Birthstone Cross Necklace for Girls

People from all walks of life are drawn to cross necklaces, among the most popular jewelry pieces. How many times have we admired the gorgeous cross necklaces worn by our favorite celebs and wished we could have one just like it? There are numerous gold cross necklaces for men and women because these are some of the most popular pendant designs.

Additionally, many other designs of cross necklaces are available, including versions made of white gold, gold, and even diamonds. The delicate cross necklace, the sideways cross necklace, and even the Celtic cross necklace style are other choices. With so many available choices, selecting the best style for you may be difficult.

You may locate the ideal cross necklaces using this advice, whatever your taste!

What are the Cross Necklaces’ Origins?

Romans were the first people to wear gold or silver cross necklace designs when Christianity was made the state religion of Rome. Men’s cross necklaces and women’s a gold cross necklaces both featured these patterns. This type of necklace has been around since the second century A.D.

There are currently more variations of the cross pendant necklace that are possible thanks to modern jewelry-making technology. The cross diamond necklace forms seen today would have highly astonished early Romans. Over time, changes to traditional designs, such as the gold sideways cross necklace, crept into use.

The significance of the cross necklace demonstrates how the cross is a potent representation of love and sacrifice in Christianity. It shows how Jesus, the Son of God who became a human being, gave his life to save all humanity. He was executed on a crucifixion, laid to rest in a tomb, and emerged from the grave three days later. Contrary to a crucifix, which portrays Jesus’ body during the crucifixion, the basic cross is always empty. The symbolic meaning of wearing a cross necklace stresses Jesus’ hopeful resurrection from the dead rather than his suffering during his sacrifice.

What are the Advantages of the Cross?

The cross can change your past, present, and future. The location to obtain control over illnesses and diseases will always be the cross of Jesus. All that Jesus sacrificed, for now, belongs to you. Jesus’ crucifixion is more than just a symbol; it is evidence of your atonement and adoption.

It demonstrates support for your Christian religion. It also denotes acceptance of Christ’s offering made to save the world. Additionally, it demonstrates self-acceptance because Jesus accepts and loves you for who you are.

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Advice on Purchasing a Cross Necklace

When looking for a cross necklace, your budget should be considered. The price will be significantly higher when looking at 14k gold or diamond crosses than silver or gold-plated products. Additionally, keep in mind that a cross necklace may need to be made of sturdy rather than a base metal that has been plated if you intend to wear it daily.

Choosing the right cross style for the person receiving the gift is important, so be careful when selecting. This kind of gift is quite personal. Thus, the cross should be made in the wearer’s preferred style.

Always check to see that you are dealing with a trustworthy dealer or vendor when making a jewelry purchase. If something occurs to the item or the recipient doesn’t like it, you want to be able to return or swap it.

  • Understand the many crossings. There are numerous sorts, and each one has distinctive design components. Some crosses even have unique meanings that are distinct from other crosses. Visit this page to get our guide to the many cross-types.
  • Understand the different forms of metal. Finding the ideal metal is the next stage in the process once you have determined which cross-type best suits your demands in terms of appearance. For those seeking a warmer tone, yellow gold is a stunning and classic option. Many people enjoy the lovely white shine that stainless steel and sterling silver offer. White gold is another popular option when seeking a high-quality white-toned metal because it has a higher value than sterling silver or stainless steel.
  • Pick outlooks for both men and women. It is false to believe that cross jewelry comes in a single size. You must select the choice according to your gender after you have whittled down the cross form and the metal kind. Women’s crosses are likelier to be tiny, emphasizing embellishments like engravings or stones, while men’s crosses are often larger with less intricate elements.
  • Age-appropriateness is key. Crosses make fantastic presents for kids of all ages, but you should consider the recipient’s age. They are available as gifts for baptisms and other important events. Consider the details when looking for an age-appropriate cross necklace. Avoid anything that may contain loose stones because they pose a risk. For the child in question, go for a size that won’t be too big or little. Don’t feel pressured to pick the most expensive metal type for this accessory; remember that the child will probably outgrow this gift.

Cross Necklace as a Present

During significant life milestones like baptism, first communion, or confirmation, many diamond cross necklaces are given as gifts to young people. They are typically presented at key secular life milestones, including graduation or reaching adulthood, even when the donor and recipient are not religious. A diamond cross pendant’s beauty can be appreciated by non-Christians as well. The basic form is appealing on its own.

What does a Cross-Adorned Necklace Represent?

A cross necklace serves as a sign of religious observance. How the necklace is produced and the materials used to make it may also reflect your style.

Christians today frequently wear cross necklaces to express and celebrate their beliefs. They are frequently presented as gifts for religious occasions like Christmas, Easter, first communions, and baptisms.

Even if you are not religious, you can still wear cross jewelry as long as you feel comfortable doing so. Cross jewelry complements any outfit, regardless of your religious beliefs, however, wearing it as a religious symbol undoubtedly increases its worth.

Popular Cross Necklace Designs

1. Simple Metal Cross

This is the traditional cross necklace for both sexes. It is straightforward and gives a strong, distinctive appearance ideal for everyday wear. This type of cross necklace is the most traditional option in this category and what everyone imagines when this design is mentioned.

2. Diamond-Adorned Cross

You can choose how many or how few diamonds to use to adorn the diamond cross. This investment is more expensive and is typically presented as a gift. This cross-type might be a sterling silver or 14k gold cross necklace. This cross-style necklace looks great worn alone or paired with other jewelry pieces.

3. The Cross Necklace is Worn Sideways

The sideways cross is widely worn by younger people. Particularly, teenage girls are frequently spotted wearing this lovely item. The attachments for the cross portion of the necklace can be extremely tiny because this is typically a more delicate necklace design. This necklace resembles a choker rather than a typical pendant necklace because it is worn with a shorter chain.

5. Old-Fashioned Cross Necklace

The cross pendant is thicker and more stylized in the antique cross necklace, which is a design that employs heavy or medieval scrolling and ornaments. Men wear this cross more frequently, but you may also see women do so. This cross style can be worn in various ways and may even complement a suit. This is typically a cross-adorned silver necklace, though it can also be made of gold.

6. Necklace with an Infinity Sign

The infinity cross pattern is more relaxed and frequently more delicate. The fact that this cross is often worn by ladies does not exclude men from donning it. Additionally, there is a more contemporary look that purists might not appreciate.

What is the Birthstone for Each of the 12 Months?

January’s birthstone is garnet, February’s birthstone is amethyst, March’s birthstone is aquamarine, April’s birthstone is diamond, May’s birthstone is emerald, June’s birthstone is alexandrite, July’s birthstone is ruby, August’s birthstone is peridot, September’s birthstone is sapphire, October’s birthstone is tourmaline, November’s birthstone is topaz, and December is turquoise.

Do Birthstones have Symbolic Meanings?

A special gemstone known as a birthstone symbolizes each month of the year’s births. Each birthstone has a special meaning and distinctive qualities and can be worn to symbolize the wearer’s individual traits.
It’s believed that birthstones have healing qualities. The physical, mental, and spiritual barriers may be released by wearing them. These mystical jewels can focus the planet’s healing energy on your body through contact, making you feel calmer and more collected.

Reference: The Mystery and Magic of Colored Gems

The world of colored gems never ceases to amaze and captivate. Since ancient times, people have believed that different colored stones possessed particular magical properties or the potential to bestow various traits upon the person who wore them. People once believed that emeralds were beneficial to the eyes, while yellow stones were thought to treat jaundice, and red stones were thought to prevent blood flow. It was once thought that a ruby displayed by a man represented command, nobility, lordship, and revenge. On the other hand, it was believed that a ruby displayed by a woman displayed vanity, obstinacy, and haughtiness.

Should you Wear your Birthstone Every Day?

Numerous gem therapists think that by wearing these crystals on your body, you can connect to the planet’s energy. That same concept is used while wearing birthstone jewelry. They’ll make you feel calmer and more collected, and they can even be lucky charms. Your birthstone is regarded as the ultimate lucky charm.

Is it Acceptable to Wear a Cross Sideways?

Unlike the upside-down or inverted cross, the sideways cross does not represent Christianity negatively. Wearing a sideways cross necklace or a side cross necklace instead of one with an upright cross is entirely respectful.
While wearing a cross sideways is acceptable, doing so invertedly is not. The sideways cross is an appropriate design choice and does not offend anyone’s religious sensibilities.

Who can Purchase Cross Jewelry?

You can purchase cross jewelry for whomever you choose. Cross jewelry is a common present for Christian religious rituals, as was already noted. It can both remind them of the event and motivate them to uphold their beliefs. Even if it’s a baby, you can give jewelry to someone with their name baptized. They can grow into the jewelry or pass it down as a family treasure.

Crosses are thoughtful gifts for friends or significant ones because they stand for faith and love. A piece of crucifix jewelry makes a wonderful pick-me-up present for someone down. It serves as a reminder for kids to believe in themselves and that everything will be okay.

Anyone in your life who is beginning a new chapter will appreciate receiving a piece of cross jewelry. New chapters can be intimidating, especially when significant changes and choices are involved. Assure them they are making the correct decision and on the right path. This is a technique to encourage people to maintain believing in themselves because personal faith is so crucial. Assure them they are making the correct decision and on the right path.

Which Type of Metal Complements a Cross Necklace the Most?

Cross necklaces are stunning no matter what material they are crafted from. When looking for a cross necklace, the fashion choice of the person whose item you are purchasing and your personal fashion preference are the factors that are most important to consider.

What Kind of Chain would Complement a Cross Pendant the Most?

Be sure that the pendants you wear every day are accompanied by a solid cross that can withstand being pulled on or hooked on things without being damaged. You need to exercise caution when wearing sideways crosses because the chains on them may be more sensitive.


A birthstone cross necklace is a perfect choice when buying gifts for a girl. These necklaces feature the child’s birthstone and initial in a surprising way. They are packaged in the signature blue gift wrapping and include a white satin ribbon to finish the gift. A cross necklace is a perfect gift for a girl born in January. Many options are available for a girl to wear a birthstone cross necklace.