What is the Gemstone for February?

If you were born in February, you would have at least three birthstones to choose from: February’s month birthstone is Amethyst, while the month’s guardian angel birthstone is Jasper, and the month’s special apostle birth rock is Red Garnet.

In addition to the gemstones stated, Jade is a Pisces birthstone for February, and Serpentine is a February birthstone according to one of the alternative birthstone listings. Isn’t there a plethora of birthstones? Which one do you think you should pick? It might be the birthstone that best expresses your personality, the birthstone with which you feel the most connected, the birthstone that you prefer or that best matches you, or it could be all of them. To put it another way, it’s entirely up to you!

Humans have always been fascinated by the idea of owning a diamond that is more than just a gem. A birthstone is a rock with spiritual and mental significance, something near to our heart and soul.

The majority of birthstone lists are based on biblical references to Aaron’s breastplate gemstones or the gems from the New Jerusalem foundation. I used the four most significant and intriguing birthstone charts, in my opinion: by birth month, guardian angel birthstones, zodiac sign birthstones, and special apostle birthstones list.

Some of the Common Birthstones Related to February


The gem is also the astral birthstone for Aquarius. Amethyst is the 9th stone on the breastplate, and it has long been associated with persons in positions of power and influence. It was endorsed by royalty and was a source of inspiration for others.The gemstone is from the quartz family, and its colors can range from pale lilac to a rich purple. It is the most valuable stone in the world, but those with lighter shades are known as the Rose of France. The name is also derived from the Greek word amethysta, which means ‘not intoxicated.’ Ancient Greeks thought the gemstone could protect them from intoxication and made drinking cups out of it. Until massive deposits of the stone were discovered in Brazil in the 1800s, amethyst’s value had fallen to almost nothing.

Many notable theologians claim that Joseph personally donned purple and rode his chariot through all of Egypt.The wedding ring of Joseph and the Virgin Mary was amethyst, according to Patrick’s ‘Devotions of the Roman Church.’Amethyst was thought to ease worries and heal the nervous system, providing the owner peace and serenity.It was also thought to be effective in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Its name derives from the Latin ilia, meaning loin. In ancient times, this stone was used to treat kidney and loin ailments. Amethyst is found in a variety of shades, from light pink to deep purple. It is known to be a soothing stone, making it a popular choice for the month of February.

It is an opaque stone with a waxy luster. It is said to help the wearer prevent drunkenness and keep them balanced. It is a popular gemstone in jewelry. People born in the month of February are especially lucky to wear amethyst. It is a good choice for a parting gift for someone who is traveling.Amethyst was once reserved for royalty, but it is now available to the public. It is used as a healing stone and is a symbol of love and protection. It is the birthstone for the month of February. Its meaning is important, and its history is fascinating.


Jasper is a February guardian angel birthstone, a January special apostle birth jewel, a Libra zodiac birthstone, and a yellow jasper is an October birth rock. “In its literal sense, jasper stone represents the divine truth of the Word; in its spiritual sense, it represents the divine truth of the Word.”

Angel Raphael’s gemstone, jasper, was a symbol of power, courage, and knowledge. It was dubbed “the stone of spiritual graces” by St. Jerome. Jasper was the symbol of hope and a gem consecrated to the Virgin Mary in Christian mysticism.Jasper was used medicinally in ancient times to treat stomach and digestive problems, as well as to combat fevers. Mottled Jasper was used to protecting people from drowning. Jasper was once associated with men’s body parts, and dreaming of this gemstone was thought to represent loyalty in love known to the head before the heart.

Jasper is a type of quartz that comes in a variety of colors, including green, red, orange, black, yellow, blue, and combinations of these colors. Some of these combinations are intriguing, and talented jewelers create jasper earrings or necklaces that complement the intricate patterns found in this birthstone.

The gem can be found almost anywhere on the planet, with some places yielding spectacular specimens. Mookite, Poppy, and TabuTabu jaspers are examples of different color and pattern combinations that have their names. The term “bloodstone” refers to a particular type of jasper. According to folklore, bloodstone was formed when drops of blood from Roman soldiers’ spears fell across green jasper gemstones during the crucifixion. The birthstone jasper has been associated with mystical and divine abilities since this period.

Red Garnet

Garnet is a January birthstone, a special apostle birthstone in February, and a guardian angel birthstone in May. It also happens to be a Scorpio birthstone. Garnets have long been thought to have mystical properties that ensure the wearer of the birthstone good health and friendship.

Garnet gets its name from the Latin word ‘granatus,’ which means ‘grain-like,’ since it looks like pomegranate blossoms.This birth gem was thought to be a charm against natural elements such as storms and lightning in Persia. Garnet was thought to have the ability to warn of impending peril by turning pale. During the Middle Ages, this birthstone served as its form of theft protection, bringing bad luck to the thief until the stone was restored to its rightful owner.

Garnets have long been thought to reduce inflammation in medicine, with darker colors of this birthstone being more potent. Garnet was also generally believed to protect the wearer from poisoning.Garnets were commonly used for engravings because they are softer than stones like diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. They were also carved into emperors’ or gods’ heads.Faith, constancy, and cheerfulness are all symbols associated with this gemstone. Friendship was meant to be preserved by giving garnets to each other as they parted ways.

Garnets have long been thought to reduce inflammation in medicine, with darker colors of this birthstone being more potent. Garnet was also generally believed to protect the wearer from poisoning. Garnet was thought to improve eyesight in ancient Russia, and individuals who carried it would have fewer nightmares and bad dreams. Garnets are available in practically every hue imaginable, including red, ruby-red, yellow, green, black, and so on, with blue garnets being the rarest. Some variants of this birthstone are noteworthy enough to be given their name.


Jade is a well-known green gem and the birthstone of the Pisces sign. It comes in two main varieties: nephrite and jadeite. Jade had a meaning of nine accomplishments centuries before Christianity, which was Charity, Goodness, Virtue, Knowledge, Skill, Morality, Divination, Rectitude, and Harmony.

Many astrologers believe that the dates of the zodiac signs overlap and share common features, hence Pisces born on February 16, 17, or 18 can also use Jade as their birthstone.Jade is a well-known green birthstone that is divided into two types: nephrite and jadeite. Imperial jade is a type of jade with a deep emerald-green color. This gem is available in a variety of colors, including yellow, black, purple, red, orange, and white.

Humans have known about this gemstone for thousands of years. It was a symbol of high position and authority in China, with the meaning of ‘king.’ Amulets containing this diamond were popular.It was thought that if a person held jade in their hands, the gemstone’s secret virtue would be absorbed into their bodies.Jade is regarded as a love symbol, and Chinese poets would frequently strike this stone because the sound resembled that of a loved one.


Serpentine is a February birthstone from the alternative birthstone list, and it is based on an early interpretation of Aaron’s breastplate gemstones.Serpentine is a green birthstone that can be transparent or opaque. Pliny, a Roman military officer, and philosopher named this gemstone ‘Lapis Serpentinus.’ The gem’s name comes from the Latin word serpent,’ which means sea serpent, and refers to the color of the gem’s skin.

Serpentine was thought to aid in the treatment of rheumatism and was also employed as a charm to ward off snake bites. It was considered to keep harmful animals such as scorpions, insects, and snakes at bay. The sacred scarabs of the ancient Egyptians were made of serpentine. This mineral was utilized by the Persians, Assyrians, and Babylonians to make authority cylinders, with some specimens dating back to 4000 B.C.

What are February Colors?

February’s colors include purple, light blue, and yellow. This month’s purple color comes from the February gem, Amethyst gemstone, which comes in a purple shade. The month of February is connected with Valentine’s Day, and roses such as primrose and violet are in high demand throughout the month. February is the start of a beautiful month. It’s time to let go of the worry and embrace the delight. February’s lush and beautiful colors will surround you. Amethyst is the birthstone for February. Amethyst is a gorgeous purple-colored crystal with a deep tint. Iron and manganese combine to give the beautiful purple color, which ranges from light lilac to lavender, mauve to deep purple, during crystal formation.

Purple is a hue associated with luxury and monarchy. Purple is a one-of-a-kind color that casts a spell wherever it is used. Purple’s specific meaning is enthralling or lovely. If you use purple in your room, it will give it a truly rich sense. Other colors of purple, such as electric purple, which is a mix of violet and magenta, are also available. Medium purple is a vibrant purple tint.

Light blue is a color associated with loyalty, trust, knowledge, and dependability. The color light blue is supposed to be as cool and soothing as water. When you use blue in your house, you’re setting the tone for a quiet and cool environment. Light blue comes in a variety of colors, including sky blue, baby blue, electric blue, pastel blue, and so on. Light blue is a fantastic color to use in the bedroom.

Yellow – This color is associated with joy, excitement, and brightness. Yellow is a popular color among those who want light and pleasant hues. There’s a lot to say about yellow: it’s a color of creativity, it’s connected with sunshine, it aids memory, it’s a color of mind, confidence, and it’s a color with such a powerful spirit. Canary yellow, golden yellow, safety yellow, and a variety of other colors are all alternatives to yellow.

What does the Month of February Represent?

  • Zodiac sign: Before the 19th? Aquarius. 19th or later? Pisces
  • Animal: Tiger
  • Stone: Amethyst (Purple)
  • Flower: Violet and Primrose
  • Tree: Before the 18th? The Rowan Tree. After the 18th? The Ash Tree.
  • Soul symbol: Phoenix


To recap the preceding article, February birthstones offer a diverse range of lovely diamonds from which to choose! Amethyst is the February 14 birthstone, while jasper and red garnets are the guardian angel and special apostle birth jewels, respectively. The February 25 birthstone will likewise be amethyst, with the same guardian angel and special apostle birth rocks, but jade, which belongs to February Pisces, might be added as a February crystal for this date. I hope I didn’t mislead you! Happy reading and discovering birthstones!