men's diamond rings

Men’s Diamond Rings

Although women’s diamond rings tend to capture the attention of more people, men’s diamond rings are an important part of the fashion and wedding industry–and specifically designed for masculinity. With various styles and occasions for men’s diamond rings, it is useful to learn about the different shapes of stones, metals and designs before purchasing one of these magnificent rings.

Men’s Diamond Wedding Rings

Just as with women, men’s diamond wedding rings play a very important part in the wedding. Some men find a plain band to be too simple or commonplace for their taste and they prefer to have a slightly more upscale, contemporary ring.  There will usually be a large variety of these types of rings in most jewelry stores and are often classified as “gents” wedding rings. Men’s diamond wedding rings are more simple than women’s rings and can come with single or multiple diamonds, an assortment of metal choices and in many unique styles. Men’s diamond rings differ from women’s in that they are not in a prong or raised setting but instead in channel or bezel styles. This best reflects men’s tougher lifestyle and personality.

Men’s Diamond Fashion Rings

Specifically designed to suit the masculine style, these types of rings can make a bold and confident statement. These rings usually have wide or thick bands and have anywhere from a few small accent stones to dozens of small diamonds, making the ring quite flashy. Many men’s fashion rings will have a very prominent square or tapered round shape, giving them a very robust look. Depending on the thickness and weight of the metal, as well as the number of diamonds, the prices can vary substantially.

Men’s Diamond Signet Rings

Historically worn by the wealthy, signet rings were engraved with initials and used to stamp and seal hot wax to paper or envelopes. Today, many men wear diamond signet rings to commemorate special occasions, universities, family names, religion, sports teams or other professional organizations. While some have only diamonds, others add bold colored gemstones for symbolism and extra style. Many have some sort of engraving, whether it be initials, a coat of arms or phrase important to the wearer. As with most men’s rings, any type of metal may be used but the most common is white or yellow gold.

Buying Men’s Diamond Rings

When you have decided on the style of men’s ring you want to buy, there are a few tips to consider which will help make the process a little easier:

  • Because men’s rings are usually quite thick or wide and use more gold, they can cost more than women’s rings.
  • Many men opt to add engravings on the sides or inside of the band. This is a fairly inexpensive way to personalize or add symbolism to the ring. Note that not all rings can be engraved due to the varying thickness of the metal. If too thin in certain areas, the engraving tool can go through the thinner part of the ring.
  • To save on resizing costs and hassle, ensure you have the correct size of ring prior to purchase.
  • If the ring starting to go over budget, consider having smaller diamonds (or a few less) to lower the cost.
  • Although the 4Cs still apply to men’s diamond rings, the stones are generally quite small and one can save money by going with a slightly lower grade of stone if necessary.
  • Some rings may require a great deal of intricacy and detail, especially if replicating a family crest or coat of arms. Go with a reputable jeweler for these types of special designs.
  • Buying online can offer great savings with excellent quality and it is important to verify the return policy or restocking fees (if any).


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