A black diamond is a diamond that has so many inclusions that it seems to be a black gemstone; it is a super-included diamond. Black diamonds are appreciated for having more inclusions than white diamonds, which are prized for being rarer and more costly.

Brides constantly seek out daring ways to express their personal style, so if defying convention appeals to you, you might want to get an edgy black diamond ring. Black diamonds are stylish, slightly enigmatic, somewhat rock ‘n’ roll, and incredibly cool. They offer good value as well.

According to Ann Jay, a diamond expert, “black diamonds are typically significantly less expensive than a colorless diamond.” We’re smitten with black diamond rings, whether set in a traditional solitaire, encircled by a white diamond halo, mounted in stylish rose gold, or scattered around a plain band to add some cool factor to your wedding-day sparkle.

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A large variety of natural loose white or black diamonds in good quality are available directly from cutting and polishing machines at Gemstone, one of the top diamond jewelers in the world. From the beginning, we have been the most reliable source of fashionable and popular diamond jewelry, including engagement rings, gemstone rings, wedding bands, bracelets, pendants, designer diamond earrings, and much more.

Black Diamond Rings’ Benefits & Drawbacks

A benefit of a black diamond is that it costs substantially less per carat than fancy-colored or colorless diamonds. According to Jay, the reason for this is that black diamonds contain hundreds of small cracks that give them their distinctive hue. They are far more prone to injury than their counterparts that lack color, though.

A grayer stone called a treated black diamond undergoes high pressure and temperature processing to turn it into a black stone. They resemble natural black diamonds in appearance but are less expensive. Keep this in mind when contemplating a black diamond for an engagement ring (or consider a treated black diamond instead).

The Qualities of a Black Diamond Ring

  • How can consumers determine whether a black diamond is of excellent quality? “I’d advise the purchaser to request a colored diamond report from the Gemology Institute of America” (GIA). I usually advise my clients to request GIA reports for their center stones (or any diamond larger than.5ct) before making a significant jewelry purchase (like an engagement ring) to confirm its qualities and ensure its quality,” Jay explains. Even though some black diamonds are naturally black, many are grey and must be treated to turn them into deep black stones. If the diamond has been treated to improve the color (decreasing the value) or is natural (raising the value), the GIA report will explain.
  • What price range should a buyer anticipate for a black diamond? According to Jay, the price of treated black diamonds is half as much as that of natural black diamonds, or even less. You might anticipate a black diamond to cost $4000 per carat or less if a colorless diamond costs $8,000 per carat.
  • What suggested settings are there for a black diamond? According to Jay, you can position your black diamond in whatever you desire. “You should think about your ring budget before thinking about the setting. The setting and carat size you choose will depend on this number.
  • What metals complement a black diamond well? I adore black diamonds set in platinum or white gold because the color contrast makes them stand out, adds Jay.

Care Instructions for a Black Diamond Ring

As opposed to colorless or fancy-colored diamonds, black diamonds don’t need as much cleaning, Jay claims. Because of their inherently metallic tint, they will dazzle even after use.

Avoid using standard diamond cleaning methods like steaming or ultrasonic. According to Jay, these devices “may actually break or ruin your black diamond.” The finest cleaning solution for black diamonds is warm, mild soapy water and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Consider dish detergent: It works as effectively on dishes as on the skin when cutting through grease and oils.

Like other diamonds and fine jewelry, your black diamond engagement ring should not be worn when performing manual labor like gardening, moving furniture, or building. Compared to white diamonds, black diamonds are more prone to fracture. Dry with a soft towel before keeping it in a jewelry box lined with fabric.

Prepare to lust after these 20 rings set with black diamonds

What is Rose Gold?

Since rose gold is an alloy, it contains several different metals. Almost all gold in jewelry is an alloy since pure gold (24k gold) is too soft to be worn daily. Craftsmen add other metals to 14k or 18k rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold to make it strong enough to be worn frequently.

Rose gold typically consists of a mix of copper and gold, occasionally including zinc or silver. Adding copper creates the lovely, rosy pink tint of rose gold. This pink tint can be rather vivid depending on how much copper is present in the rose gold. Most gold alloys are either 14k or 18k, while pure gold is 24k. Because 14k rose gold contains more copper and less pure gold, it will seem more vibrant pink. A little less pink will be seen in 18k rose gold.

Diamonds Pairing with Rose Gold: Special Consideration

After learning a little about rose gold, let’s speak about how this lovely precious metal looks when combined with diamonds. Due to the hue of rose gold, two diamond characteristics—color and shape—should be carefully considered. Rose gold has the excellent property of effectively concealing a diamond’s color, even if it leans somewhat yellow. You can typically go as low in color as an H or an I am grading when matching a diamond with a rose gold ring without recognizing the yellow in the diamond when it is set in the ring. Naturally, diamonds with hues higher than those will also look stunning in a rose gold ring because they will “pop” brilliantly against the deep color of the metal.

Many people like brilliant cut shapes (such as round, cushion, or princess) and overstep cut shapes (such as emerald or Asscher cut) in a rose gold setting. This is so that although step cuts get most of their light from the bottom of the diamond, which includes the setting, brilliant cuts get light from numerous facets. Some people believe that step-cut diamonds appear less white than they are because they absorb too much of the rose gold’s hue. Therefore, you might want to stay away from step-cut diamonds in your rose gold ring if you want your diamond to appear as white as possible.

What does a Black Diamond Ring Signify as an Engagement Ring?

Diamonds are ideal for engagement rings because they represent a deep emotional connection. Black diamonds stand for the courage to stand out from the crowd, justice, and inner strength.

Unlike colorless diamonds, black diamonds are unique and different. Unlike most other colored diamonds, black diamonds have numerous inclusions that make them appear black. These inclusions make black diamonds incredibly valuable. Black diamonds are an excellent choice for engagement rings for women who want to express their style and unique sense of style. They are also inexpensive, so it’s easy to find one that suits your budget.

Are Black Diamonds Worthy?

But what are the prices of black diamonds? Black diamonds weighing 1 and 3 carats are priced between $1,500 and $3,000 per carat. On the other hand, clear diamonds weighing between 1 and 3 carats can be colorless and cost anywhere from $2,500 to $153,000 per carat.

Black diamonds are also less expensive per carat compared to other gemstones. However, these diamonds are more susceptible to damage. Because they contain hundreds of microscopic fractures, they’re more easily damaged. Fortunately, black diamonds are also available in the treated form. High temperatures and pressure are used to treat them, so they have a similar color to natural black diamonds. Black diamonds are still the ideal choice for engagement rings despite the lower cost.


Whether you’re looking for a simple ring with a timeless design, or a unique, modern style, black diamonds will capture the heart of your beloved. If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable engagement ring, black diamonds will be a perfect choice. Although most people think white diamonds are the preferred stone for engagement rings, black diamonds are an excellent choice if you want something different and unusual. The mysterious origin of black diamonds makes them especially alluring.

Although black diamonds are rare, they are less expensive than colorless diamonds. Black diamonds are often cheaper than colorless diamonds. With that in mind, black diamonds are a popular alternative to traditional colorless diamonds. In addition to white gold, black diamonds can be set in platinum, rose gold, or 14k yellow gold. These stones are a great option for engagement rings, since they’re less expensive and come in different settings.