Buy Diamond Engagement Rings at a Discount From Kay Jewelers

You can buy a beautiful diamond engagement ring for your girlfriend or wife at a discount from KAY. There are many options for engagement rings, including yellow, white, and rose gold ones. You can shop for your diamond ring online or in the store. The KAY website features a variety of engagement rings for sale, as well as the latest trends. You can find the perfect ring for your special someone.

About Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers, the most popular jewelry brand in the US, had a modest beginning in 1916 as a shop run by two Pennsylvania brothers, Sol and Edmund Kaufmann.

Originally, Kay sold various goods, including radios, electric razors, musical jewelry boxes, and jewelry. One hundred years after it first began, Kay Jewelers still runs 1,094 locations in 50 US states with a progressive focus on affordable jewelry.

Regional malls, outlet malls, and power centers all have Kay Jewelers. Kay Jewelers is a branch of Sterling Jewelers Inc., with its headquarters in Akron, Ohio, along with Jared Jewelry. According to its parent company, Signet Jewelers, Kay contributed 41% of Signet’s $2.3 billion in sales in Fiscal 2015, with an average of $2.1 million in sales per shop.

Dedicated to Sustainability & Moral Sourcing

The jewelry you love will be made by KAY utilizing ethical, conflict-free, and sustainable supply networks. We ensure the metals, gems, and materials we utilize in our designs adhere to the Signet Responsible Sourcing Protocol’s best practices. These guidelines are a part of our strategy to produce distinctive jewelry that respects the environment and upholds human rights in our sector.

Outstanding Service

We work hard to provide individualized service and dependable KAY knowledge to assist you in making the best decision whether you are shopping in a KAY store or online at Our professionals are happy to listen to you and shop with you online through a Virtual Consultation or a Live Chat to make your encounter a joyful, special occasion. With over 1,000 KAY locations coast to coast, you know you can get this great service wherever life takes you. In our stores, our Jewelry Consultants are happy to provide their professional advice.

Engagement Ring Style Guide from Kay Jewelers

Traditional Ring Designs


The ideal approach to declare your sweetheart your unending love is with a halo ring. A halo engagement ring includes lesser stones surrounding the center stone and has the vintage appearance and feel many people search for in an engagement ring. Princess, round, oval, emerald, cushion, marquise, pear, baguette, and heart cuts are among the options. Halo rings are available in various gold tones so you may choose from white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or two-tone to suit your partner’s preferences.


When you’ve discovered the one, one diamond is all you need to say. A gorgeous classic that never goes out of style is solitaire rings. You should pay attention to the diamond quality because the central diamond in a solitaire engagement ring receives all the attention. The round and princess cuts are the most common. The ring looks more distinctive thanks to the marquise, oval, emerald, pear, and cushion stones. If you want to change the ring into something entirely different, you may add an enhancer ring.


When one diamond is insufficient to convey your message, use three. Three-stone diamond rings have traditionally represented each phase of a couple’s romance. A three-stone ring can be made with a straightforward trio of diamonds or gemstones, or it might have three intricate portions jeweled with numerous stones. For a distinctive, striking appearance, three-stone engagement rings frequently use a variety of diamond shapes that complement one another. Thanks to recent royal trends, this vintage look is strongly coming back.


You’ve finally discovered the one, and you want to show it off with lots of shine. A classic, or non-halo, the ring is a wonderful way to commemorate your unique relationship since it features a lovely center stone surrounded by lesser stones that are just as lovely. The most common center stone cuts, like a solitaire ring, are round and princess-cut. The ring looks more distinctive thanks to the marquise, oval, emerald, pear, and cushion stones.



Love is a rainbow of feelings and happy times spent with someone. A gemstone engagement ring can help you to celebrate your bright love. Gemstones, a popular fashion choice, are excellent for people seeking individuality or a statement item. Choose a vivid sapphire or ruby engagement ring for the person who appreciates deep hues. Choose something more understated, like a pale aquamarine or a soft pink morganite engagement ring. Gems can even be used sparingly as a side accent.


These distinctive engagement rings are perfect for the individual with a distinctive sense of style to commemorate your distinctive love. Why is a particular style of engagement ring special? It can be a diamond with an unusual cut or an unexpected flash of color. Thoughtful structures and designs are where they can be found most often, though. These designs wonderfully highlight your personality, whether they’re nature-inspired engagement rings, stunning frames, east-west settings, or asymmetrical designs. Our selection of distinctive rings will give the impression that you designed it yourself.


Vintage fashion has stood the test of time and has continued to have an impact on contemporary engagement rings. Vintage design ideas are still relevant today, whether they are elegant Art Deco engagement rings or timeless and romantic designs. Vintage engagement rings frequently feature milgrain details, flowery etching, and pave-set diamonds. A vintage-inspired engagement ring is an ideal option if you enjoy history and value elegance and sophistication from bygone eras.


It’s a significant choice to decide to live together forever. A multi-stone engagement ring has several exquisite stones that will continue to sparkle for a very long time, just like your love. Additionally, it’s the ideal technique to get a bigger look while saving money. Although round and princess cuts are the most common, multi-stone rings can also be found in baguette, oval, and pear shapes. You can select a band of white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or two different colors.

Additional Ring Designs

Wedding Set

Bridal sets, which consist of an engagement ring and matching wedding band, are thoughtful gifts that will be remembered forever. The best way to ensure that her wedding band and engagement ring will fit together and complement one another flawlessly, just like the two of you, is to choose a bridal set. If you decide to start with a bridal set, you will also need to look for rings once. Long-term, this can save you time, money, and effort.


One of you may have an ideal engagement ring in mind for your partner that you are unlikely to discover in any store. To convey their special love story, many customers decide to design personalized engagement rings. With our KAY Ring Customizer, you can choose each component and witness real-time renderings as you go. Alternatively, you may design your ring in person with the assistance of our jewelers.


A ring that does not yet have a center stone is known as a semi-mount. You can select the center stone for a semi-mount ring setting, including the cut, carat weight, and other factors. This enables you to locate a stone just for her and choose a band that reflects your partner’s sense of taste. If you wish to use an heirloom diamond or gemstone, this is a great choice as well. When selecting the ring, a semi-mount engagement ring is an ideal option.

Buying Advice for Engagement Rings


Although it’s no longer required to spend three months’ worth of wages on the ring, you should know your ideal price range. When planning your budget, consider ring maintenance and insurance. Do not forget that the ring you get now does not have to be your lifelong ring. Many people choose a starter ring that is affordable and eventually upgrades it to reflect their developing relationship and rising income better.

Diamond Education

Knowing the value of your ring is crucial while ring shopping. The 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat) are the greatest way to achieve this. Furthermore, it should be noted that some diamond forms, such as round diamonds, cost more than less uncommon ones. The price range is also influenced by the metal chosen, with platinum being the most expensive and 10K being the least expensive.

Products & Styles

Are brand-name engagement rings preferred by your significant other? If so, consider well-known brands and designers like Adrianna Papell, Neil Lane, or The Leo Diamond. Learn more about the preferred ring design for your partner. Do they have their heart set on a classic diamond, or would they choose a less expensive alternative made of gemstones, colored diamonds, or lab-grown diamonds?

Not by Yourself

The best course of action is to ask your significant other, family members, or close friends for advice on the kind of ring to purchase. Our KAY specialists are here to assist if you need to speak with someone but want the ring to be a complete surprise. To get started on finding them the ring of their dreams, schedule an appointment or chat with one of our Virtual Jewelry Consultants.

Engagement Ring Protection

From the moment you take the engagement ring home until many years from now, our goal is to make sure you are content with the ring you’ve chosen. The wonderful guarantees and warranties that Kay Jewelers offers, along with jewelry insurance, are why we advise preserving your wedding rings and engagement ring.

Online Purchase

Many couples decide to complete their research online before visiting the store to inspect the ring in person. However, you can also buy things online! You may shop confidently because online ring shopping is more popular and secure than ever. To ensure your significant other won’t discover the package, your chosen ring can be delivered to your home or a nearby KAY store.

What Kind of Diamonds are Used by Kay Jewelers?

Kay Jewelers frequently use I1 clarity grade diamonds in their pre-set engagement rings, however, this is not a clarity grade that I would suggest to anyone seeking a stunning diamond to complete their engagement ring.

What is the Reputation of Kay Jewelers?

The consumer rating for Kay Jewelers is 1.89 stars out of 23 reviews, which shows that most customers are typically unhappy with their purchases. Customer service issues are the most common complaint from customers regarding Kay Jewelers. The 141st-ranked Engagement Rings website is Kay Jewelers.


One of the most enduring objects you will purchase is an engagement ring. It represents commitment and love that last forever. Everybody, as far as we know, has a budget. Every budget may find the ideal engagement ring at Kay Jewelers.

When it comes to inexpensive engagement rings, Kay Jewelers offers a wide range of choices. The engagement ring of your fantasies need not come at the expense of elegance or beauty. We have a stunning variety of affordable engagement rings at Kay Jewelers that cost $1,000 or less.