Gorgeous Amethyst Engagement Rings: Why You Should Consider Them!

Amethyst Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings made from Amethyst

Engagement rings that use Amethyst are gorgeous options for those couples who want color, elegance, and affordability in a way that is non-traditional.

Information on Amethyst

Known as a kind of quartz, Amethyst features a distinguishing purple hue that ranges from a light lilac shade, to a deep, rich purple. The color of the stone is caused by iron impurities found in the structure of the quartz crystals naturally, but this can also be replicated in lab-created synthetic amethyst. You’ll find the more valuable stones are those that feature a deeper, darker shade. However, some couples prefer amethyst stones that are multi-toned and include highlights of pink, red, or even blue.

The Symbolism of Amethyst

According to the Romans and Greeks, this quartz type was used for protection against intoxication. Yet today, it is thought of as a talisman that protects you from any kind of addiction. Moreover, amethyst also has religious ties in multiple religions as it symbolizes sincerity, purity and spirituality. The stone is also said to offer healing properties such as calming negative emotions, easing headaches, and reducing stress.

Amethyst Engagement Ring Designs

When it comes to using this stone, you’ll have many designs to choose from. Here are some common variations:

  • Art Deco Style: These rings feature stones that are large, paired with other stones, and feature bold patterns. Examples of complimentary stones used with this style are sapphires, pink tourmaline, or peridot.
  • Figural Rings: This style uses designs that look like flowers, butterflies, and so on.
  • Wide Band Rings: These take advantage of the fact that amethyst is so affordable. Hence, they use very big gemstones here.
  • Eternity Rings: Using amethyst gems to encircle the finger, these rings may also be interspersed using other types of stones like aquamarine or tanzanite.
  • Three Stone Rings: As the name suggests, this ring features three stones, and by design is meant to represent the past, present, and future, a couple shares together.

It doesn’t matter the individual design you choose because amethyst rings commonly have characteristics that are similar.

  • Heart shapes, ovals, and cushion cuts tend to be the most popular designs chosen.
  • It is commonly paired with other stones for added sparkle or texture. Finding a ring that is only made from amethyst stones is very rare.
  • The most popular type of metal used with amethyst stones is silver, white gold, or platinum. It’s thought that yellow metals can alter the hue of the gemstone, as it adds an undesirable yellow tint.

Locating Amethyst Engagement Rings

Since diamonds are the most common stone found in the marketplace for both engagement and wedding rings, it can be difficult to locate an amethyst ring. Yet what you will find is that this type of ring is easier to find early in the year because it is February’s birthstone. In addition, you will more commonly find amethyst rings sold as gemstone or right hand rings more than you’ll find them as wedding rings. Therefore, if you are looking for a unique amethyst ring, your best bet is to inquire with a specialty jeweler that deals in custom or specialty rings. At the same time, you could also choose to simply have a loose amethyst stone mounted on a ring that is semi diamond. The other place most couples look is online at retailers like Fancie Face.

The Cost of Amethyst Engagement Rings

Amethyst stones were more expensive in the past, than they are today. This is because large deposits of the quartz have been located, thus reducing the uniqueness of the stone. At the same time though, depending on the quality and size of the ring you are looking for – you may still find yourself paying a high price for an amethyst wedding ring because they are not readily available like other styles. Hence, you’ll more than likely find them ranging in price from $150 up to over $1,000.

Care of the Ring

Since amethyst is a rather durable and hard gemstone, it doesn’t require large amounts of care from you. In fact, gentle inspections and occasional cleanings will suffice. Just remember to keep your amethyst ring away from salt and chlorine water, as each will cause discoloration in the stone. Moreover, being exposed to high heat can cause yellow hues to overtake the purple; so, do your best to keep away from direct sunlight and high levels of heat.


In the end, an amethyst engagement or wedding ring is a unique, affordable and elegant way for a couple to symbolize their love. These stones offer rich history and vibrant hues that are perfect to be treasured for many long years to come.



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