Best Man Made Diamonds You Can Buy: Asha and Sona Diamond Rings


Collecting unique jewelry has always been a passion for many women and wealthy individuals. However, there are certain diamonds that a woman receives only on special occasions such as weddings, engagements or birthdays. Diamond rings, in particular, represent a very special kind of jewelry that will be cherished for years to come. Even if you cannot afford to purchase ‘real’ diamonds, this doesn’t mean that you can’t acquire splendid synthetic diamonds at reasonable prices for your special lady.

It is very important for shoppers to understand the difference between man made diamonds, diamond simulants and real diamonds. There is a lot of confusion regarding this terms and most of it has been generated by synthetic diamond companies that are abusing terminology in order to trick customers. The first thing every shopper should know is the fact that diamonds are diamonds, and any other material is not diamond.

Diamonds can be found in three natural forms (amorphous carbon, graphite, diamond). There are two types of diamonds: natural diamonds, which can be mined from the Earth’s surface and & formed by nature, and synthetic diamonds are crafted, by man, in a laboratory using special equipment, high-pressure and high-temperature. Although synthetic diamonds are typically used for industrial purposes, an increasing number of companies has started creating jewelry with them.

Man made diamonds are real diamonds, but they are a lot cheaper because they have been manipulated in the laboratory. In general, lab-created diamonds are superior to simulants, such as cubic Zirconium or Moissanite. One of the major aspects that prove the quality of man made diamonds is the cut. The cut is the one that offers the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond. The good news is that man made diamonds are crafted in controlled environments, and in most cases, they have a more precise cut than natural diamonds. With this in mind, let’s take a look at two of the most respected manufacturers of man made diamonds in the industry, as well as a few examples of rings that they sell.

Unique Jewelry from Sona Diamond

Sona Diamonds are already popular due to their beautiful appearance and affordable prices. The average buyer should be able to afford a Sona Diamond ring. Each diamond is developed individually in a laboratory, in order to provide with superior quality. In addition to this, every Sona Diamond has natural diamond crystals infused at the core of the stone in order to generate the unique layer of a diamond. You can immediately take a cheap fake from a Sona Diamond. Jewelry crafted by this company has exceptional brilliance and spectacular clarity.

Many reviewers have actually said that these lab created diamonds do not get discolored over time and they have a hardness comparable to natural diamonds. As a matter of fact, they are so well done that a jeweler might not be able to tell it from a natural one at first try. During the crafting process stones are cut by Israeli diamond cutters, to increase brilliance. They are then polished with natural diamond polishing wheels. All in all, a Sona Diamond is an excellent choice for a special lady. Let’s take a look at several Sona diamond rings that you might like:

1. European 1 Carat SONA Syntethic Diamond Ring: every diamond in this world is unique, just like yourself, just like the people you love. This SONA diamond is perfect for an engagement. It has a channel setting and 925 sterling silver.


2. Snowflake Solitaire Sona Diamond Ring: This is a delicate classic ring that every woman would enjoy. It is perfect for several occasions including birthdays, parties, and important events in life.


3. Korean SONA Diamong Ring: Our last mention is the Korean Sona diamond. This model is stylish and sophisticated. You can clearly see the quality of the diamond on this ring.


Unique Jewelry from Asha Diamond

The diamond-infused Asha crystals are also incredibly beautiful. They are obtained through a method similar to that of Sona diamonds. Experts working at the true lab create diamond surfaces as pure as natural ones. Because they have so many cuts, and they are crystal clear, they look very similar to natural diamonds. Asha diamonds are created through the Amorphous Diamond treatment (ADT) process at the lab.

This infuses an upper layer of diamonds to the jewelry, which will reflect light and attract the attentions of anyone in the room. According to statistics, hand-cut to precision and grades are better in every aspect of the GIA grading scale, than 99% of other diamonds. Below, you will find images of several Asha diamond models.

Before you begin shopping for synthetic diamonds, make sure that you understand the market and products. So many merchants are trying to clients into selling them cheap rings that nobody wants. The only way to avoid this is by remaining informed. For more information on man made diamond companies, feel free to contact us.


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  1. Gerald Castronuevo

    I’m researching on diamond stimulants and synthetic. So far from what I’m reading if it’s not a natural or man made diamond then it’s either a moisannite or CZ. Only Asha and Mia Donna infuses rhetorical CZ for a carbon layer. The rest like Russian brilliants, agape, diamond nexus and sona are brand names of CZ. Price for CZ is $10 per carat . So the high prices selling in the stimulant are should be much cheaper only the metal will make it expensive . Price for a carbon lab created diamond is $4000-6000 per carat.

  2. Sona diamonds are terrible! I scratched it a year into my marriage and they wouldn’t replace it like guaranteed. It wore like a CZ.
    I haven’t worn my wedding ring for 7 years and no jeweler will touch it.

  3. Hi. I am thinking of buying a SONA diamond. I have had CZ’s in the past and I felt there colors were so bright they looked fake.

    As good diamonds arent as colorfu right?

    Is a SONA a good choice? I was thinking about a 2 carat as I assume the bigger the diamond the more fake it might look. I am guessing the SONA looks more real that a CZ? Or is the Asha a better choice.

    Please help. I would appreciate your input.


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