How to Choose a 4 Diamond Engagement Ring

 A 4 diamond engagement ring is a classic choice, with a center diamond weighing 3/4 carat. Set in 14K white gold, the diamonds are secured in a prong setting. The ring comes with a certificate of diamond quality, which can be useful for insurance purposes. There are many styles of this classic piece. If you are in the market for a new ring, you can choose a more unusual setting, such as a halo.

Before choosing an engagement ring, it is important to learn about the different cuts and diamond colors. You should also understand the 4 C’s of diamonds, or carat, before buying the ring. These four qualities determine the quality of the diamond and its price. Learn about each one before purchasing. There are many types of engagement rings to choose from, so there is one to suit your style and budget. The 4Cs are a good place to start if you want to impress your special someone.

Follow Below Tips to Pick the Best 4 Diamond Engagement Ring

Center Stone 

Choose your center stone carefully. Some people are more comfortable with smaller center stones, while others prefer a larger stone. The choice is entirely up to you, but if you know your partner well, you can go for her favorite style. If you’re not sure how much she loves gemstones, try thinking about how you want to convey your feelings through her ring. Whether she’s a jewelry lover or not, this ring is a meaningful and beautiful gift.

When choosing a diamond, your first precedence is typically to pick out a form. If you’re uncertain of what form to pick out, it could be useful to understand this: spherical diamonds are through a long way the maximum famous preference because of their first-rate brilliance, fire, and mild performance. Round outstanding diamonds make up approximately three-quarters of all diamond purchases and provide the most sparkle.


Once you’ve decided on the style and design, the next step is to choose a size. The average finger is about 17mm. A 4-carat diamond will fill up roughly 60% of the finger. A ring with a halo will fill her finger 70% to 80%. It is important to consider that a 4-carat diamond is rare and therefore may cost more than the average market price. The larger the diamond, the higher the premium you will have to pay.


Princess diamonds function an angular, cutting-edge splendor that appears fantastic in traditional and geometric settings, and are 2nd in popularity, providing the brilliance of a spherical exceptional diamond at a decreased price. Cushion diamonds are an excellent preference for vintage-stimulated settings, radiant diamonds are a beautiful opportunity for princesses, and cushion diamonds are for the ones who prefer a square shape. Asscher and emerald diamonds are step-cut, for a sleek, stylish appearance. They emit much less hearthplace or sparkle than spherical diamonds however are extra transparent.

 Marquise, oval, and pear-fashioned diamonds are extra exclusive shapes and assist palms’ appearance lengthy and narrow because of their elongated appearance. Heart-fashioned diamonds specific to your sentiment with a flourish and are regularly preferred via way of means of die-difficult romantics. Marquise or pear-fashioned diamonds can also additionally appear larger, for the reason that extra of the stone indicates from the pinnacle view (searching down at the diamond).

Based on the legal guidelines of delivery and demand, you could presently shop as much as forty percent via way of means of choosing a non-spherical diamond. At Brilliant Earth, we provide 10 traditional diamond shapes. Please touch us for different diamond shapes, consisting of trillions, baguettes, and half-moons.

The very last set of concerns includes the most important factors: the scale of your gem and its quality. When choosing your best diamond, decide what\’s maximum critical to you inside your given budget – size, quality, or a tradeoff. Many humans begin with size, as that is the maximum visually obvious component of a diamond. Keep in thoughts that a carat is truly a unit of weight, however, it could be used as an approximation for the scale of a diamond. You might also additionally locate the measurements of a diamond every other beneficial indication of the real dimensions, as visible face-up.

The maximum vital nice feature of a spherical outstanding diamond is the reduction, which affects the brilliance, fire, and scintillation of the diamond. If the workmanship and reduction of a diamond are poor, the diamond will appear stupid and lifeless. With spherical outstanding diamonds, the reduction is straightforward to evaluate due to the fact it\’s miles officially graded via way of means of impartial diamond laboratories.

 For different diamond shapes, the reduction is a great deal greater subjective. Cut grades, if given, are greater arbitrary. For engagement rings, we commonly advise spherical outstanding diamonds with a reduced grade of very good, ideal, or amazing ideal (additionally referred to as hearts and arrows). Choosing an excessive reduced grade maximizes the splendor of a diamond for given carat weight.

The different important first-class traits to determine are the color and readability of your diamond. Although people range their capacity to have a look at color differences, maximum humans select a drab or white diamond, or as a minimum a color that isn\’t always very detectable to the untrained eye. With engagement rings, the maximum not unusual place color grade choice for the middle diamond is F-H color.


When choosing a diamond engagement ring, make sure it’s certified. The GIA certification ensures that your diamond is conflict-free. Additionally, it is also important to choose a retailer that is dedicated to the ethical treatment of its diamonds. This means no Zimbabwe stones. If you’re looking for an ethical and high-quality diamond engagement ring, make sure to check out the Blue Nile. The Blue Nile has a reputation for ethical diamonds and does not sell stones from the African conflict zone.

How to Purchase? 

It’s best to buy a diamond engagement ring online, where you’ll be able to choose the perfect ring without being overwhelmed by all the information. There are many ways to save money and find the perfect ring, but there are some things to keep in mind. When buying a diamond engagement ring online, the shipping costs should be considered carefully. If you’re planning to purchase the ring on the internet, it’s best to shop at a reputable online diamond store.

Understand the Difference Between Diamond Shapes, Cutting Styles, and Cut Quality

Cut Quality 

Before you start shopping for an engagement ring, you should understand the difference between a diamond’s shape, its cutting style, and its cut quality. Shape describes a diamond’s outline when viewed face-up.  By far, the most popular diamond shape is round. But there are other shapes—known as fancy shapes—which include the marquise, pear, oval, rectangle, square, and heart.

Cutting style refers to how the diamond’s facets are arranged.  For example, the most common facet arrangement for round diamonds is the standard brilliant cutting style with a specific arrangement of 57 or 58 facets.  Other cutting styles include the emerald cut, which is a square or rectangular shape that is categorized by four longer facets along the sides (step cuts) and beveled corners.  A radiant cut diamond also has a square or rectangular shape but is cut in a brilliant style.

Cut quality refers to how well a diamond’s facets interact with light. Diamonds cut in the same shape and style can vary in table size, girdle thickness, polish, and symmetry. These differences have an effect on their face-up appearances and will impact their cut quality.


If you’re on a tight budget, consider a three-stone engagement ring. You can still choose a stunning ring if you choose gemstones as your side stones instead of diamonds. There are many different styles to choose from, and some prefer diamonds as the center stone while others would rather use other types of stones. Another way to customize your ring is to choose the birthstones. It’s a great way to show your commitment to your significant other.

Color & Clarity 

Color and clarity are also important factors to consider when buying a 4 diamond engagement ring. Clarity is determined by the number of inclusions that the stone has. A diamond with less visible inclusions is considered higher quality. Likewise, a lower-quality stone may have fewer inclusions. So, be sure to choose a stone that looks bigger than its weight. It might be cheaper to purchase a stone that looks larger than it actually is.


Another popular style of a diamond ring is a solitaire. The solitaire design is often accompanied by a small stone, such as cubic zirconia. The ring itself will become a treasured heirloom if it is set with a natural diamond. The four-stone setting is also ideal for diamond engagement rings because the stone is not only unique but also beautiful. In addition, the engagement ring is bound to be worn nearly every day.

It is always best to choose a diamond that comes with an independent diamond grading certificate from a recognized gemological laboratory. An independent assessment ensures you are getting exactly what you are paying for. Keep in mind that evaluations by the European Gemological Laboratory, or EGL, are much more lenient compared with evaluations by other laboratories. We recommend striking a balance between a diamond’s size (as represented by carat weight) and its quality (or its cut, color, and clarity).