How To Make A Diamond At Home Step-by-Step

Are you looking for a fun craft with the kids? Or perhaps maybe, a clever and unique gift idea? Why not make a diamond.

That’s right. YOU can make your own diamonds! This fun do-it-yourself project is a fun craft that will add a little sparkle into your life. Here is your guide for how to make a diamond:

What You’ll Need


  • A microwave oven.
  • Coffee mugs.
  • Graphite pencil lead.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.
  • 100% cotton thread.

*Note: call ahead to craft stores while looking for the thread. Many places do not carry 100% cotton*

How to Make a Diamond in 7 Steps

from graphite to diamond

Essentially, we will be using all of these ingredients to heat the graphite into a plasma. Through this reaction, you can create diamonds.

Step 1

To begin, sprinkle 3-4 drops of olive oil onto a place and place the thread through the middle. You want the thread to soak up some of the oil. We are using oil because a microwave oven in itself is not hot enough to melt graphite. Adding the oil allows the graphite to heat. As the oil heats up, it will cause a chemical reaction. This reaction will remove the binder in the lead from the graphite.

Step 2

Next, take the oil-soaked thread and tie it in a know. DO NOT pull the knot all the way closed, keep it loose. Put a piece of graphite through the know and lay everything back onto the plate.

Leave everything for about half an hour. This will allow ample time for the oil to soak into the graphite.

Step 3

CLEAN THE MICROWAVE! Mom won’t appreciate a diamond craft for her if she is the one left cleaning up the mess. So take a minute and clean up all of the oil. Using a clean microwave for the remainder of the creation will yield overall better results.

Step 4

Remove the thread! Cut the thread as close to the granite site as possible. Pull on the other end of the thread until the knot becomes completely undone. Be careful with this step- do not move the thread up and down the graphite. It is very important to keep the oil in one spot, and too much movement can disperse any oil. So do these steps with minimal motion.

Step 5

Turn one of your coffee mugs upside down. Place two graphite pieces on top of the other mug, which should be facing up. These pieces should be parallel to each other and have no oil. Now, lay the oiled piece across the other two pieces.

Now, place the other coffee mug over all of this.

Step 6

Take this entire creation, the mugs, and the graphite, and stick it in the microwave. Again, we would like to reiterate the importance of a clean microwave. So, if you skipped this step, go back real quick and give your microwave a good scrubbing.

Step 7

Turn your microwave up to its highest power with its longest possible cook time. The longer and hotter you can cook your concoction, the more success you will have with creating the diamonds.

When the microwave is done, let everything cool completely. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!!! If you’ve followed directions so far, your mugs will be incredibly hot and dangerous to touch. Do not remove them until you are absolutely sure they are cooled. This cooling period could be up to an hour. Safety is the most important aspect of any craft, so be careful!

After everything is completely cooled down, remove the craft from the microwave. The graphite with oil should be broken while the other should still be intact. On the oiled suction, you will find a small lump, this is your diamond! Note: your diamond will be incredibly tiny, so it is important to remove your creation from the microwave slowly so it does not fall or get lost.

Turn Your Diamond into a Jewelry

Now take your creation, and make it into jewelry. Finding a necklace with a clear display section as its main pendant is your best bet.

If this diamond creation isn’t what you had in mind, perhaps focus on crystal creation. You can create salt crystals of all shapes, sizes, and colors from the comfort of your own home.

Making Crystals

To make crystals at home, boil a half a couple of distilled water. Add salt (note: anything but iodized salt should do the trick). Stir in as much salt as you can into the boiling water. Slowly turn the heat off but keep stirring until you cannot make any more salt crystals dissolve. Pour all of the contents from this mixture into a clean glass or cour. Add food coloring if you desire, any color and type should work.

Next, take a pencil and tie a string to it. Drape the pencil over the top of the jar so that the string is submerged in the contents without the pencil falling in. Put the jar in a safe place away from pets and children. It is important that the jar does not move during this time.

Now, all you have to do is wait. Depending on the ingredients you used and specifically what type of salt you bought, crystals will begin to grow. They will vary in size, shape, and how quickly they grow. The crystals, while not as permanent as a diamond provide a safer and more gratifying craft for children.

Your children will be ecstatic as they watch their crystals grow and change. Make multiple batches to see how manipulating different aspects of the craft change the results. In this way, you can make the experiment your own and explore the scientific aspects of your creation.

Final Thoughts

This is your complete guide for how to make a diamond. The creation of diamonds and crystals and create fun DIY projects right in your kitchen. The diamond will be a life lasting memory and, although the quality may be slightly poor, can make an amazing gift or pendant for your friends and family. The crystals make a fun craft for children. Either way, go visit your local craft or grocery store and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, and start making your own diamonds and crystals today!

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