A Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Prince Harry’s brilliant three-stone engagement ring for Meghan Markle sparked an instant resurrection of the classic engagement ring style. The Meghan Markle effect is incredible! The main three-carat cushion-cut diamond from Botswana is flanked by two round diamonds that belonged to Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, on a yellow-gold band, which was designed by Prince Harry himself. The symbolic ring design—which is a major difference from Kate Middleton’s dazzling sapphire engagement ring—was created by Cleave and Company (the Queen’s favored jeweler).

With traditional, modern, and fashion-forward styles flooding the market, is today one of the most prized among brides-to-be. Furthermore, as Harry’s creative design demonstrates, three-stone engagement rings have a deeper meaning, historically symbolizing friendship, love, and fidelity—perfect for couples who want their engagement tale to be infused with meaning that is specific to their relationship.

Three-stone engagement ring settings are one of the newest engagement jewelry types to reach the market. This style has been around since the Victorian era, therefore “new” is a relative term. Three-stone solitaire engagement rings, on the other hand, are the most recent addition to the engagement party, compared to other styles such as the basic solitaire engagement ring produced during the Roman empire!

Browse 10 three-stone styles, whether you want a reproduction of a classic three-stone engagement ring or a modern design that’s distinctively you.

Bezel Ring with Three Stones Aurate

Three white diamonds are bezel-set in yellow gold. This three-stone engagement ring is both basic and eye-catching, with the center stone being significantly larger.

Timeless Pear-Cut Engagement Ring by Diamond Nexus

Consider pairing two different shapes, like these two round diamonds with this eye-catching pear-shaped center stone. This ring, made of 14k rose gold, will draw all eyes to you.

14K Prong And Princess Diamond Rin by Zo Chicco

A row of three bezel-set diamonds is held in place by a thin 14k yellow gold ring. This dainty item has an edgy touch because of the princess-cut center stone.

Trio Sapphire Cluster Ring by Era Jewelry

This one is for the daring bride looking for something out of the ordinary. In a remarkably distinctive pattern, nearly two carats of purple and yellow sapphire lie atop this yellow gold band.

Yellow Gold Three-Stone Round Diamond Engagement Ring by Shane Co.

Two magnificent round diamonds frame a stunning cushion-cut white diamond. You can’t go wrong with either the yellow or white gold band.

Three-Stone Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring by Allurez

A channel-set diamond band is a fantastic way to add even more radiance to a three-stone diamond ring that already sparkles. It’s virtually impossible to pick just one from the many various colored stones and metal varieties available.

Icon Opal and Hex Diamond Ring by Bario Neal

This three-stone engagement ring’s unusual curvature features an attractive movement that perfectly complements the hand. This unique jewelry has Ethiopian opal and hexagonal white diamonds.

Ring with Ada Diamonds in a Three-Stone Oval Setting

This timeless beauty is self-evident. On this 18k white gold band, two oval diamonds lay on either side of a stunning oval center stone.

Grace Lee’s Carrera Diamond Triple Ring

On a barely-there hammered yellow gold ring, a dazzling carré diamond is flanked by two identical stones. This is an effortless and elegant item that will last a lifetime.

Baguette-Cut Diamond Ring, Doyle

Diamonds are always an exquisite choice. This diamond center stone is flanked by two baguette-cut diamonds on a 14k white gold band, making it ideal for the elegant bride.

Three-Stone Ring Has A Long History

Although the three-stone ring has long been a popular piece of jewelry, it was De Beers’ Trilogy campaign, which began in 2001, that cemented the three-stone diamond ring’s status as a true icon. The ring, known as the “Past, Present, and Future Ring,” is full of romantic symbolism.

The three stones tell a story about love, dedication, and time passing. The first diamond depicts a couple’s history, including how and when they met and shared memories. The center diamond represents the couple’s present together, while the third diamond represents the couple’s future and upcoming milestones.

Choosing Between Solitaire & A Three-Stone Engagement ring

A diamond solitaire ring is a timeless, flexible, and useful piece of diamond jewelry for everyday wear. It’s also a popular engagement ring and a great alternative for those searching for something more traditional.

Trilogy rings, on the other hand, with three magnificent diamonds, are a wonderful method to express the wearer’s distinctive individuality through the choice of shape, size, and setting, among other things. These are show-stopping rings.

What Does The Three Diamond Ring Represent?

“Past, Present, and Future”

While all engagement rings symbolize unending love, three diamond rings have a unique story to tell. This is a tale of love that began in the past, continues to bloom in the present, and promises a world full of adventure and opportunity in the future. The three diamond ring meaning also represents “Friendship, Love, and Fidelity,” making it even more unique when gifting a three-stone engagement ring to your bride-to-be.

A Proposal from the King

Meghan Markle, the soon-to-be royal, wears a three-stone engagement ring that was painstakingly crafted by Prince Harry! Prince Harry utilized two diamonds from his late mother, Princess Diana, as well as a primary stone from Botswana, a region beloved to both Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, to create this poignant engagement ring. Who wouldn’t want an engagement ring that represents their unique love story with so much sentiment packed into one band?

Make Your Three-Diamond Ring

Three diamond ring designs range from simple to intricate, and each can include personalized engraving inside the band to add a special message of love to the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Often featuring a round brilliant diamond or a princess cut diamond as the center stone, three diamond ring designs range from simple to intricate, and each can include personalized engraving inside the band to add a special message of love to the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. With our three-stone ring line, Super Jeweler can bring your love story to life. She’ll treasure her three-stone ring for the rest of her life, just as you do!

A diamond stone is a timeless method to express your feelings for someone. They have become a symbol of everlasting love since they last forever.

Diamonds can represent a variety of things in different civilizations, from tools to timeless jewelry items. One thing is certain: everyone who possesses one feels quiet.

Why Do Diamonds Represent Marriage?

A ring’s circular form is an ancient symbol of eternal life. When two powerful symbols, such as the circle and the unbreakable stone, are combined, the outcome is an emblem of eternal love that will never fade. This viewpoint gained popularity in the ancient world and has persisted to the present day.

Diamonds are not only durable, but they also glitter more than any other gemstone. It immediately became a symbol of marriage since even the tiniest stones shine brightly. Furthermore, because diamonds are not widely available, purchasing one is a long-term commitment.

What To Look For In A Metal When Buying A Three-Stone Engagement Ring?


Keep in mind that the metal you choose will impact the overall style of your jewelry while curating the specifics of your engagement ring. For a classic design, go with yellow or white gold, or mix metals for a more daring approach. “The combination of white gold and rose gold gives a very modern and feminine appearance,” says Hung.


All eyes are on the stones when choosing a three-stone engagement ring. Choose your diamonds or gemstones with care, and make sure they match one another. “Make sure the diamonds in a three-stone diamond engagement ring are the same color and clarity,” Hung advises.


There is a multitude of innovative methods to make your three-stone ring stand out in a crowd, whether it’s with the metal, the setting, or the stones. One of our favorite ways to do this is by pairing a colored gemstone with two diamonds, such as a sapphire or emerald. “Choosing a different gemstone as a center stone instead of a diamond also makes the ring stand out,” Hung explains. Incorporate your particular style and flair into whatever you say “yes!” to.


It is customary for all three diamonds to have the same form it containing their continuity. Round, square, and emerald are popular shapes because they go well together. Meghan Markle’s ring’s cushion-shaped center diamond is sure to spark a trend for bands with this remarkable form.


The conventional graduated trio ring has a bigger center diamond whose carat weight equals the total carat weight of the two diamonds on either side.

If you want a more modern and unusual ring, consider a three-stone ring, in which the three diamonds are of the same size and carat weight and are placed in a line or a less formal cluster configuration.


To accentuate their relationship, all three diamonds should be positioned in the same sort of setting, whether prong or bezel.


Because these rings already have three stunning diamonds, picking a ring with additional decorations should be done with caution. Make sure you choose elements that complement your ring. A halo of smaller diamonds or a line of pavé diamonds along the length of the shank is also fantastic options.

How Much Does A Three-Stone Engagement Ring Cost?

“The cost of a three-stone engagement ring might vary greatly,” Hung explains. “If all three stones are around 0.5 carats each, the diamond can be priced around $7,500 for VS1 GIA-certified stones or around $2,500 for lab-grown diamonds with a 1-carat center and two lesser diamonds on the side.”

What To Do To Make Three-Stone Engagement Ring Stand Out More?

“Two gold tones should be used. White gold and rose gold have grown in popularity in recent years “Hung agrees.

Stone Color Combinations That Look Best

“An ice-blue sapphire surrounded by a halo and band of diamonds has been our favorite,” Hung explains.

What Are The Benefits Of Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Rings?

One of the main advantages of a three-stone ring, in my opinion, is the incredible amount of customization it offers. To be honest, the only thing limiting you here (apart from that dreaded word “budget”) is your creativity. Customization options are virtually limitless! As we’ve seen, you can have three diamonds of equal size or a larger stone surrounded on either side by two smaller diamonds. This particular form is extremely popular, once again due to the significance of the larger central stone reflecting the current stage of your life.


Because of its rich cultural heritage, the three-stone ring is one of the most popular engagement ring styles. Unlike a solitaire ring with a single stone, the Holy Trinity ring features three. Contemporary three stone rings range from neighboring stones of different sizes to stacked stones of the same size, whereas classic graduation rings contain three stones of similar size.

Friendship, love, and fidelity, or past, present, and future are represented by the three-stone engagement ring (also known as the Trinity or trilogy ring). If you’ve looked at MICHAEL M’s three-stone engagement rings, here’s a rundown of the history, how to wear them, and some of our favorite types.