Size Guide for Diamond Engagement Rings

You have a few options to buy a size ten diamond engagement ring. While you may think a diamond of this size would not be very attractive, there are a few options for this size. The following are some of the most popular options available. Make sure you know what size you want before you begin shopping. There are many engagement rings, so you can find one that suits your tastes and budget.

First and foremost, consider your budget. There is an adage that couples should spend three months of salary on their engagement ring. But there is no need to go into debt to buy a diamond ring. The last thing you want is to feel anxious when you see your ring. Secondly, consider your lifestyle and culture. You might need a smaller ring if you work with your hands.

Guide to Ring Size

The inner circumference of the ring is measured by the ring size. See the chart below for ring sizes for Indian rings that correlate to their millimeter-accurate inner circumference measurements (mm).

Please carefully adhere to the straightforward steps to guarantee that you select the appropriate ring size from our Ring size guide chart;

Method 1: Using an Existing Ring as a Gauge for Ring Size

Take a ruler, a non-stretchable string, and any current rings on the required finger (ensure the ring is in good condition).

1.1 On a piece of paper, draw the existing ring’s inner circle and then use a string to measure its inner circumference.

1.2 Mark, the inner circle that was drawn with a string where it overlaps.

1.3 Unwrap the thread, then use a ruler to gauge the string’s length. The ring’s inner circumference is this measurement.

1.4 To determine the ring size, consult the ring size guidance chart. Choose the larger ring size if the string length falls between two sizes.

Method 4: Ring size, Using Stiff String

2.1 Start by wrapping the base of the intended finger with a piece of stiff string.

2.2 Wrap the string around the finger fully without making it too tight or loose.

2.3 Mark the string intersections.

2.4 Measure the length of the designated string after unwrapping the thread. The ring’s inner circumference is this measurement.

To determine the ring size, consult the ring size guidance chart. Choose the larger ring size if the string length falls between two sizes.

Suggestions to Ensure Accurate Measurement of Ring Size:

Do not measure chilly fingers because they are smaller than warm ones.

When the body is somewhat warmer at the end of the day, try taking the measurement; the finger will be the largest.

Choose a size bigger than the actual ring size if you want a wide ring band. The finger needs extra room for a wide band.

If your finger’s knuckle is larger than your finger’s base, measure the string around the knuckle and choose a size that falls between the two measurements.

How to Determine the Size of your Partner’s Ring?

The greatest representation of commitment and unending love is an engagement ring. Here’s how to quietly find your partner’s ring size for the ideal proposal moment. There are many different ways to surprise your girlfriend with a romantic proposal.

Take a Ring Already on Hand

Examining the rings your partner already wears is one of the simplest ways to determine their ring size. You can determine the size you need to purchase by comparing the size of these rings to the printed De Beers Forevermark ring size chart. Bring your partner’s ring to the nearest Authorized De Beers Forevermark Jeweller for additional professional guidance.

Make sure the borrowed ring fits the ring finger because, in most Western cultures, engagement rings are customarily worn on the left hand’s fourth finger.

The distinction between right and left hands is another frequently mistaken element. Usually, the dominant hand is a little bit larger.

The Soap Bar Trick

The bar of soap trick might be a better way to determine the ring size if you’re worried your partner would notice one of their rings is missing. Carefully press the used ring into a soap bar to make an impression of the ring size. To minimize suspicion, rinse and dry the ring before returning it to its original location. The De Beers Forevermark ring size chart can compare the impression to get the exact ring size. You could also take the soap bar to your local Authorized De Beers Forevermark Jeweller for help.

To get an appropriate ring size, if you don’t have a bar of soap on hand, download and print our De Beers Forevermark ring size chart. Then, set the ring immediately onto the closest fitting circle.

Talk to your Loved Ones

You know your spouse like the back of your hand, but don’t be afraid to seek assistance from friends and family to determine their ring size. They might already be aware of their ring size, or they might be able to look into it on your behalf. It’s frequently a more covert path to choose.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about your partner’s preferences for an engagement ring, including the diamond’s shape and setting. Additionally, it will soothe your mind and lessen the difficulty of your decision-making.

Engage your Spouse

Unquestionably, the engagement ring is one of the most important decisions you will make for your relationship. The ring you select will serve as a perpetual memento of your love and a symbol of your unwavering devotion to one another. It is crucial that you both share the same appreciation for what the ring signifies for these reasons.

Why not defy convention and look for an engagement ring with your partner? Why not spend the afternoon window shopping and trying on various styles until you locate the ideal diamond together? Buying the ring together might be an unforgettable event in and of itself.

How do you Measure Yourself?

With our printable size guide, which includes both diameter and circumference for each ring size, you can utilize a few alternative at-home measurement techniques if you want to take matters into your own hands (or fingers).

Technique for Plastic Belt Ring Sizing

A plastic belt ring sizer is the best tool at home to determine your ring size. These may be purchased for only a few dollars from a variety of online merchants, and the majority contain sizes for full, half, and quarter ring sizes. They are really accurate and reasonably priced.

Technique for a Printable Ring Sizer

The ring sizer is at the bottom of the size guide; print it and cut it out. By accurately measuring the aforementioned dimensions against a ruler, you can confirm that the guide is printed to scale. The sizer should be cut through the slot indicated at the end, wrapped around the base of your left ring finger, and the pointed end inserted into the slot. Pull gently until it fits snugly. For your ring size, check the number on the sizer.

Ring Method

Take a ring off your finger on your left hand that fits the ring finger and place it up against a ruler. Calculate the ring’s inner diameter and compare it to the size chart. You can also get the exact diameter and ring size by printing the guide to scale and setting the ring directly on top of the ring photos.

Take Caution with the Paper Technique

While you can wrap a thin piece of paper around your ring finger, keeping it close to your knuckle where an engagement ring would likely hit, most experts concur that this is not the most accurate measuring technique. You can also use string, but it’s less reliable because it’s so thin and more likely to move around. If you want to do this, be careful not to wrap the paper too tightly; the improvised ring should fit snugly. Mark the area of the paper where the ends overlap with a pencil. With a ruler and your ring size in mind, measure the length of the paper and compare the result to the circumferences on the size chart.

Resize your Ring

Depending on your setting and the type of metal, rings can often be resized up to two sizes, larger or smaller. If you resize a ring too frequently, the metal may deteriorate, and the band may eventually become damaged. Resizing your ring is typically straightforward, whether you need to go up or down a size.

How can a Ring be Resized?

Expanding the size of your ring

A ring can only be effectively stretched to a size that is half a size larger, and extra metal will be soldered into the band’s center if the desired size is larger. The ring’s strength will be preserved as a result.

reducing the size of your ring

A jeweler can reduce the size of a ring by gently making a small incision in the middle of the band and scraping away extra metal until the ring is the right size.

The band will be meticulously cleaned to remove any oxidation created by the soldering procedure when it has been re-joined. Your ring will then be polished, guaranteeing a clean finish and erasing all modification traces.

When should One Take a Ring Size?

You must have the ideal measurement circumstances despite what you may have heard. Our fingers swell in warm weather and tend to contract in the winter due to the cold. Before measuring, Lanore advises staying away from salty meals, hot drinks, and any vigorous activities because they can all cause your fingers to swell. She explains, “You want your body temperature to be normal and natural. The optimum time to measure your fingers is at room temperature in the middle of the day because your fingers may be swollen when you first wake up.


The ideal ring size should be comfortable to wear throughout the day and in various environments. The ring or band should be easy for the wearer to slip over the knuckle. The ring shouldn’t come off when the hand is shaking or pointing downward.

We advise ordering a larger quarter size if your ring tends to bulge in warm weather. Rings and bands are available at With Clarity in all standard, half, and quarter sizes. Buy with assurance!