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Best Jewelry Cleaner: Our Top 10 Picks

Though I’m fond of jewelry, I didn’t know what the best jewelry cleaner was at one point. After spending quite a bit on polishing services and trying out DIY methods, I finally stumbled upon the right balance.

Who knew that there were so many types of jewelry cleaners out there? And how do you know which one is the best jewelry cleaner for your needs?

While most of us have at least some jewelry, we might not fully appreciate it. Think about it; some of these pieces were passed down through generations!

Other than the monetary value, jewelry represents our relationships and reminds us of the special events we’ve been to. If nothing else, it enhances our outfits and makes us feel beautiful on a daily basis.

When you wear jewelry, you expose it to oils, lotions, dirt, perfume, and several other elements. Even when you don’t wear it much, jewelry pieces may lose their sparkle just lying around.

With the best jewelry cleaner, though, you can make your collection sparkle without much hassle. Don’t rush things, though. Instead, you should check out the different types first.

What Are The Different Types Of Jewelry Cleaners?

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There are actually many kinds of jewelry cleaners, which vary in price and performance. You can get a better idea of the specific kind you need by checking out each type first:

Dazzle sticks

Dazzle sticks can be the quickest way to clean up your favorite jewelry pieces. They’re sometimes called dazzle drops or dazzle power brushes as well. Overall, these are the best jewelry cleaners for portability purposes as well.

As their name implies, dazzle sticks are slim and long. That makes them easy to pop into your purse, backpack, or a suitcase for carrying wherever you want. With destination weddings rising in popularity, you may need your jewelry to be on point even while traveling.

All you need to do is rub the dazzle stick on gemstones and diamonds. They don’t require any electricity and will help you remove any debris or residue on your precious jewelry. Even if you have a more advanced electronic jewelry cleaner at home, having one of these is an absolute must.

Liquid jewelry cleaners

We live in an increasingly polluted world, and the state of our jewelry shows it. Rubbing a stick on dull and blackened precious metal might not always be the solution. In such cases, one of the best jewelry cleaners to grab is a liquid one.

Liquid jewelry cleaners work like a polish. They can also come in the form of a paste, though the application method is usually the same.

However, these kinds of cleaners do require you to sit down and put some elbow grease into the process. If you have the time for that, then this is a great choice. If not, you’ll have to consider some of the other options.

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are a more heavy-duty option. These are basically large enough to hold most of your jewelry pieces at once. They might even have some trays or racks in order to hold your collection properly.

You can use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner in a versatile manner. Besides cleaning jewelry, these devices also work well for cleaning eyeglasses, dentures, watches, etc.

These devices work through the use of ultrasonic sound waves. Such waves help to break up the caked dirt and residue from sprays, dust, and other elements. Hopefully, you wouldn’t need to use one of these more than once a week.

Steam jewelry cleaners

There are also some ultrasonic jewelry cleaners that make use of steam to properly clean your collection. That means a sparkling and shiny result every single time. You can expect that every tiny speck of dirt between those prongs and crevices simply melts away.

Of course, you’ll have to pay more for options like ultrasonic cleaners. If you have a large collection of jewelry or want to wear them often, it’s probably worth the investment.

Comparison Table

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How We Reviewed the Best Jewelry Cleaner Options

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To assist your search, we’ve reviewed some of the best jewelry cleaner brands that are available on the market today. We’ve made sure to select a reasonable range of cleaners, ranging from the manual liquids to the automatic steam options.

To guarantee a positive experience, we’ve also ensured a high Amazon rating for each item. It means that each option here has an Amazon rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars. With a varying price range for these cleaners too, you can easily find the best jewelry cleaner for you.

The Best Jewelry Cleaner Brands That Deserve Your Attention

The options below will hopefully have what you’re looking for:

1.) Brilliant

[amazon fields=“B00635S03U” value=“button”]

2.) Baublerella

[amazon fields=“B00Y3ZJO00” value=“button”]

3.) Pink Lady Sunshine

[amazon fields=“B005LDAOF2” value=“button”]

4.) Sparklean

[amazon fields=“B07DBWJTKF” value=“button”]

5.) The Gem Pen

[amazon fields=“B07DLJW3G2” value=“button”]

6.) Either Ore

[amazon fields=“B07N1YYSK9” value=“button”]

7.) Shine Jewelry Cleaner

[amazon fields=“B07L16M2NP” value=“button”]

8.) Sienna

[amazon fields=“B071J1L5FC” value=“button”]

9.) Fosmon

[amazon fields=“B07531F3GW” value=“button”]

10.) Pro-Gem

[amazon fields=“B07NW1HW3K” value=“button”]

Is There Anything Like The Best Jewelry Cleaner?

After all that discussion above, we now come to the question of the very best jewelry cleaner. Since every jewelry owner has different needs, we can’t say whether any option is better than another.

Some users might have a limited budget, while others want a travel-friendly option. You should look at your requirements first, and then see whether any cleaner seems better than all the others.

One thing is for sure, the best jewelry cleaner for all your precious pieces is out there.

Which one seems to be the best jewelry cleaner for you? Speak out in the comments and let us know!

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