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The Asscher Cut Diamond, Elegant & Sophisticated

The asscher cut diamond is perfect for the sophisticated and style savvy couple. Blending traditional design with a beautifully unique twist, an Asscher is ideal for an engagement ring. Because the asscher cut does have some special properties, it is important to gain some knowledge about it before purchasing.

About the Asscher Cut Diamond

Although historically a somewhat
lesser known cut, the Asscher has
become increasingly popular as more celebrities choose it as their engagement ring. It is essentially a type of square emerald cut with cropped corners on the sides of the stone, creating extra sparkle for the 74 facets. More recently it has been associated with royalty when Reena Ahluwalia, of Royal Asscher, designed a diamond tiara for Kate Middleton. It had an astounding 36 Asscher cut diamonds, along with other shapes, totaling 120 carats.

Buying an Asscher Cut Diamond

  • The 4 Cs (carat, color, clarity and cut) are a consideration when purchasing any diamond. However, with an Asscher cut diamond, the 4 Cs are even more important since a step cut makes flaws or inclusions more noticeable. Try to get a minimum of a G color diamond with a VS2 or more clarity.
  • Since the beauty of the diamond is in its unique cut, larger carat sizes best showcase the Asscher cut diamond. If possible, go with a minimum of one carat or find a setting with several smaller stones around the Asscher to best highlight its features.
  • Due to the uniqueness of this cut, the level of clarity required and the preferred sizes being above one carat, making this potentially a more expensive option.
  • Because of the patent, this type of cut may be more difficult to find in your local jewelry stores. You may want to start with purchasing a loose Asscher cut diamond and then having a setting designed around it.
  • Not only are Asscher cuts found in diamonds, many other gemstones such as rubies, emeralds or sapphires are cut in this manner and offer a strikingly beautiful alternative to a diamond.

Where to Purchase an Asscher Cut Diamond

Certified Asscher cut diamonds are patented and authorized retailers will carry them, as found on the Royal Asscher website. Some of these stores include Blue Nile, Nieman Marcus and James Allen.


An Asscher cut diamond is a stunning choice for a diamond engagement ring. With its unique cut, it transforms a simple solitaire into an elegant and upscale piece of jewelry.



Photos courtesy of Nieman Marcus and the Royal Asscher Society.

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