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Diamond Rings: Which Style Suits Your Occasion?

Diamond rings are a wonderful way to symbolize love, commitment, strength and endurance in a relationship. Whether getting engaged, celebrating an anniversary or special occasion (or even feeling a little indulgent), diamond rings fit into several different categories:

Solitaire Diamond Rings

Undoubtedly the most common diamond engagement ring on the market, solitaires are simple, beautiful and never go out of style. These diamond rings are an excellent way to accentuate one beautiful main stone, allowing for it to really stand out. Solitaires often provide the best price among engagement rings as the budget focus is placed on only one stone. Another advantage of a diamond solitaire is the ability to use it as an heirloom ring for future generations because it is always fashionable.  With the simplicity of a solitaire, you can find a match with almost all wedding band styles.

Diamond Rings with Side Stones

If you love the idea of a solitaire but prefer more sparkle, you might be drawn to a diamond ring with side stones. There are many unique settings for any style preference, from a simple channel set stones to more extravagant larger stones stringing down the sides of the band.  Although these diamond rings may cost a little more than a simple solitaire, you could pair it with a more simple, affordable wedding band to keep the price more reasonable. Some couples on a budget often opt for diamond simulants as the sidestones until they can replace them with diamonds. Either way, this is a gorgeous diamond ring option for any woman who loves a little more shine in her life.

Three Stone Diamond Rings

One of the most romantic diamond ring styles, this style of diamond ring consists of three stones which are highly symbolic of a couple’s past, present and future experiences together. Also known as a trilogy or trinity ring, many women use this style of ring for either an engagement or anniversary–and both are equally as popular. Often times the stones are quite close in size, although some will have a larger center stone with two smaller stones. With three diamonds instead of a single solitaire, this ring may be much more expensive than other rings depending on diamond quality.

Right Hand Diamond Rings

With the increase of women’s confidence and success in the business world, many women have started buying multi-stone right hand rings for themselves.  While most people consider a ring on the left hand a symbol of loyalty and commitment, the right hand ring tends to signify freedom to choose a piece of jewelry as a reward for a promotion, success or simply a hard-earned gift to buy oneself. With so many styles available, the sky is the limit for those who want a little luxury and to show a flair of individualism and confidence.

Diamond Anniversary Rings

Many men choose to buy their wives anniversary rings to celebrate  significant anniversaries or special occasions in their life. Most often anniversary rings consist of a row of diamonds or other colored stones, with any number of stones. The number of stones may also symbolize the number of children a couple has, making for a beautiful and constant reminder of love and family.


No matter what the occasion, diamond rings bring out the sparkle in a relationship with their beauty and symbolism. Many couples enjoy creating a tradition of diamond rings for significant events and to show enduring commitment to one another.

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