Family Birthstone Jewelry for Women at JCPenney

Creating and customizing jewelry can be a wonderful way to show your mother’s love for her children. Choose a dainty design that displays the birthstone of each child, or create an elegant necklace that honors both parents. Then, give her a piece of family birthstone jewelry to wear proudly. And, if she doesn’t have any of the stones, consider creating a piece of family birthstone jewelry for her to wear with pride.

JCPenney carries jewelry with the birthstones of each month. You can choose from various styles, metals, and designs, and you can even have the jewelry gift-boxed. The store also offers a selection of birthstone jewelry from popular jewelry brands, such as Diamond Blossom and Le Vian. If you are looking for the perfect present for your family, JCPenney has you covered.

Birthstones: A Brief History

Birthstone jewelry is a wonderful gift for a loved one or even for yourself – but do you know what your birthstone is? Read our guide to find out what your birthstone is, what color it is, and what it represents so you can make the best purchase possible.

Did you know that birthstones have been used since biblical times? Scholars have linked the 12 monthly stones to Aaron’s Breastplate, which had 12 distinct gemstones representing Israel’s 12 tribes. The meaning and significance of birthstones evolved over time until the National Association of Jewelers defined the contemporary list of birthstones in 1912 – which is still used today!

Birthstones’ Aesthetic Value

Birthstones are special in that they have a long cultural history in addition to being stunning. These stones have significant spiritual significance and have come to symbolize who we are as a species. They also provide additional meaning and personality to any item of jewelry. One of our all-time favorite gifts is the birthstone eternity band, which would stack nicely with existing wedding rings if that’s what you’re looking for if you’re looking for a push present or anniversary gift.

Here are 13 facts about JCPenney that you probably didn’t know.

1. The Name of the Founder is an Aptronym

An aptronym is when a person’s name is amusingly fitting, considering their employment. (Think: Usain Bolt, a blazing-fast runner). JCPenney was founded by James Cash Penney, who has a name rich in money and business connotations.

2. James Cash Penney First Started a Butcher Shop

According to the Wyoming State Historical Project, Penney was born and reared in Missouri. Still, he migrated west when his doctor advised him that the region’s drier environment would benefit his health. In 1898, he made his first visit to Longmont, Colorado, where he started a butcher shop. His venture into the butcher shop business, however, failed because a local hotel refused to buy from him after being straitlaced. Penney declined to offer the hotel cook any liquor.

3. The First JCPenney Store was Established in Wyoming.

JCPenney began in Kemmerer, Wyoming, a modest coal mining town. According to the Wyoming State Historical Society, the store offered low-cost items to coal miners and their families.

4. JCPenney wasn’t the Original Store Name

“The Golden Rule” was the store’s original name. Today, JCPenney claims that the original name established the norm by which the firm has worked for more than a century, treating others as it would like to be treated. In 1913, the name JCPenney was registered.

5. JCPenney Maintains Faith in “The Golden Rule”

According to the organization, the golden rule mantra is still important to them. The JCPenney Foundation is a non-profit organization run by the business. The charity works with organizations such as the YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and After-School All-Stars to give impoverished children apparel and career readiness programs.

6. Fedora Hats JCPenney’s First Private Label

According to the company’s history, JCPenney established its first private-label brand, Marathon Hats, in 1914. According to Fortune, the line of exquisite fedoras was followed by “Big Mac” private-label work shirts that started at 69 cents and fashionable Waverly caps that sold for under $2 during the Great Depression.

7. In 1929, JCPenney Became a Publicly Traded Company

According to store history, JCPenney became a publicly traded firm one week before the market crash and the start of the Great Depression.

8. JCPenney Used To Have A Cash-Only Policy

JCPenney would not accept credit sales until 1958.

9. Penney Remained. Involved in Retail

According to Inc., Penney, the store’s founder, would still make rounds in his stores during the 1960s, sometimes venturing behind the counters to assist clients. He was a member of the company’s board of directors until his death in 1971 at 95.

10. In 1963, JCPenney Launched its First Catalog

JCPenney, on the other hand, discontinued printing its 1,000-page catalogs in 2010. The company then returned to the catalog industry in 2015. According to a company representative, shoppers still prefer to explore the catalog before purchasing things online or in a physical store.

How do the 12 Birthstones Go in Order?

  • January is garnet
  • February is amethyst
  • March is aquamarine
  • April is diamond
  • May is emerald
  • June is alexandrite, moonstone, or pearl
  • July is ruby
  • August is peridot
  • September is sapphire
  • October is tourmaline
  • November is topaz
  • December is blue topaz.

Chart of Birthstones and Symbolic Meanings

January: The month of garnet represents trust, loyalty, and truth. It is typically given as a second-anniversary present.
Amethyst represents strength, sincerity, and monarchy in the month of February.
Aquamarine is a gemstone that represents endless vitality and contentment.
Diamond is a girl’s best friend and a representation of loyalty, says April. As a tenth-anniversary gift, it is customarily offered.
May– Emerald is thought to encourage intelligence and morality. On the twentieth and the third-fifth anniversaries, this gemstone is presented.
June– Alexandrite is regarded as being incredibly durable and boosting self-esteem.
Ruby is thought to maintain mental health by restraining strong desires and settling conflicts. For the fourteenth and fifteenth anniversaries, it is customary to offer it.
August: Peridot is said to bring protection, good health, and love. It is customarily given during the 16th wedding anniversary.
September: Sapphire is thought to bring its wearer inner tranquility and spiritual insight. The fifth-anniversary present is the jewel of fate.
Pink tourmaline is thought to be protective in October.
Citrine is thought to represent cheerfulness and lightheartedness in the month of November.
December: According to legend, blue topaz aids with eye health and banishes all enchantment. The fourth-anniversary gemstone for marriage is this one.

What Gemstones should be Included in a Family Ring?

The birthstones of one’s grandchildren or children are frequently set in the ring. The children or grandkids may be alive, have died, or have a future birthdate. As a result, the ring generally contains many stones, one for each of the wearer’s children or grandkids.

What Distinguishes a Mother’s Ring from a Family Ring?

Anyone in the family is permitted to wear family rings, which are identical to the mother’s ring. A mom’s ring is one type of family ring. The only gemstones on a mother’s ring are often those of her children. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even pets might be included in a family ring.

Which Finger should a Family Ring be Worn on?

Family jewelry typically contains a symbol representing each family member. It’s a lovely idea to design jewelry around your devoted family.

A signet ring is traditionally worn on the little finger of the non-dominant hand. Therefore, it is customary to wear the ring on the little finger of the left hand.


In conclusion, a birthstone necklace for each family member is a lovely and sentimental present. With this kind of necklace, you can honor the ties that bind family members together. It can be transmitted from one generation to the next. It is a wonderful gift anyone can appreciate and personalize to match any budget.