May 2011

synthetic diamonds

Synthetic Diamonds: Beautifully Duplicating Nature

Have you ever thought about choosing a synthetic diamond instead of a mined diamond? Perhaps you want to save some money or are concerned about the negative  social and environmental aspects of mined diamonds. Either way, chances are you might be a little confused with the terminology or what synthetic diamonds really are.  Because of […]

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cheap engagement rings

Surprising Ways to Find Quality Cheap Engagement Rings

Although a large and expensive engagement ring may be what many brides dream of, it’s not always realistic or desirable to spend a lot of money when starting off as a couple. The cost of the wedding and starting a new life together can be significant and cheap engagement rings are frequently necessary. Just because

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discount diamonds

Shopping for Discount Diamonds? 5 Things To Think About

Getting Your Money’s Worth When Buying Discount Diamonds “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” goes the classic Broadway song, but buying one could become complicated if you do not know what you are doing and fail to get your money’s worth. If you are planning to buy diamonds for your stud earrings, for an engagement

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Canadian diamonds

Canadian Diamonds

Diamond mining and production has a new kid on the block, Canadian Diamonds, now producing around 15% (ranked 3rd in the world) of global production.   The early detection of kimberlite (the volcanic rock that often contains deposits of diamonds) was discovered in 1991.  Seven years later, the Ekati mine opened, followed by others such as

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men's diamond rings

Men’s Diamond Rings

Although women’s diamond rings tend to capture the attention of more people, men’s diamond rings are an important part of the fashion and wedding industry–and specifically designed for masculinity. With various styles and occasions for men’s diamond rings, it is useful to learn about the different shapes of stones, metals and designs before purchasing one

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certified diamonds

Certified Diamonds

Before you conclude a purchase of a diamond, it is very important to ensure you are purchasing a certified diamond. Why Certified Diamonds? Would you purchase medication from your local pharmacist that had come from an uncertified or unknown place?  Purchasing an engagement ring will be the first major purchase you will make in your

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