emerald cut diamond rings

Emerald Cut Diamond Rings, Exquisite Beauty

A dazzling choice for those wanting something a little fancy, an emerald cut diamond ring is a fantastic and popular option.  An emerald shape can give a unique look to the event the most simple settings.

Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

An emerald cut diamond, uses its elongated rectangular shape to beautifully showcase highly precise step cuts. This cut was initially used for emeralds, but quickly gained popularity for diamonds due to its sleek and refined appearance. Emerald cut diamonds have a long, sleek shape which allow for stronger bursts of fire than other common cuts. With its broad and open pavilion, it has less brilliance than a typical round or princess cut, but it makes up for this with its high degree of clarity.

Settings for Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

With increasing popularity, there will usually be a good selection of settings for emerald cut diamonds, from a classic solitaire to horizontal with side stones. They are most often set in a four-prong solitaire or a three stone arrangement, with or without side stones depending on personal preference. The shape can be particularly complimentary to women with long fingers. For those with short or wide fingers, an emerald cut solitaire may look slightly off-balance, so a three stone ring might be preferred. With all of the unique and beautiful options available, it can help to view them in gallery form to see what you may prefer:



Choosing Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Quality and clarity is very important when choosing emerald cut stones. With its elongated pavilion, the clarity is highlighted making it visually stunning. However, with the open cut, imperfections in the stone can be more obvious than with other shapes. Try to get the highest grade clarity that you can afford and ensure the cut is of the right dimensions. It is recommended to have a length-width ratio between approximately 1.3:1 and 1.75:1 to get the most classic emerald look. If you find you like the emerald cut but prefer a more square shape, you might want to choose an asscher which is identical to an emerald cut but square-shaped. If possible, try to view the loose emerald cut stones before purchasing in order to see all angles. This will help you determine if certain inclusions would be detrimental to the stone’s clarity. If the stone is already set, have the jeweler show it in the store’s loupe to see it under magnification.


Shopping Tips For Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

With so many jewelery stores around, you should have an excellent variety of options and eventually find one that you absolutely love. Whether it be an online or local establishment, the jewelers will be able to find the type of emerald cut stone you prefer. One advantage of emerald cut stones is their surprising affordability because the cut is quite simple. It is an ideal choice for those who wish to stay within their price range without compromising style. Another advantage of emerald cuts is the long shape which can make the stone to appear of a larger carat weight than, for instance, a round brilliant of the same size.


Emerald cut diamond rings, while a little different than the usual round or princess cuts, offer an incredibly beautiful and elegant option. The shape allows her to express her individuality while keeping with a classically beautiful style–and often at more affordable price.



Photos courtesy of Diamondsourceva, Tiffany, Graff and Harry Winston.

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