Two Toned Diamond Engagement Rings

If you’ve been looking for the perfect engagement ring for your future bride-to-be, you may have noticed some new styles available. Two-toned diamond engagement rings are one such trend. These unique rings combine two metals in one piece, such as white gold and yellow gold, which give a ring a unique look. A popular option for vintage-inspired rings, two-toned diamond engagement rings offer a bold and fresh twist on the traditional design.

The two-tone effect is also found in fancy yellow diamonds. They are usually accompanied by white gold prongs to emphasize their warmth. If you prefer a more sophisticated look, you can try a ring with a brown diamond. Two-tone rings can also be gender-neutral if the yellow or white gold band is coiled. The two-tone effect is a beautiful design that can be seen from all angles.

What does an Engagement Ring with Two Tones Mean?

A ring made of two metals is known as a two-tone engagement ring. The most typical pairings are platinum and yellow gold, but any combination of yellow, rose, or white gold can be used in a two-tone ring.

A classic style for a two-toned diamond engagement ring is a solitaire surrounded by accent diamonds. If you don’t want to wear a diamond-and-metal ring, add a colored stone to make it even more unique. This is especially true if you want to show your unique personality. You can do this by choosing a ring with accent diamonds set halfway up the finger. These rings are perfect for the modern bride who loves color but also wants a classic design.

Beautiful Two-Tone Diamond Engagement Rings

The Diamond Deal 10kt Two-tone Gold Round Diamond Solitaire Bridal Wedding Engagement Ring 1/2 Cttw

The Diamond Deal 10kt Two-tone Gold Round Diamond Solitaire Bridal Wedding Engagement Ring 1/2 Cttw

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Blue Diamond Engagement Ring Square Diamond Ring Unique 14K Two Tone Gold Engagement Ring

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  • SETTING #SKU: AN-0090G
    White and rose gold of 14 carats each (As In the Photo)
    (Also available in 14-karat yellow gold, 14-karat white gold, or 14-karat rose gold at no additional cost.)
    Certificate: CJC (Camellia Jewelry Certificate)
    Ring Size: 6.5 Size Selectable (4-9 US sizes)
    Appraised Value: USD 16,890
    Natural Diamond is the type.
    Approx. Size: 1.30 Ct.
    Princess Cut is the form.
    Blue is the color (Color Enhanced)
    Explanation: SI1
    Diamonds are 100% natural and a type of stone.
    Round Brilliant with a minimum carat weight of 0.11 carats describes the shape.
    G-H Shade with SI Defining Clarity
    Cut: Excellent

Top Two-Tone Engagement Ring Settings

To assist you in getting started, we have gathered 15 of the most well-liked two-tone engagement ring settings and provided them in this guide.

1. Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Two Tone

The princess-cut diamond in the center of the square-edged band gives this stunning Cathedral engagement ring a modern appearance. The squared borders make the design more comfortable and gracefully hug the finger. A wide rose gold band interacts with a glittering crossover arc in a raised zig-zag pattern studded with diamonds.

This two-tone diamond engagement ring is ideal for individuals who prefer a statement look and adore the princess cut. The main diamond’s strong brightness is enhanced by rose gold. This amazing ring has a gentler appearance thanks to the white gold. White and rose gold combine to give a ring an unmistakable air of glitz.

2. A Cathedral Engagement Ring in Two Tone

One of the most traditional engagement ring designs, cathedral diamond rings are renowned for their elegant beauty.

In this contemporary rendition, rose and white gold is exquisitely paired and mounted on a raised surface. The center stone diamond can display its fire and brightness in this cathedral setting. It has a distinctive appearance due to the twisted white gold love knot on top of the diamond-studded rose gold ring.

3. An eternity ring with a two-tone kite design

A princess cut diamond is safely housed in a four-prong setting in our kite-set engagement ring’s contemporary bypass style design. This contemporary ring has a white gold bypass shank and is completed with rich rose gold at the top for extra luxury. The rose gold highlights the diamonds’ brilliant whiteness, enhancing their fire and brightness as your chosen center stone.

This ring is ideal for individuals who adore the bypass ring setting and yet has a traditional shank that makes it comfortable to wear.

4. Diamond bridal set with two tones

Are two-tone wedding engagement rings something you’re thinking about? This lovely matching wedding band and ring set are ideal for completing your preferred mixed metal style.

A white gold bypass setting and a great rose gold diamond channel ring around a round brilliant cut diamond. The two-tone design and dramatic diamond placement on this ring make a statement while adorning the finger.

5. Princess Cut Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

This bypass Cathedral engagement ring has a distinctive fusion of two precious metals that is crafted into a striking swirling pattern. The perfect combination of mixed cut diamonds and fire is provided by a princess cut diamond placed in a traditional four-prong setting high above a square-edged shank and finished with channel set sides.

Choose this dramatic ring with a two-tone design that is outstanding with mixed metals if you want something distinctive and alluring.

6. Rose and white gold ring for the bride

This triple split shank diamond engagement ring is ideal for those who prefer a more statement-making style. It sparkles with ribbons of round brilliant cut diamonds set in three magnificent arcs. On top of the setting, a round brilliant-cut diamond serves as the focal point. Rich rose gold and white gold mix together on the top, elegantly balancing out this lovely design.

7. Round, channel-set engagement ring in two tones

Searching for a pricey ring? This lovely two-tone diamond engagement ring has a brilliant diamond in the center, a four-prong set. A rose and white gold pattern that is anything but average is made up of rich rose gold arcs along the top and sparkling rows of round brilliant cut diamonds.

8. Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in Two Tone

Do you adore the standard solitaire configuration? Take a look at this cutting-edge bypass solitaire engagement ring. A princess-cut diamond is positioned between a two-tone flat-edged ring in a tension setting, creating an attractive combination of metals. To complete your bridal ensemble, pair this idealistic design with a two-tone wedding band, or select one of the metals to accentuate your preferred shade of gold.

9. A three-row diamond ring with two tones.

Allow the distinctive interplay of mixed metals and the contemporary design of this two-tone diamond engagement ring to seduce you.

With diamond sides paved set and covered in a raised openwork pattern, the central diamond is elevated in a modern bypass cathedral setting. This unusual two-tone ring has a fascinating mixed metal appearance thanks to a rich double band of rose gold.

10. A rose-gold wedding band

This traditional bypass diamond engagement ring is anything but conventional, thanks to the addition of white gold ribbon accents. A rose gold bypass setting with channel set round brilliant cut diamonds is topped with a brilliant round cut diamond.

11. Rose gold and white gold engagement ring

For those looking for their ideal style, Barkev’s provides a wide selection of bypass engagement rings to pick from. This well-liked, time-tested mounting receives an upgraded update for each ring setting.

This elegant bypass diamond engagement ring is made from swirls of white and rose gold that complements each other beautifully.

What about bypass settings? This elegant diamond ring offers the ideal harmony of the two metals in a spectacular coupling while radiating the timeless elegance of bypass settings.

12. Engagement ring with flowers

Are you trying to find a way to communicate your love of beautiful flowers and gardening? This one-of-a-kind two-tone engagement ring takes inspiration from nature with dollops of brilliantly polished rose gold fashioned into lovely flowers.

The white gold, diamond center stone, and swirling halo pave bypass mounting make a lovely backdrop for the dazzling flowers that have been put on top.

13. Engagement Ring with a Two-Tone Halo

Instead of balancing the different colors of metals evenly, how about a hint of mixed metal? This modern halo ring is enhanced by a rose gold accent, which adds just the right amount of color.

The diamond center stone is enhanced by a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds set in highly polished rose gold. This amazing idea is balanced by the 3/4 eternity diamond setting on the square-edged shank.

14. Ring with a Two-Tone Open Shank

Make a lasting impression of unusual elegance with this open engagement ring with whirling ribbons!

This distinctive diamond ring has a rose gold ribbon that has been artistically divided in the middle, allowing room for a diamond center stone that is prong set in a raised basket. This diamond ring has a white gold band with diamond accents, giving it a modern, creative feel.

15. White and rose gold diamond bridal set

Your options for your engagement ring, have you honed in on a bezel setting? A distinctive interplay of brilliantly polished rose and white gold is woven into this bridal ring set’s sleek, contemporary style.

A raised bezel surrounds a diamond in the center on a flat-edged bypass mounting. This effortlessly exquisite design is completed with a highly polished rose gold diamond channel band.

16. Engagement ring made of white and rose gold

Three lovely rows of dazzling mixed metal are displayed around the top of the split shank of this magnificent two-tone diamond engagement ring. This traditional solitaire ring receives an upgrade in elegance and glitz with the addition of a rose gold ribbon tucked inside a white gold setting.

The Ideal Metals for a Two-Tone Wedding Ring

As with more conventional rings, choosing the precious metal for a two-tone wedding band can be challenging—all the more so when choosing two metals rather than one!

Here’s the skinny:

White metals and yellow gold make a stunning contrast. Thus, the most common combination for two-tone rings is yellow gold and white gold. But we also frequently combine silver and yellow gold.

Although less typical in two-tone rings, rose gold complements white and yellow gold well.

We’ve pleased many consumers with natural white metals by combining platinum and yellow gold. Palladium, a naturally occurring white metal in the platinum family, was once a reasonable choice for wedding bands, but its price has now risen much above platinum. Therefore, we suggest platinum.

Along with yellow gold, silver is a superb white metal option.

Why is Women’s Two-Tone Wedding Rings Different from Men’s Two-Tone Weddings?

The short answer is yes; a woman is wearing a two-tone women’s ring if she is wearing a two-tone wedding band or two-tone engagement ring.

The same holds for men or anyone else. There is practically no distinction between our two-tone wedding bands for her and him.

It is entirely up to you whether you want a mixed metal engagement ring or a wedding band with two tones.

What feels good to you is what matters most.

The breadth of the wedding band and the style typically set men’s two-tone wedding rings apart from women’s two-tone wedding rings.

So, matching bands with a narrower band may be found in two-tone wedding ring sets for a husband and wife.

Is Gold with a Two-Tone Finish More Expensive?

A wedding band made of mixed metal in two tones, such as gold and silver, will be less expensive than a ring made of just one of those metals. It will particularly interest people who want to wear gold and silver jewelry together or in rotation.

Is it Possible to Resize Two-Tone Rings?

Gold and sterling silver can both be resized. Because of how they are constructed, some two-tone and mixed metal wedding rings must be recreated when the size needs to be adjusted. Other wedding bands, specifically modern metal rings (tungsten carbide, cobalt chrome, and stainless steel), are not able to be resized.

More Creative Two-Tone Diamond Engagement Rings Ideas

  • A two-toned diamond engagement ring can also include a colored halo. This style contrasts with clear diamonds, making the brilliance shine brighter and the fire more pronounced. A halo can also make the lower-grade diamonds more acceptable, as the colored halo camouflages the yellow tint. If you’re looking for an engagement ring that will fit your budget, a colored halo could be perfect.
  • Another option is a split-shank two-tone band. It adds subtle elegance without overwhelming the look. The twisted design goes three-quarters down the inner edge of the band, showing off the different metal tones. This style is striking and can stand on its own. This style of two-tone ring is a great choice for a special occasion. A simple two-tone band is perfect if your budget does not allow for an elaborate design. Another two-toned diamond engagement ring option is a platinum-and-rose gold setting with a chunky old mine-cut diamond. The shanks wind upward and feature accent diamonds—the platinum part of the ring’s shanks transitions into rose-colored brushed metal. A woman of any age can wear this elegant ring. The setting of the ring is a major focal point of her engagement.


The most popular style of two-toned diamond engagement ring is the three-stone design. This style features an oval-cut center diamond with two side stones of varying sizes. The yellow gold band is the thinnest in the market, which helps the diamond appear larger. The ring can also be styled or stacked. You can also opt for a three-stone design with white cushion diamonds alternating with yellow half-moon diamonds. The halo and side stones are both set with like-colored prongs.

Adding a personal touch to a two-toned diamond engagement ring is possible with many companies. Valina, for example, offers rings with rose gold inner shanks and two overlapping hearts engraved in rose gold. While the engraved messages are a great way to personalize a ring, the ring will still last longer without altering the overall design or metal color. So, while these rings may be a bit more expensive than those with single-toned designs, they are still a fantastic option for your engagement ring.