Chocolate diamond ring

Rose Gold and Chocolate Diamond Engagement Ring

Rose gold and chocolate diamond engagement ring is a gorgeous choice for your prospective bride-to-be. An exquisite chocolate diamond with microscopic imperfections, set in a double talon claw setting, is the focal point of this stunning ring. The sophistication and adaptability of the rose gold and chocolate diamond engagement ring make them such a desirable choice for an engagement ring. Chocolate diamonds are incredibly uncommon, naturally occurring, and ethically derived. The diamonds are so uncommon that only a few dozen are generated each year, making them extremely valuable.

Rose gold is formed by combining pure gold with silver and copper alloys to form a new alloy. The addition of copper and silver to rose gold helps to strengthen the metal and gives it its distinctive pink color (hence the moniker “pink gold” for the alloy). The greater the copper present in the mixture, the redder the rose gold will appear. Chocolate Diamond engagement rings sound like a lovely combination of two of life’s finer pleasures—chocolate and diamonds—in one beautiful package. And they are, in a sense: They were given the name Chocolate Diamonds because the brown tint of the stone has a similar appearance to everyone’s favorite sweet dessert. While these fancy colored diamonds are aesthetically pleasing, they also provide a fresh and unusual twist on the traditional engagement ring.

Rose Gold and Chocolate Diamond Engagement Ring

Rose gold is a mixture or alloy of pure 24 karats yellow gold, copper, silver, and other metals. Pure 24-carat yellow gold is the foundation for all gold colors and attributes, but it is too soft to be used in jewelry in its purest form because of its softness. It must be combined with other metals or alloyed with other metals to be strong enough to be worn. The color and consistency of all types of metal used in jewelry, including platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, are determined by the alloy recipes used to create them.

Consequently, the durability of this precious metal is lacking, and it is incapable of withstanding the kind of wear and tear that we anticipate from engagement rings and other fine jewelry pieces of this nature. Rose gold does not tarnish over time is a significant advantage. However, just like any other gold piece, rose gold jewelry such as a rose gold watch, ring, bracelet, or earrings will need to be cleaned and polished from time to time, whether it’s a watch, ring, bracelet, or earrings.

What is a Chocolate Diamond?

It is a rare and valuable fancy colored brown diamond of excellent quality and rarity that obtains its color from the heat and pressure given to the precious stone during its production process. Cocoa diamonds are exclusive to the fine jewelry firm Le Vian, which first released the stone in 2000 and registered the name in the same year.

Even though they may appear identical, Chocolate Diamonds and Brown Diamonds are not the same. Le Vian Chocolate Diamond: “What distinguishes a Le Vian Chocolate Diamond from an ordinary brown diamond is the high quality, scarcity, and intensity of color,” explains Eddie Le Vian, CEO. For a brown diamond to qualify as a Chocolate Diamond, it must have a specific color, tone, and saturation, and its inclusions must be invisible to the naked eye.”

To put it another way, only the best of the best brown diamonds become Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds—roughly 5% of all brown diamonds, according to Le Vian. “One of the reasons Le Vian wanted to trademark the Chocolate Diamond series was so that collectors could be confident that the diamonds they were receiving were of the highest quality,” he continues.

History of Chocolate Diamonds

According to Le Vian, it’s tempting to think that Chocolate Diamonds received their name from their hue, but that’s not the case. “In actuality, my dear buddy Bill Furman, who used to come and visit me every day after work and bring a batch of artisanal, handcrafted chocolates, was the inspiration for the name,” he explains. “He would frequently talk about the extraordinary powers of chocolate, its health benefits, and how it is an aphrodisiac,” says the author.

Le Vian was motivated by Furman’s dedication to his chocolate business. “Bill showed me that chocoholics’ excitement for chocolate was akin to my feelings about these rich, pretty-enough-to-eat brown precious stones,” he adds. And thus was born the name!

Chocolate Diamonds: Pros and Cons

One of the most significant advantages of a Chocolate Diamond is its appearance: it is distinctive and unusual, and as a result, it almost immediately attracts attention. If you’re not a fan of the typical white diamond, this one is the polar opposite in terms of appearance, which is an advantage for someone looking for something like that.

Chocolate diamonds are more expensive than white diamonds, even though rare. “The value of chocolate diamonds has increased considerably once we trademarked the product line,” adds Le Vian. As a result of this increase, the price of larger brown diamonds has increased by up to 25 times since the 1980s and 1990s.” Chocolate diamonds are also more adaptable than you might think, and they go well with various metals and colored stones.

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What to Look for When Shopping for a Chocolate Diamond Engagement Ring?

Where Can I Find a Chocolate Diamond to Purchase?

Particularly noteworthy is that Chocolate Diamonds are a Le Vian exclusive, which means that you won’t be able to find them created by any other jewelry businesses, and they won’t be available anywhere. To locate the specific Le Vian Chocolate Diamond you desire, look for stores or firms that carry the product.

Does the Color of Chocolate Diamonds Vary from One to the Next?

Chocolate Diamonds are available in various colors ranging from a lighter brown with almost a golden tint to a darker and richer brown and golden hue. You can go through various ring selections to discover the one that appeals to you the most.

Is Rose Gold a Cliched Choice for an Engagement Ring?     

Even though rose gold engagement rings are not tacky, they are undoubtedly eye-catching due to the gorgeous blush tone of the metal. With this colored metal, you can be confident that it will complement any hue or shape diamond you choose and a variety of other gemstones.

Even though rose gold engagement rings remain prevalent, there is possibly no better time to propose a rose gold ring than Valentine’s Day. To carry the romance theme further, you may propose to her with a heart-shaped diamond ring as an engagement ring.

Is it True that Chocolate Diamonds are More Valuable?

Chocolate diamonds (of the Le-Vian variety) have a significantly higher monetary worth than other brown diamonds since they are guaranteed to have a deep hue and superior grade.

While it is true that a large proportion of brown diamonds are of low clarity and poor color, there is a small proportion, less than 5 percent, that is, in fact, more beautiful and rarer than its colorless white cousin; in fact, they are 10,000 times rarer.

Is Rose Gold Suitable for Diamonds?

Aside from that, diamonds with colors ranging from D to F will not appear their finest when set in rose gold. This is because the hue of the ring’s metal will make these diamonds appear to have more color than they have.

When someone examines the ring closely, the hue of a faint diamond will always be evident. It is especially noticeable in white gold or platinum settings if the hue is wrong. On the other hand, these diamonds look stunning set in yellow gold. When it comes to color grades K, L, and M, it’s essentially a matter of personal preference.

Does the Hue of Rose Gold Change Over Time?

Although rose gold does not tarnish, the hue of the metal can alter with time. The transformation, on the other hand, is slow and modest. The hue of rose gold may become darker or somewhat redder over time, depending on how much time has passed, and it could take years or perhaps a lifetime for the hue to change.

In fact, over time, rose gold develops a phenomenon known as patina, an exterior layer that grows naturally due to the presence of copper in the rose gold alloy. The transformation, on the other hand, is slow and modest. The hue of rose gold may become darker or somewhat redder over time, depending on how much time has passed.


The sophistication and adaptability of rose gold and chocolate diamond engagement rings make them desirable for an engagement ring. A chocolate diamond is the most popular type of brown diamond, and it is not just available from Le Vian but also from other jewelers. It is not uncommon for other gemstones to have a brown tinge, even though chocolate diamonds are thought to be a little “fancy.” The word “chocolate diamond” was chosen to conjure up images of a romantic and sumptuous event.