Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

Economic Downturn Creating Demand for Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings?

While most women would love a large diamond ring at the beginning of their marriage, some men find it is simply too daunting of a prospect in these increasingly tough economic times. Many young men say they would propose with cubic zirconia engagement rings–at least initially–if their girl friend would be up for it. What do women think of this? Is it a viable option? Read more to find out what women are really saying.

The Scoop on Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

Recent articles discussing the economic downturn and potential debt problems have college grads nervous about their future, including marriage and paying for an engagement ring. Our experts now suggest there are three main trends coming out of this:

  1. Buy her a diamond ring. The clever marketing of diamonds, where there is extensive pressure for men to pay “two months salary” for an engagement ring.  With the average marriage ages rising, many may be able to start off with that fantastic diamond ring. Some can afford this, while unfortunately, others cannot.
  2. Hold off … for now. More realistic and financially savvy couples are opting for cubic zirconia starter engagement rings with the intent to upgrade to a diamond later. They get a top-notch setting in platinum or gold and substitute a diamond for a well-cut cz, making it difficult to tell the difference.
  3. Stick with a simulant. With fantastic technology, cubic zirconia isn’t what it used to be–and this is a bonus. The cuts are increasingly sharp, precise and long gone are the days of glass looking baubles. With a nice quality setting, some couples stick with a diamond simulant for a lifetime. They don’t worry about losing, appraising or insuring the stone. The only downside is with high wear and tear, they may need to replace the stones every so often to keep them looking sharp.

Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings: Do Women Really Mind?

This is a never-ending debate among both men and women. Just read some comment boards after articles on diamond vs. cubic zirconia jewelry and you’ll see there is a broad range of ideas out there. Here are just a few comments from women on

“I think the ring should really be symbolize love and commitment, why does it have to be a diamond? I guess I’m just not attached to having to have a diamond.” 

“When we picked out my setting we knew we couldn’t afford the setting plus a diamond for the center so I told my fiance that I’d be fine with the cz until we could comfortably afford an upgrade.  He ended up asking his mom if he could give me his grandmother’s diamond in that setting but until he did that, we were totally going to go with the cz and upgrade later.”

“I’ve noticed that with cz it can be hard to tell.  I went to a jeweler when we were looking at rings and he said you can’t tell nowadays if a ring is a cz or diamond unless you look at it under magnification (or something like that). Just be open and honest with each other.” 

“I’d hate to think I’m materialistic, but I really do want a diamond. They are so beautiful and last forever. I think it’s all up to personal preference, but if the guy can’t afford a diamond, he can’t afford to get married.”

“I’ve always wanted a diamond that has been passed down in my family, so yes, I want a diamond. But I’d be concerned about my fiance going into debt just to get me one. I think heirloom stones are the best of both worlds!”

“I have a cz set. My original (diamond) set was stolen during a break-in at our home. I decided then that I would get something less expensive just because I was so disgusted about my rings being stolen. Anyway, that was about 6 years ago. My rings have never clouded and still sparkle like new. I frequently still get compliments on them. Just make sure that you don’t get a cheap metal (which you find with so many cz’s) like gold over sterling, because that won’t look as legit.”

The Verdict on Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings?

All in all, we were surprised to find that it doesn’t really matter to most women whether their engagement ring is a cubic zirconia or a diamond. Most will admit they prefer a diamond but if that isn’t an option in this uncertain economy, they are surprisingly quick to accept cubic zirconia. The most important thing? Just make sure the man is open and honest about what he is giving and the result is as good as gold.


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