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Featured Engagement Stories

Under Water

Before I start my story i would like to share that I love the beach and ovean. My Fiancé took me around the city of Cleveland then got us tickets to the Cleveland Aquarium ,then the employee said the show was starting and invited us to see it . Then as I walk in I see...

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Check Yes or No

My summer job between semesters at University took me out of state, far away from my boyfriend at the time. It was hard to continue long distance but we managed with phone calls and emails. As the summer started to come to a close, we both became increasingly excited...

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Mountaintop Proposal

My boyfriend and I talked about getting married but I had no idea when or how he’d actually propose. It’s his style to be a little “out of the box” so when he asked me to go on late afternoon/early evening fall hike, it was so normal that had no idea he was planning...

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Popping The Question In Class

Meg, my then girlfriend of 4 years, is a preschool teacher. With the help of a co-teacher and her class, and with the permission of the school principal, I proposed to Meg by asking a dozen kids, each holding a white long-stemmed rose, to one by one enter her...

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Saying Yes To An Advertised Proposal

One clear afternoon, as I was driving myself home after a grueling day at work, I was caught on a red light so I stopped at the intersection. The vehicles on the street perpendicular to that of the street where I was started to inch. And there it was, an advertising...

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