3 Carat Lab Created Diamond Engagement Ring

If you’re in the market for a three carat lab created diamond engagement ring, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. While diamonds are a precious commodity, the price per carat of lab created diamonds is lower than the price of a natural diamond. A lab created diamond can be appraised and insured just like a natural diamond, and the difference in quality is negligible. 

When selecting the perfect 3 carat lab created diamond engagement ring, you should start by considering what kind of style she would like. A solitaire engagement ring is a classic and elegant choice for a woman’s ring finger. A solitaire engagement ring with a single stone is the classic choice, and a solitaire is a great choice for this type of ring. The lab created diamond is often accompanied by a certificate that guarantees the quality and can be used for insurance purposes. Another thing to consider is the type of finish the ring has. The diamond may be electroplated or finished with an e-coating. The surface finish will wear off with frequent use. 

Is a 3-Carat Diamond Big? 

Yes! The average diamond ring is between 1-and 2 carats, making a 3-carat diamond an extensive look! However, n3-carat3 carat stones “look” 3 carats. A “carat” is a weight measurement, not a diameter size. That also means that you can fi3 a carat stone that looks closer to 3.25 or even 3.50ct! It’s all where the diamond carries its weight – whether in its bottom or across its width. I’ll show you how to look for this below! 

How Much is a 3-Carat Diamond Worth?

At the time of writing, 3-carat white, clear, natural diamonds cost around $30,000, while similar-quality lab-grown diamonds cost around $7,500! The price of a diamond varies greatly depending on the specific 4Cs (color, cut, clarity and carat weight) and the origin of the diamond (laboratory or natural)! Even a small difference can make a big difference in the price. 

3-Carat Diamond Ring Max Bang for your Buck 

1. Shape 

 One way to increase the size of a 3-carat diamond is to choose a shape that expands and looks great. Long shapes like ovals, emeralds, columns, and canopies look larger than their round counterparts. Because the length makes it bigger! So, if you want to get the maximum result, choose an elongated shape and you can look taller! 

2. Measurements  

Carat Weight is a measure of weight, so always pay attention to size for best results. Choose 2.9-2.99 carats which are 3.00-3.10 carats and you will get the best value for money! 

3. Go “White, Eye Clean” Over Colorless 


You don’t need a completely colorless, VVS diamond to get a big fancy look. To get the max bang for your buck, choose “white, eye clean” instead of falling for the “colorless” thing. G-colored diamonds will look colorless face-up! And, with the exception of emerald and Asscher cuts (that mostly need to be VVS), VS diamonds are just as eye-clean as Flawless and VVS stones.  

4. Cut Quality (Sparkle) 

Well cut, sparkly diamonds ALWAYS look bigger than less sparkly diamonds. This is because “dead” stones without much sparkle do not really “pop” from the finger. So, in addition to looking for big measurements, always make sure to learn how to get the most sparkle from your stone too. Every shape has unique features to look for. 

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Lab Grown Diamond

The chemical and optical properties of a lab grown diamond are identical to those of a natural diamond. They maintain their brilliance and fire for a lifetime. They also require periodic cleaning to maintain their beauty. GIA-certified diamonds are more easily accessible than IGI-certified diamonds. However, if you are choosing a 3 carat lab created diamond engagement ring for a woman, be sure to do your research on both types of diamonds. 

In addition to a lab created diamond engagement ring, James Allen offers custom diamond rings. A customer can choose the lab created diamond and ring setting, and even view it in a 360-degree virtual view. Clean Origin also has a large collection of loose diamonds, and customers can narrow down their choices by carat weight, clarity, and cut grade. This will ensure that the 3 carat lab created diamond engagement ring she chooses is perfect for her taste. 

Lab-Created Diamond Vs. Natural Diamond 

The topic of lab-grown diamonds is a bit of a contentious one. Lab diamonds have drawn a lot of hype, positive and negative, in recent years. Whether to buy lab-created or natural is a question you should, at the very least, pay some consideration to when shopping for a diamond. 

Should you Buy a Lab Diamond or a Natural Diamond? 

If there is no visible difference between a lab-grown diamond and a natural diamond, which one should you go for? 

It’s hard to answer this question for everyone, as different buyers have different priorities. If appearance is literally the only factor that matters to you, then it doesn’t matter if a diamond is man-made or natural. No one will notice unless you tell them. 

There are, however, some big differences, which should cause you to think twice when making your decision. 

Diamond Setting

Another factor that impacts the size of the 3-carat lab diamond engagement ring is the setting. The most common setting is a solitaire, which has a single stone. The simpler the setting, the greater the chances are that the diamond is larger. This is good news for the budget-conscious buyer, as the smaller the size of the diamond, the lower the price. This way, the ring will cost your woman even less than the original diamond! 

Cut Quality  

The cut quality of a diamond is important. A lab-created diamond should be Ideal or Excellent cut to enhance its beauty. If you can’t afford the Ideal cut, choose a lower-quality lab-created stone. These stones are much less expensive than natural diamonds and are eco-friendly. Lab-grown diamonds are also available in the most popular shapes. There is nothing more beautiful than a diamond that sparkles in the light. 

A lab-created diamond must be free of visible blemishes. The clarity grade of the lab-created diamond should be VS1 or VS2 (if it’s a white diamond). A laboratory-created diamond will not have a color grade above F, so it’s important to check the color of the diamond before purchasing it. However, diamonds with a clarity grade of F or H will be perfectly white in most settings. 

Price of Lab Grown Diamond  

The price of a lab-grown diamond can vary depending on where you buy it. The cost of a 2-carat lab-grown diamond starts at about $8000, while a 4-carat lab-grown diamond will run you around $95000. Since lab-created diamonds are created in a controlled laboratory, they are less expensive than natural diamonds. Typically, a 3-carat lab-created diamond engagement ring costs between $10,000 and $18,000. For this price range, a 3-carat diamond should be Excellent or better. 


If you are buying a three-carat lab-created diamond engagement ring for your partner, you should consider the shape and size of the stone. A three-carat lab-created diamond engagement ring is a great way to show your significant other how much you care about their style and beauty.  

It will make her feel special and envious, and she will absolutely love it! Your 3-carat lab-created diamond engagement ring will stand out among her other diamond engagement rings and be the center of attention on her wedding day.