Buying A 1 Vs. 2 Carat Diamond Earring

One of the most commonly used terms when buying diamond earrings is the carat. In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know to understand how a diamond carat measurement works. 

It’s true that doubling the size of a diamond more than doubles its value, but let’s see how the numbers add up. According to David Marshall, managing and creative director of London Jewelery, a one-carat brilliant-cut diamond is about 6.4mm in diameter, while a two-carat brilliant-cut diamond is about 8.1mm. It may seem like a trifle, but as David points out, “its diameter was only 1.7 mm in the earing, but the 2-carat diamond had a much greater visual impact.” 

What Is A Carat?  

A carat is not really a weight, but an ancient unit of mass. Carob ore has always been used to weigh gold and diamonds since the early 16th century. Diamond traders use carat weights because they believe all ores are the same size and weight. 

The Weights and Measures Congress of 1907 standardized the carat weight to 200 milligrams. It has since become the official indicator of diamond purchases. When weighed on a metric scale, a 1.00-carat diamond weighs 200 mg and a 2-carat diamond weighs 400 mg. 

When buying a ring, the size of the stone is an important consideration. A 1 carat diamond will look much bigger than a 2 carat one. A 2 carat stone will appear smaller on one person’s hand. A 2 carat diamond will be more suitable for a woman with a large hand. It’s essential that the ring you buy matches your personality. 

How Big Is A Half Carat Diamond? 

A round diamond weighing 0.5 carats has a diameter of about 5.1 mm. However, depending on the shape and cut of the diamond, it may appear slightly larger or smaller. 

Half Carat Diamond Cut, Color & Clarity:  

1/2 carat diamond, color, and clarity When buying a 1/2 carat diamond or any other diamond, it is important to find a good balance between grades and not pay minor differences. 

How Much Does A 1/2 Carat Diamond Earring Cost? 

 Half-carat diamonds cost $700 to $3,500 or more for a flawless diamond. 

Diamond prices vary greatly depending on their quality. There is a caret. Larger diamonds are almost always more expensive per carat than smaller diamonds. 

1ct Vs 2ct Earring, Which One Is Better?  

You have heard the term “Size matters” and we talk about diamonds. It is not an exception. The size of the diamond matters when it comes to earrings. If you’re still not sure what would be best for your wallet, this article will help make up your mind!  

The difference between 1ct vs 2ct diamond earring  can mean thousands of dollars of cost for your wallet.  

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Earring Setting

The setting is another important choice you have to make when buying a 1/2 carat diamond earring. The right setting can accentuate the half-carat diamond you picked out, it can mask or accentuate certain characteristics of the diamond, and in some cases can make a relatively small half-carat diamond appear larger. 

There is also an element of personal preference in play here. Some settings may simply appeal more or less to the wearer’s style. 

And if you are interested, we have an article detailing the best places to buy a diamond ring. Here are some examples of 1/2 carat diamond earrings in a few popular settings, to give you an idea of what you have to choose from: 

So Why Do Most Couples Choose Between These Two Different Sizes?  

It all boils down to preference and budget;  some people prefer larger gemstones while others want something more subtle that blends into everyday life without drawing attention away from themselves. Others just don’t have the budget for a large stone. With so many options available today – including Lab Grown Diamond, choosing the right size could be a big dilemma.  

For purposes on this blog we will focus on the ROUND shape diamonds which are the most popular in the market for engagement rings.  

How To Choose Between 1 Vs. 2 Carat Diamond? 

Choosing between a 1 vs 2-carat diamond earring can be difficult, but there are some general rules that you can follow to get the perfect diamond for your fiancée. The first rule is to always make sure you buy the larger one – the bigger the better. The size of the stone is the most important factor, but don’t forget to consider the design, too. 

Diamond Ring Shapes  

As we touched on earlier, there are a number of different diamond shapes. There’s no one shape that is “better” or “worse” than any other. This choice is largely down to personal preference. 

You may prefer the classic look of a round brilliant diamond, or the unique elegance of an elongated shape like a pear or oval cut diamond. Some shapes look better with certain settings or on certain finger types or hand shapes. 

Also, consider the shape of your hand. A 1.00-carat diamond has a diameter of 8.2 mm. A 2.00-carat diamond looks slightly larger than a 1.50-carat diamond. This visual difference is most pronounced when the differences are half a carat, but the difference will not be as noticeable if the stones are close in carat weight. If you choose a solitaire setting, you’ll need to make sure the stone is sparkly and eye-clean. 

Choosing Size According To Your Budget :  

Choosing a size that suits your budget is a crucial step when selecting a diamond ring. Using a GIA-certified 2 carat round brilliant is the best option if you’re looking for a large stone. A 1-carat diamond is less expensive but is rare. A 2-carat stone can be a good choice if you want something that looks more like a real diamond. A 1 carat stone will always be cheaper than a 2 carat stone. 

How Does Diamond Size Pricing Works? 

When it comes to diamond sizes, remember that different people have different hand sizes and the same stone may look huge on one person and small on another. The biggest difference between a 1 carat and a 2-carat diamond ring will be the size of the center stone. A 2-carat diamond will be much larger and will cost you more money. A 1-carat diamond is cheaper than a two-carat one. 

Which One Is More Expensive?  

A two-carat diamond ring is more expensive than a single-carat diamond. A higher carat will be harder to replace. The larger the diamond, the more likely it will be damaged. The same applies to a smaller-carat stone. A one-carat stone is not easily replaced and can be easily chipped or damaged. It will also lose its value over time. The higher carat, the greater the cost. 

Size a 1-carat diamond is the most popular, but a two-carat stone is not. A larger stone will look more glamorous and will increase the value of the ring. However, a two-carat diamond is more expensive. Moreover, a smaller one is not as desirable as a larger one. So, the size of a two-carat diamond should be taken into account. 

Price Per Carat:  

When shopping for a diamond ring, the price per carat is the determining factor. If a 1-carat diamond costs $6,000, a two-carat stone would cost $12,000, while a two-carat stone would cost at least eighteen thousand dollars. The larger the carat, the higher the price. Hence, a 2carat stone should be smaller than a 1carat one. 

Generally, a 1 carat diamond will cost less than a two-carat one. Its weight will also be more expensive if the ring contains more than one diamond. In addition, a 2-carat diamond will be more valuable if it contains more than one. This rule applies to diamond rings of any kind, not just those with small stones. The bigger the carat, the more expensive it will be. 

Where To Buy A 1/2 Carat Diamond Ring?

There are many places you can buy a half-carat engagement ring, but not all where you can get the best value, and which have the range you need to get the perfect half-carat diamond ring without having to compromise. 

Online diamond vendors generally make for the best choice, as they can offer a range and value that most brick and mortar stores cannot. Of the diamond stores we’ve vetted, several stand out for their range, value, attention to customer service, and overall great customer experience. 

With any diamond vendor, there are some things to look for to ensure you don’t find yourself purchasing a low-quality diamond, or worse, getting duped into overpaying. 

You should only look at diamonds with a reputable certificate. Diamonds graded by the GIA or AGS can be trusted to be fairly and independently graded. If a diamond does not have one of these certificates (samples are shown below), or the vendor cannot provide one, this is a big red flag. 


There are many factors that go into buying a diamond and it seems like there are only two things: weight and size. Take the time to understand what the 4Cs are and how each of them can affect the price of an individual diamond. 

Besides cost, the size of a diamond should also be considered. A half-carat stone is one-fifth of a carat, while a one-carat stone is half as large. A 1-carat diamond is also twice as large as a half-carat diamond. A 1.5 carat is considered a one-carat diamond, and is only a few percent larger than a half-carat stone.