Mountaintop Proposal

My boyfriend and I talked about getting married but I had no idea when or how he’d actually propose. It’s his style to be a little “out of the box” so when he asked me to go on late afternoon/early evening fall hike, it was so normal that had no idea he was planning to propose! We walked along until we came around a bend that had some cliffs overlooking the valley. There was a flat cliff with a blanket, fancy food, roses and candles but no people. He started going down to that area and I, being so clueless, thought it was someone’s romantic picnic and refused, saying, “We can’t go down there! That is someone’s picnic!” He just smiled and said, “No, it’s okay, I promise, come down.” Suddenly I realized this was all his doing and we weren’t imposing on a stranger’s picnic. The entire path was strewn with rose petals to a cliff with set up with beautiful roses, candles and a gourmet picnic. As the sun was setting over the beautiful fall colored canyon, he proposed! I was so surprised! To top it off, my roommates were hiding high up on mountain side capturing the event on film. They had come up earlier to set up the candles and picnic, and then hid high up on the mountain. I was so surprised that they were all able to keep it a secret. It was a wonderful and surprising beginning to our engagement!

– Amy W.

Arlington, Virginia

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