KAY Gemstone Rings

If you’re searching for the perfect ring to give to a loved one for their birthday, consider a KAY gemstone ring. Each birthstone is associated with a specific month and can make an incredible gift for any occasion. From birthstone rings to necklaces, there’s something for every occasion and budget. From sterling silver to gold, you can find a KAY birthstone ring to suit any occasion.

Discover the various types, grades, and colors of gemstones. We lay down all the key factors relating to quality, price, and durability so you can make an educated decision. Our gemologists can offer the best advice on black diamond, moissanite, or white diamond purchases.

Engagement Rings with Gemstones

A wonderful alternative to the classic diamond engagement ring is to get a gemstone ring. Couples frequently decide to become engaged with a valuable gem as the main or accent stone on their ring for various reasons. This produces a distinctive appearance and may have advantages like being more cost-effective. An engagement ring can be made from a variety of priceless jewels. There are countless combinations of color and shape. The best choices for gemstone engagement rings, nevertheless, are a select few expensive stones.

How do you Pick the Best Gemstone Jewelry?

Understanding the color (or hue), clarity, and carat is the first step in selecting the ideal gemstone jewelry. Some think each gemstone has its special abilities, ranging from promoting creativity to warding off evil. While there are numerous natural gemstones, lab-created gemstones are also a fantastic choice. What you need to know about the gemstones Kay offers, whether you’re buying a present or treating yourself to something special.

Choose a Gemstone Ring in 8 Steps

1. Create a Budget

The advice is subjective when it comes to this subject. The rather dated advice to save two to three months’ earnings still exists. However, only spend what you and your partner find comfortable. When shopping with the appropriate jeweler, there are numerous ways to get the most out of any budget. The type of gemstone, the carat weight, and then the ring style/look will take up most of the cash for non-diamond gemstone rings. Rings made of gemstones with Clarity start at $350 and go up to $3,600.

2. Select a Gemstone

Eyes are drawn to the center stone, which is one of the key factors in the piece’s price. We provide Black Diamond, White Moissanite, Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Peridot, Aquamarine, and London Blue Topaz. Not sure where to begin? We advise either learning about their meanings or using our Birth Gemstone Chart as a guide.

3. Choose a Shape

Round, Princess, Cushion, Emerald, Oval, and Pear are common gemstone shapes. The most preferred gemstone shapes are round and emerald.

4. Eyes-Only Shopping

Choose from our distinctive Classic, Contemporary, Halo, Solitaire, and Three Stone ring style collections. Find the greatest look that suits your partner’s tastes for jewelry at the moment.

5. Select a Metal

What emotion do you hope the ring will elicit? White gold is popular because of its adaptability, but yellow gold and rose gold are more popular because of their classic and romantic looks. People who like platinum jewelry do so because it has hypoallergenic qualities is more durable than yellow gold, and makes colorless stones appear to have no yellow tint.

6. Carat

With regard to gemstone rings, the carat weight has the biggest effect on how the ring appears. The carat weight of loose gemstones (apart from diamonds), however, does not significantly rise as you go up in carat weight when it comes to the price. We can set center stones as little as 0.5 carats at With Clarity.

7. Choose the Best Time

Set the proposal date in advance now that you have an idea of the perfect ring. By doing this, you can provide yourself enough time to plan and do some research on the ring. Have ample time to arrange for the ring to be picked up or mailed to you. Giving oneself at least three months to organize all the specifics is something we advise.

8. Purchase the Ring

Ask your jeweler all the pertinent questions before making a decision. You can get the most for your money when buying jewelry and feel at ease. Important questions to ask your jeweler include if they utilize pure precious metals, whether they have appraisals, whether they have any gemstone certifications from recognized organizations (such as GIA or IGI), and what their return and warranty policies are.

Discover Some Precious Gemstones at Kay Jewelers


Alexandrite is renowned for its ability to change colors and is said to bring luck, prosperity, and love.

Alternative June birthstone, 55th-anniversary gemstone, and resistant to heat, light, and common chemicals. It is also known for its toughness and durability.


Aquamarine is a potent meditation aid that enhances mental clarity and symbolizes hope, health, and youth.

It is the 19th-anniversary gemstone and the birthstone for March. It is blue with traces of cyan and green. It can be brittle and is vulnerable to cracks and scratches.


Amethyst is known as the hue of royalty and is a well-known symbol of protection, tranquillity, and peace. It is also said to stimulate intelligence and foster creativity.

A member of the quartz family with good durability, it is the birthstone for February, the sixth-anniversary gemstone, and ranges in color from pale lilac to deep violet.

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz, a stone for knowledge, sincerity, and courage, is thought to have cooling powers that can help with hot tempers.

December’s birthstone; is the fourth-anniversary gemstone; Topaz comes in various colors, but blue is the most popular. Its exceptional durability makes it ideal for daily wear.


Citrine, which gets its name from the French for lemon, is thought to signify joy, strength, and health while assisting with depressive and insecure moods.

November’s birthstone is a yellow stone with shades ranging from light to golden to brownish-red. Its good hardness makes it appropriate for daily wear.


Diamonds are a traditional option for engagement rings due to their elegance and adaptability, and they stand for everlasting love, invincibility, and fearlessness.

A range of colors is available, although little or no color is the most common. They are the April birthstone and the 60th-anniversary gemstone.

Known as the hardest gemstone, they are incredibly robust.


Eternal love, rebirth, and faithfulness are symbols of emeralds, one of the top three most popular gemstones, which is also said to encourage fertility.

Dark to medium green with blue undertones, the 20th-anniversary gemstone is the birthstone for May.
Frequently, easily scratch and chip, and require gentle cleaning


The garnet represents kinship, dedication, loyalty, faith, and sincerity. It is also thought to have shielding forces that prevent nightmares.

Deep red is the most common color, ranging from ruby red to smokey brown. It is a January birthstone and a gemstone for the second anniversary.


Morganite mixes feminine tones with a bright shimmer and is said to provide healing, compassion, assurance, and promise.

Ranging from pale pink to soft orange-pink, it is excellent for everyday use. Rose gold and white gold are frequently matched with it.


Onyx is a striking and surprisingly inexpensive stone known to stimulate the intellect, banish bad thoughts, and inspire spirituality in those who wear it.

Often worn with sterling silver or white gold, the 7th-anniversary gemstone is solid, uniform, and consistent in color. It is also strong, long-lasting, and easy to maintain.


Opals, which Shakespeare dubbed the “queen of gems” and which stand for optimism, purity, and self-assurance, were once thought to be rainbows turned to stone.

The 14th-anniversary gemstone and the birthstone for October, play-of-color gemstones, are well-known for their colorful flecks and should be handled with great care because they contain a high amount of water.


Peridot, found deep inside volcanoes, is reputed to fend off evil and nightmares. It also represents success, tranquility, strength, and good fortune.

Ranges from pale grass-green to dark olive green; August’s birthstone; 16th-anniversary gemstone; moderate hardness; not recommended for daily wear


Both natural and manufactured pearls are linked to the moon and represent generosity, knowledge, and purity. They are renowned for their elegance.

The most common colors are pink, silver, cream, gold, grey, blue, black, and green. June is the birthstone for this month.
When selecting a pearl, look for brightness and smoothness.


The King of the Gems and one of the three major gems, ruby is reputed to offer strength, bravery, and prosperity.

Red with shades of brown, purple, or pink; July’s birthstone; the 40th-anniversary gemstone; excellent hardness; appropriate for daily wear


One of the big three and one of the most prominent gemstones, sapphires stand for loyalty, truth, and honesty.

They are distinguished by their vivid blue color, come in different hues, and are the 45th-anniversary gemstone. They are renowned for their clarity and toughness, making them perfect for everyday wear.


Tanzanite, a relatively new gemstone, is thought to offer mellowing characteristics that make the user feel at ease.

According to lighting and viewing angle, sapphire can appear blue or deep purple. It is also a substitute for the birthstone for December and the 24th-anniversary gemstone. Sapphire has poor resilience and is susceptible to chipping and scratches.

How do I Decide Which Stone Goes in a Ring?

Choose a size that fits your budget, your fiancée’s style, her hand, and her preferred setting. The standard sizes range from 1.0 to 1.50 carats. Consider a stone that is under 1.50 carats for hands that are smaller than 6.5 ring sizes. On smaller fingers, stones will appear larger, and on larger fingers, they will remain smaller.

Which Precious Stones Go Well Together?

Emeralds, Italian red coral, yellow sapphires, and pearls can all be paired with rubies.
Corals and rubies go very well together with pearls.
Wearing diamonds with emeralds, grenades, and blue sapphires is a terrific idea.
Cat’s eye and blue sapphire can also be worn together.

Care Instructions for Gemstone Jewellery

In terms of toughness and durability, gemstones might be more delicate than diamonds. Make sure you take off your jewelry before engaging in strenuous physical activity or working with strong chemicals or soaps. All jewelry purchased from With Clarity comes with a lifetime warranty that covers general wear and tears.


The 4Cs—color, clarity, cut, and carat weight—are combined to establish a colorful gemstone’s quality, just like they do for colorless diamonds. However, color is by far the most crucial aspect of colored jewels. Some distinctions can be made based solely on color, such as between gems referred to as pink sapphire or ruby, green beryl or emerald, etc. Clarity is significant, but there isn’t a common grading scale or set of criteria to assess clarity for most colored stones. And the cut of each stone can differ significantly. Usually, the objective is to maximize size and color or, as in the case of fantasy cutting, to produce an artistic piece.