The Perfect Engagement Rings For Your Significant Other

There is surely no other milestone more important in your relationship than the moment of the marriage proposal; most likely, the only exception to this rule was the very moment when the two of you first met. Meeting the one you end up deciding is worthy of wearing the esteemed engagement ring is a one-of-a-kind moment in life. Now, actually picking out a ring for them is in no way an easy decision to make. Marking such a milestone in both of your lives deserves all the care and attention in the world.

After all, the ring you would be presenting your loved one with is the very symbol of what she means to you (or, why not?, what he means to you). Picking such a piece of jewelry will undeniably be a difficult job, no matter how you look at it.

So here we come to lend you a hand with the decision that marks the beginning of the rest of your life – spent in two. There are various types of diamond rings you can buy on the market nowadays and each comes in a staggering number of designs from producers all over the world. Let’s start with something simple.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

The Perfect Engagement Rings For Your Significant Other

The art of diamond-cutting goes centuries back in history. The earliest proof of a heart-cut stone dates as far as the fifteenth century – a mention in a letter written by the Duke of Milan. Since then, the practice has advanced and given birth to intricate casing patterns and elaborate gem or stone cuts to use in engagement and wedding rings.

The cushion cut refers to the shape the stone is cut in – a four sided square or rectangle, cut in such a way that it has rounded edges and large facets. It is typical for the cut to be multifaceted – that way, the effect light has on it is astounding, as refraction creates an amazing set of the most brilliant sparkles.

In terms of pricing, such a ring can go anywhere, from hundreds of dollars and up to dozens of thousands – and they come in an impressive collection of band designs and materials, as well – platinum, 18k white, 18k yellow or 18k rose gold. Most designers also offer customizable designs on request, including engravings and others.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

The Perfect Engagement Rings For Your Significant Other

This is known to be the second most popular cut shape for diamonds – similar to the cushion cut. The face-up shape of the diamond is cut in a square or rectangular shape, but the sides are shaped into a four-faced inverted pyramid.

This is a relatively new type of cut – it has been around since the 1960s but is nowadays becoming more and more popular, to the detriment of the classic round brilliant cut that was usually the top choice until recently. You could typically find princess cut engagement rings at marginally lower prices compared to their brilliant cut counterparts, as the former retain about 80% of the rough diamond – in comparison to the 50% of the latter.

The princess cut is usually favored because of the chevron patterns used – giving the cut a crushed ice look, incredibly popular among the ladies. These heavily patterned rings also come from many designers out there and will normally cost you anywhere between $500 and $5,000.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

The Perfect Engagement Rings For Your Significant Other

Let’s move our focus away from the diamond cut a little, and take a look at this wonderful gold variant for the ring’s band. The pinkish hue of the rose gold alloy is definitely different and stands out beautifully when used in thin bands.

If you feel disappointed by the term “alloy” I used up there, rest assured: no jewelry whatsoever is ever made from pure gold as the material is too soft to be molded into the proper shapes. Everything you own or have ever acquired is made of various alloys, with different purity percentages. Rose gold is gained by creating a metal alloy that is approximately 75% gold and 25% copper, sometimes containing small quantities of silver as well, which control the tint of the resulting material.

Sadly, gold of the rose variety is made in very small quantities throughout the world, making the rings that use this particular alloy quite costly. They tend to be a little more difficult to find as well, most of the time requiring you to place a special order if you feel this is the perfect fit for your soon-to-be spouse.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

The Perfect Engagement Rings For Your Significant Other

Let’s take sophistication to the next level. While you might argue that an engagement ring should always be white to represent grace and purity, if you feel adventurous, want a spin-off of the trend and want to communicate your love in a different way black diamond rings definitely stand for the power, passion and certainty of it.

Trust me, once you see varieties of rings that use this type of diamond, you will feel the same way I do about this choice. Set in a white gold or generally white metal alloy, the black diamond will stand out in a very powerful way, no matter the shape it is cut in. You can opt for more or less faceted cuts that will give the ring a different set of feels. When it comes to pricing, black diamond engagement rings are actually cheaper than white ones, but once again the price will vary depending on cut, size, color and carat.

This concludes our list of unique engagement rings. There are certainly other options to consider as well – it all comes down to taste. If you’ve previously bought a model not listed here, do let us know all about it in the comment section.

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