Black Diamonds Exposed

Black Diamonds Exposed

Diamonds define the world of jewelry and fashion today. Every woman wants a diamond ring, earring, necklace and so on. That is why diamond jewelry is available in several styles, colors and forms. Black diamonds have become one of the hottest trends in jewelry in the recent times. Though not as popular as the colorless diamonds, people are now going for uniqueness by avoiding the regular diamonds that we are all used to.

The Basics of Black Diamonds

black diamond engagement ringsBlack diamonds are real polycrystalline diamonds which originate from Brazil and the Central African Republic. They fact that they are polycrystalline means that they are pulled from larger aggregates of millions of crystals that are smashed together. They are also called carbonado diamonds. They are opaque, so their cut parameters are not important. Their grading is also different from that of conventional colored and colorless diamonds.

Black diamonds are different from other diamonds in the fact that they don’t sparkle. For that reason, they don’t sell as much as white and exotic diamonds do. They are rare, and therefore expensive, though they are a bit cheaper than the regular diamonds.

How are Black Diamonds Made?

There are various theories that explain the formation of black diamonds. However, it is generally accepted that the natural black diamonds occur when defects called inclusions, primarily graphite get tombed in the diamonds as they created. Gases are present when they are being formed, and that is why they are porous, unlike regular diamonds which are formed deep within the earth, where high pressure inhibits the presence of gases. Black diamonds are also harder than regular diamonds because they do not cleave along crystal plains. However, they have many cracks and fractures

There are natural black diamonds and enhanced black diamonds. They can however be treated and enhanced by exposing them to irradiation or extreme temperatures, thereby making it possible to finish and perfect them much like any other diamond. Enhanced black diamond are thus more popular than the natural ones.

Black Diamond Engagement RingBlack Diamond Jewelry Versus Other Types of Diamond Jewelry

There are various dissimilarities between black diamonds and traditional diamonds. To begin with, the standard colorless diamond is the most popular type of diamond, therefore jewelry made of the natural colorless diamond is obviously more popular than black diamond. However, the prices of black diamonds have been pushed up by the demand forces, making them almost level to those of regular diamonds. For that reason, there is an extensive line of earrings, pendants, rings and other jewelry with black diamonds.

Black Diamond Rings

They are normally sophisticated and eye-catching. They are gorgeous, especially when set with other gemstones. They are available in different styles and shapes. They are popular because they are unique, and perhaps that is why they are worn by many celebrities. In fact, these rings exhibit the class and style that befits the few people of high social standing. Their origin is still enigmatic to many, and men are more comfortable wearing them. They are very suitable for warring couples since black diamond is popularly known as the stone of reconciliation.

Black Diamond Necklaces

A black diamond necklace in its natural form it a great piece of jewelry that every woman should have. Keeping in mind that black diamonds are the most uncommon of all diamonds, black diamond necklaces have become widely attainable.

Buying Advice for Black Diamonds

Just like any other diamond jewelry, you should check for the 4Cs when buying black diamonds. These are clarity, carat weight, cut and color. These are the features that will allow you to judge the price of the jewelry. The color is black, but you should be able to differentiate natural black diamonds from the enhanced ones. You can do so by checking for the words “treated” or “enhanced.” It may also be important to check the authenticity of the seller.

In a nutshell, black diamonds are alluring, bold and mysterious. They form part of the colored diamonds. They are suitable for both men and women, and this explains their increased demand. They are especially popular among women who love the antique styled jewelry and almost all men since they do not like conspicuously colored diamonds. Black engagement rings have actually become very popular with modern couples.

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