Saying Yes To An Advertised Proposal

One clear afternoon, as I was driving myself home after a grueling day at work, I was caught on a red light so I stopped at the intersection. The vehicles on the street perpendicular to that of the street where I was started to inch. And there it was, an advertising truck bearing a huge banner of a picture of John, my then boyfriend, down on one knee proffering a glittering diamond ring from its open box with a dialogue balloon saying, “Will you marry me, Liz?” I felt so excited to get home and call John on the phone to give him my answer to his proposition. However, when I reached home, the said advertising truck was already parked outside my home with John leaning against it holding the box containing the engagement ring. So I hastily pulled over and ran into his arms, shouting “Yes, yes,yes!” Oh, did I mention that John, now my husband, works for an advertising firm? That explains.

– Liz P.

Charlotte, NC.

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