Blood Diamonds Information: Shock and Awe

Blood Diamonds Information: Shock and Awe

blood diamonds information
Blood Diamonds Information: A Stained Industry

Most adults are aware the term “blood diamonds” refers to diamonds harvested and sold on the backs of others being killed or violently abused. Global Witness announced their stepping down from the international certification that was formed in 2003 to outlaw blood diamonds that have shown a clear link between violence and tyranny.

The Tyranny and Misguided Blood Diamonds Information

Almost nine years ago, the Kimberley Process was launched and has shown to fail the 3 major tests set forth, as addressed by Chairman Gooch founding director of Global Witness.

It did not address the alleged trade in conflict diamonds from Côte d’Ivoire. Kimberley Process never took serious actions toward the blatant breaches of rules by Venezuela who has allegedly become a large part of smuggling through illegal routes. They have also unwillingly not stopped the sale of gems from Zimbabwe. Diamonds from Zimbabwe’s diamond fields under Robert Mugbe’s regime of violence in 2008, the killing of 200 people and whose proceeds finance isolated authoritarian regimes.


Gooch also went on to state that Kimberley process has been an accomplice to diamond laundering of dirty diamonds instead of separating stones by best practice and by law.

Sadly, due to the breakdown of this watchdog structure, most consumers cannot possibly tell or be sure where their diamond purchases are coming from or whether the purchased diamonds are supporting armed violence and abusive regimes.

What is Kimberley Process About?

This is a government operated organization, requiring members of each state to pass and enforce national legislation and set up extensive import/export controls for rough diamonds.

Other members include diamond producers, dealers, civil society groups such as Global Witness and polishers. The entire purpose of this plan was to become self-regulators. With the departure of Global Witness, it was quite apparent that the diamond industry cannot seem to move beyond irrevocable filth!


De Beers: The World’s Leading Miners of Diamonds and Blood Diamonds Information

“A diamond is forever” was coined by De Beers over a century ago. Many changes have come to De Beers since those days. Once a buyer of diamonds from anywhere, no matter the cost, they now only sell the diamonds they mine themselves.

Their decision came about with the realization that diamonds’ symbols of love and marriage were swimming in the pool of war and suffering and carrying the very unwanted name of blood diamonds. Their decision did come at a cost considering their global market share dropped from 70% to 40%, but, arguably, was a vital decision for the future of the diamond business.


Ethics Are Stomped On For a Profit – Suppressing Blood Diamonds Information

Although De Beers is still considered a leading entity within the industry, their ethical standards and new thinking have held little impact among other diamond dealers. The auctioning of diamonds at Harare Airport, actively supported by diamond dealers arriving in private jets, bidding on diamonds fully aware of the abusive circumstances these diamonds came from.

Zimbabwe diamonds are being sold at a great discount and good behavior is based on a dealer’s bowing to the powers that be.

Opposition activists jailed in Zimbabwe are still behind bars and that seems to speak the language of the diamond industry. And, while the world is hopefully waking up to this issue, incriminating blood diamonds information is not favorable for business.

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