Black Diamond Engagement Rings with Black Diamond Accents

If you’re in the market for a dazzling, unusual engagement ring, consider an emerald-cut black diamond surrounded by a halo of white diamonds. These ring settings have a chic, artsy feel. You can also opt for a solitaire black diamond in 18k rose gold with two bands, which look amazingly gorgeous together. And if you’re looking for something a little more traditional, you can always opt for a diamond ring with black diamond accents.

A ring with black diamond accents is the perfect way to show your significant other that you’re a match! You’ll get a beautiful set that includes a ring with a round brilliant-cut center stone and a guard-style ring accented with a row of black diamonds. Each ring has a different color, so it’s worth exploring the available options.

What is Black Diamond ? 

A black diamond is a super-protected diamond; it has such a lot of inclusions that it seems as a black gemstone. While colorless diamonds with fewer inclusions are taken into consideration rarer and extra valuable, a black diamond is prized for the better wide variety of inclusions it has.

Brides are usually searching out a ambitious manner to reveal their style, and if breaking with way of life is your thing, you could need to recollect an edgy black diamond ring. Black diamonds are chic, a piece mysterious, a touch bit rock \’n\’ roll, and impossibly cool. They\’re additionally an excellent value.

Black diamonds are historically a lot much less high-priced than a drab diamond,” says diamond professional Ann Jay. Whether it is in a conventional solitaire, surrounded with the aid of using a white diamond halo, set in modern-day rose gold, or sprinkled alongside a easy band to lend a few cool element in your wedding-day bling, we are completely crushing on black diamond rings.

Properties of Black Diamond Rings

A seasoned of a black diamond is that the fee according to carat is drastically much less than that of a drab or fancy coloured diamond. However, they’re plenty extra at risk of harm than their colorless counterparts. “This is due to the fact black diamonds are virtually made of loads of tiny fractures, which provide them their color,” says Jay.

You have to endure this in thoughts while thinking about a black diamond for an engagement ring (or bear in mind a handled black diamond instead). A handled black diamond is a grayer stone that gets a excessive temperature and strain remedy to show it black. They have a comparable appearance to herbal black diamonds however are much less costly.

Marquise Cut Black Diamond Engagement Ring 1.00 ctw 14K Gold on Sterling

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Diamond Accents vs. Diamonds

Diamond accents on their personal don’t stand out. But whilst positioned subsequent to a bigger middle stone, they have got the capacity to both detract from it or raise it. When searching at accents, usually take into account them on the subject of the middle diamond. 

Remember, it have to intensify the diamond it\’s far subsequent to. Focus on an superb middle diamond earlier than anything. After that, diamond accents have to raise the splendor and glamour of your ring to every other level.

Our diamond professionals can help in deciding on lovely accessory stones to stability each your ring and middle diamond.

How can Shoppers tell if a Black Diamond is High Quality?

I might inspire the client to invite for a Colored Diamond Report from the Gemology Institute of America (GIA). When creating a massive earrings purchase (like an engagement ring), I continually recommend my customers to invite for GIA reviews for his or her middle stones (or any diamond large than .5ct) to confirm its traits and make sure its quality,” Jay says. While a few black diamonds are obviously black, many are regularly grey and handled to extrade the stone to a darkish black color. “A GIA record will provide an explanation for whether or not the diamond has been handled to beautify the color (reducing the value) or is natural (growing the value)

How to Care for a Black Diamond Ring ? 

Black diamonds do now no longer require as a good deal cleansing as colorless or fancy coloured diamonds,” Jay says. Their shadeation is “certainly steel in nature so they\’ll keep to glitter in spite of wear.”

Avoid usual diamond cleansing techniques, including ultrasonic or steamer. “These machines can genuinely harm or destroy your black diamond,” says Jay. The nice device you may use to smooth black diamonds is a “gentle-bristled toothbrush and warm, moderate soapy water. Think dish detergent—it cuts thru grease and oils out of your pores and skin simply as properly because it does on dishes.”

Like different diamonds and excellent rings, keep away from sporting your black diamond engagement ring if you are worried in hands-on activities, including running withinside the yard, transferring furniture, or doing construction. Black diamonds are greater vulnerable to fracture than ordinary diamonds. Dry with a gentle material and save in a fabric-coated rings box.

Why Black Diamond Is Famous ? 

There are several reasons why black diamond engagement rings are popular today. For one thing, they fit in with the current edgy trend in engagement rings. The black-diamond ring, set in 18-karat white gold, was a proposal from Mr. Big to his future wife. It prompted people to think outside the diamond box and try something different. It’s a style that’s more dramatic than the classic white diamond, and it will definitely turn heads!

What to Look for in a Black Diamond Ring ? 

Another reason to choose black diamond engagement rings with accents is their rarity. Most black diamonds sold in jewelry stores are low-quality white diamonds with color enhancement. If you’re looking for a truly unique ring, consider a black and white diamond ring from Ben Garelick. These diamonds are all-natural, and will not fail to impress. If you’re unsure about whether or not black diamonds are right for your special someone, Barkev’s is the place to start.

Is Black Diamond can be Fake or Real ? 

There are many types of black diamonds and their qualities, but the most common questions are “are they real?” and “is it real?” If you’re not sure whether a black diamond is real, check out the comprehensive Diamond School. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn from a simple search on the Internet. It’s worth it. You’ll never look back! And, your future partner will thank you for the effort!

What are Diamond Accents?

Diamond Accents check with the small diamonds which are positioned beside a bigger stone in a jewellery piece. They are designed to beautify the general splendor and brilliance of the piece of jewelry.

They upload style, beauty and character to a extensive variety of Diamond Shapes and ring settings. The Diamond Accents on this Round Cut Diamond from James Allen are high examples of aspect stones bringing greater extent and sparkle to a ring. 

The aspect stones on this 18K white gold ring from James Allen display how Diamond Accents supplement numerous Diamond Shapes just like the Princess Cut.

Accents are commonly selected primarily based totally on private preference, aleven though the shape, size, colour and first-class effect the general splendor of the ring.

Are Diamond Accents Real Diamonds?

Diamond accents are certainly actual diamonds. While the time period accessory is used for this form of stone, they\’re nonetheless actual diamonds, graded at the equal traits as diamonds used for a middle stone. Diamond accents have a Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat grade similar to all diamonds. They simply have a tendency to be smaller than different types of diamond, and hence much less precious individually.

How Much Should a Customer Expect to Pay for a Black Diamond?

Treated black diamonds are much less highly-priced than herbal black diamonds and extra common—half-rate or maybe much less,” Jay says. “If a drab diamond is $8,000 in step with carat, then you may assume a black diamond to be $4000 in step with carat or much less.

What are Some Suggested Settings for a Black Diamond? 

You can set your black diamond in any way you like,” says Jay. “Before you consider setting, you need to keep in mind what your price range is in your ring. This wide variety will dictate each your carat length and setting.”


When shopping for a diamond engagement ring with black diamond accents, it’s essential to check out the quality of the stone. Some diamonds have been treated with various processes that give them their unique black color. These diamonds are often cheaper than natural ones, but you should always check their source and authenticity before making your purchase. A salt-and-pepper grey diamond is also very rare, so be sure to choose your ring wisely.

In addition to being affordable, black diamonds are surprisingly versatile. You can place a black diamond as the center stone of a solitaire setting, set with small white diamonds, or even as an accent stone in a wedding band. The possibilities are endless. So, go ahead and choose a black diamond engagement ring that will make a statement for your special someone. So, go ahead and show her how unique you are. It’s a surefire way to show your love!