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Saying Yes To An Advertised Proposal

One clear afternoon, as I was driving myself home after a grueling day at work, I was caught on a red light so I stopped at the intersection. The vehicles on the street perpendicular to that of the street where I was started to inch. And there it was, an advertising truck bearing a huge banner of a picture of John, my then boyfriend, down on one knee proffering a glittering diamond ring from its open box with a dialogue balloon saying, “Will you marry me, Liz?” I felt so excited to get home and call John on the phone to give him my answer to his proposition. However, when I reached home, the said advertising truck was already parked outside my home with John leaning against it holding the box containing the engagement ring. So I hastily pulled over and ran into his arms, shouting “Yes, yes,yes!” Oh, did I mention that John, now my husband, works for an advertising firm? That explains.

Liz P.

Charlotte, NC.

Popping The Question In Class

Meg, my then girlfriend of 4 years, is a preschool teacher. With the help of a co-teacher and her class, and with the permission of the school principal, I proposed to Meg by asking a dozen kids, each holding a white long-stemmed rose, to one by one enter her classroom as she was holding her class, and wordlessly hand her the fragrant flower. She kept on asking from whom the white roses were from but the kids just smiled. Then I came last holding a long stemmed red rose, gave the flower to her and greeted her, “Happy Anniversary”, and kissed her. So she thought it was just an anniversary surprise. But then, I took out the red velvet box from my pocket, went down on one knee, opened the box to reveal a diamond ring, and popped the question. And to the delight of the kids, she excitedly said yes.

Calvin B.

Cedar City, UT.

Mountaintop Proposal

My boyfriend and I talked about getting married but I had no idea when or how he’d actually propose. It’s his style to be a little “out of the box” so when he asked me to go on late afternoon/early evening fall hike, it was so normal that had no idea he was planning to propose! We walked along until we came around a bend that had some cliffs overlooking the valley. There was a flat cliff with a blanket, fancy food, roses and candles but no people. He started going down to that area and I, being so clueless, thought it was someone’s romantic picnic and refused, saying, “We can’t go down there! That is someone’s picnic!” He just smiled and said, “No, it’s okay, I promise, come down.” Suddenly I realized this was all his doing and we weren’t imposing on a stranger’s picnic. The entire path was strewn with rose petals to a cliff with set up with beautiful roses, candles and a gourmet picnic. As the sun was setting over the beautiful fall colored canyon, he proposed! I was so surprised! To top it off, my roommates were hiding high up on mountain side capturing the event on film. They had come up earlier to set up the candles and picnic, and then hid high up on the mountain. I was so surprised that they were all able to keep it a secret. It was a wonderful and surprising beginning to our engagement!

– Amy W.

Arlington, Virginia


Check Yes or No

My summer job between semesters at University took me out of state, far away from my boyfriend at the time. It was hard to continue long distance but we managed with phone calls and emails. As the summer started to come to a close, we both became increasingly excited to see one another–especially since we had started talking marriage and planning our future together. Finally the day had come for me to fly back home and as I arrived in the Houston airport, my excitement was growing. I picked up my bags and walked through the arrivals terminal and I started hearing one of our favorite songs–a George Strait song called “Check Yes or No” playing in the background. I smiled, remembering all the fun times my boyfriend and I had going to country music concerts together.  I turned the corner and was surprised to see my boyfriend on bended knee in the middle of the open arrivals area! He was holding a sign which said, “Kirsten, will you marry me? Check yes or no.” A crowd had started to gather around him, with curious and excited spectators waiting to see what would happen next. As I got closer, I saw he had a ring box and he asked me to marry him–right in the arrivals terminal of the Houston airport! Since that time, we have always loved airports and every time we fly we think of our engagement.

– Kirsten D.

Houston, Texas

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