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Diamond Solitaire Rings: Simply Elegant

Out of all the engagement rings, the diamond solitaire is undoubtedly the most popular choice among women. They are classic and simple, yet strikingly sophisticated and versatile.


Diamond Solitaire Rings: The Basics

The term solitaire means alone and in jewelry terminology, this means that the diamond stands alone. This style of engagement ring essentially has only two main features: the band and one diamond. Solitaire rings appeal to so many women because they can choose from a number of interesting stone shapes and virtually any wedding band. It’s an understated fashion statement which still has room for an impressive amount of creativity.

Band Style and Size

With diamond solitaire rings, the style and size of the band is very important. A thin band greatly accentuates the size of any diamond, making it a popular choice for smaller stones and more delicate hands. A thick band provides a large variety of options for the diamond’s setting and is an excellent choice for average to large diamonds. The band may be in any type of preferred metal, although yellow gold tends to accentuate the diamond the most. To provide additional flair and design to the band, some opt for two-tone bands, engraving, beading or miligrain details.

Stone Shape

The most popular shape of stones is the round brilliant–a timeless classic which appeals to many women. Although it’s shape and cut tends to show the most fire, there are many other beautiful and unique shapes available which make a stunning diamond solitaire ring.


Choosing a Metal

There are surprisingly many choices for metal nowadays and it essentially depends on personal preference and budget. For the classic woman, yellow gold tends to be the most traditional color associated with diamond solitaire rings and the contrast is greater, enabling the diamond to really stand out. 14K gold is the standard, while 18K gold is also an excellent higher end choice which has a more rich yellow color (albeit slightly softer).  There has been a growing trend in the past several years towards the beautiful silvery-liquid colors of white gold, platinum and more recently, palladium. Rose gold with its lovely pink hue is another option, although not as popular as the other metal colors, it is still beautiful in its own right. All are excellent options for a diamond solitaire ring and again, it simply depends on preference and budget.

Diamond Solitaire Rings: Setting Options

Despite the simplicity of a diamond solitaire ring, there are a lot of options for the setting:


Prong: Traditionally, the four or six prong settings allow the stone to be showcased most effectively. Larger stones will generally be set with six prongs for additional security.





Bezel: The diamond is housed deeper into the setting, making it flush (or almost flush) with the rest of the band. An excellent choice for those with an active lifestyle since it keeps the diamond more protected.




Tension: A unique way to highlight a diamond as it appears to float in the air, being held in place between both sides of the band.






Pave: Many small diamonds or gemstones are set                  continuously in miniature prongs along the sides of              the band or around the center stone, making for a                   glamorous and sparkling effect.

Diamond Solitaire Rings: Quality and Price

Since there is only one diamond highlighted in the setting, it should be of the highest quality you can afford. It is important to get acquainted with the 4Cs of diamond grading in order to find the best quality of stone. Bigger is not always better, since imperfections and color variances in larger, less expensive diamonds can be more pronounced. Fortunately, since there is only one diamond to purchase, solitaire rings are generally the most cost-effective.


Diamond solitaire rings have been a timeless and elegant option for decades, and are perfect for the sophisticated woman. They enable the bride to display one stunning diamond and symbolize her one true love.





Photos courtesy of Certified Diamond Dealers, James Allen and Tacori.

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