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Engagement Rings: How to Shop Like A Pro

Shopping for Engagement Rings

These days, there is a lot of information online about engagement rings and diamonds. When buying a ring, you will want it to be beautiful and endure forever. How much to spend is usually the biggest consideration for most couples. Although the notion of spending two months salary is a popular phrase, you should ideally purchase a ring that is within your budget. Some people consider a diamond as an heirloom, while others will spend more on a higher quality setting and have a diamond simulant until finances allow for a natural diamond. Although there is a lot to consider, it really doesn’t need to be a daunting task when you know what to look for. Here are some tips from our experts to help with getting the best price and quality:

  • Shop online for big savings. More and more people are buying jewelry online to avoid high overhead prices. And, most sites have excellent security features and 15-30 day money back guarantees.
  • Use a family diamond instead of purchasing a new one.
  • Spend more on a high quality setting and opt for a diamond simulant. Upgrade to a diamond later on when finances permit.
  • Consider bridal sets with both the engagement ring and wedding band, which are often sold together for a better price than individually.
  • Go with 14K gold instead of 18K gold or platinum. Palladium is also an affordable alternative to platinum, and is hypoallergenic.
  • Choose a more simple and classic ring. Intricate designs and settings are usually more expensive.
  • Confirm that the lab report is from reputable companies such as AGS or GIA.
  • If buying a diamond, ensure that it’s certified conflict-free. Don’t be afraid to ask where stores get their diamonds.

Since getting engaged usually is discussed before the actual purchase, consider shopping together to look at styles which will suit her best. With your research and a budget in mind, you’ll be able to get the best value and quality for your money—and find a ring she will love for years to come.

Most Popular Engagement Rings

Although each year there are always new trends in the fashion industry, engagement rings tend to stay a little more timeless and classic when it comes to their overall style. Certain styles may be a little more popular from one year to the next, but in general they don’t venture into too many extremes.  If you’re having a little trouble deciding where to start, check out Tiffany & Co’s top 10 engagement ring styles for some ideas:


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