The Moonstone – The Birthstones For June

Moonstone has been used in jewelry for thousands of years, including ancient civilizations. The Romans revered the moonstone because they believed it came from solidified moonlight. Both Romans and Greeks associated the moonstone with the god of the moon. In recent history, moonstone became popular during the Art Nouveau period. Many people, including the French jeweler René Lalique, used this stone to make a wide range of jewelry. 

The most common moonstone is of the orthoclase feldspar mineral adularia, named for an early mining site near Mt. Adular in Switzerland, now the town of St. Gotthard. A solid solution of the plagioclase feldspar oligoclase +/− the potassium feldspar orthoclase also produces moonstone specimens. 

Where Did It Come From?  

A Roman natural historian named Pliny wrote about Moonstone’s changing looks and connected it to the waning and waxing of the moon. Thus, the gem earned its name “Moon Stone.” Ancient Romans also believed that moonstones – today’s birthstone for June – depicted the image of the Moon Goddess Diana. They used it in their jewelry and became more and more valued up to Europe’s medieval period. 

In India, the stone is said to possess a spirit within that brings good fortune that it became one of the most sacred stones. It is only displayed when put on a yellow cloth, as yellow is also a sacred color. Moonstone encourages concentration during meditation and is not allowed to be brought outside unless it is carried by a holy man. 

The June birthstone is a pearl. These gems are found in lakes, oceans, and rivers and are the most popular birthstone of the month. In ancient cultures, people believed that pearls fell from the heavens and were taken from the brain of a dragon. Today, these gemstones have become fashionable accessories worn by women and men alike. The calming qualities of pearls have led to the stone’s popularity as a birthstone for June. 

The Moonstone is the June birthstone and is named after the moon, which is the full moon. These stones have bluish white spots that project a silvery hue, similar to moonlight. The birthstone belongs to the feldspar family, an important group of silicate minerals. About 50% of the earth’s crust is feldspar, which is found in soil, marine clay, and igneous rocks. 

Moonstone Makeup:  

Moonstone is prized around the globe because it exhibits an entrancing phenomenon called adularescence or a floating dance of light. It sometimes shows a cat’s eye or a stirring asterisk. The gem has bluish-white streaks, but when held up to the light exhibits a pearly glow. And when Moonstone, the birthstone for June is moved, the beautiful iridescence plays like the moonlight beneath a thin veil of clouds. 

Almost half of the Earth’s crust is made up of Feldspar, and Moonstone is part of that family. It arises from igneous and metamorphic rocks and comes in different colors like blue, peach, champagne, and green. The most valued moonstone birthstones can be found in India, Sri Lanka, the USA, Australia, Madagascar, and Myanmar. 

June Birthstone:  

Together with Pearl and Alexandrite, Moonstone is crowned as the June birthstone, and designated for the zodiac sign of Gemini. It’s a modern June stone that is gifted to the 13th year of marriage and every succeeding 13 years after that. 

Moonstone brings prosperity, amplifies passion, and balances the negative and positive sides of the mind. It’s also been dubbed as a traveler’s stone and a gem that can help predict the future if it is put in the mouth on a full moon. The Moonstone birthstone heals by cleansing the digestive system, renewing blood cells, calming emotions, and opening the heart to new horizons. 

The Moonstone is the June birthstone, and it is a gem that symbolizes the moon. The moonstone has a bluish-white spot, which projects a silvery play of color like moonlight over water. The Moonstone is a member of the feldspar family, which is composed of silicate minerals. This mineral family is very abundant, making up half of Earth’s crust. It is present in many types of rock, including sand, soils, and marine clay. 

The Moonstone is also the birthstone for June. This bluish-white stone has a silvery color, just like moonlight does. These gems are made of the feldspar family, which is an important group of silicate minerals. It can be found in igneous, metamorphic, and marine clay. A June birthstone is a good choice for a June birthday! The Moonstone is one of the most popular birthstones for the month of June. 

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What Is June’s Birthstone? 

There are two classification lists for Birthstones: Modern and Ancient. A Modern Birthstone dates from the 20th Century, whereas an Ancient Birthstone dates from the 15th Century! Some months have more than one Birthstone because their Ancient Birthstone has become so rare that it is hard to find. 

The Jewelers of America and the British National Association of Geologists formalized their respective birthstone registers in the 20th Century. Yes, that’s right! There are two different lists for birthstones which is why some months like June have slightly different choices depending on the source. 

Alexandrite was discovered in 19th Century Russia. It is the Modern Birthstone for June and was added to the U.S. list in the 1950s, but is incredibly rare. That is why Pearl is associated with June birthdays, as it is the Ancient Birthstone for the month. Pearl and Moonstone have been regarded as Birthstones for June since the early 1900s. 

Other June Birthstone  

This gem is the June birthstone. It is named after the moon, which is why it shines like moonlight. A Moonstone is a silicate mineral and is the favored birthstone of June. In fact, more than half of the earth’s crust is made of feldspar. It is a common mineral in soil and marine clay. A June birthstone is an excellent choice for a woman born in the month of July. 

The second birthstone of June is the moonstone. It is believed that the moonstone got its name because of the bluish-white spots, which, when illuminated, give a silvery hue, much like moonlight. Each time the stone moved back and forth, the dazzling silver light seemed to move like moonlight on water. 

Moonstone Lore 

The ancient Roman natural historian, Pliny, said that the moonstone changed in appearance with the phases of the moon, a belief that persisted until the 16th century. The ancient Romans also believed that the image of Diana, goddess of the moon, was enclosed within the stone. Moonstones were believed to have the power to bring victory, health, and wisdom to those who wore them. 

In India, the moonstone is considered a sacred stone and is often displayed on a yellow cloth – yellow is considered a sacred color. The stone is believed to bring good fortune, brought on by a spirit that lives within the stone. 

The moonstone is the June birthstone. Its silvery appearance is reminiscent of moonlight, and its bluish-white spots give it its name. The moonstone is also a member of the feldspar family. It is a silicate mineral that is found in the earth’s crust. Aside from being a June birthstone, it is also a semi-precious stone and is found in natural settings. 

The June birthstone is the moonstone. It is a grey pearl found in a mollusc shell. Its smoky appearance makes it a beautiful gemstone. It represents feminine energy. It is also associated with the ethereal world. Although it is not a common birthstone, it can help a woman find balance. It symbolizes strength and balance. The person born in June is likely to be a woman of goodwill and good nature. 

Moonstone Jewelry

The birthstone for June, this spellbinding gem is revived since the New Age Movement. What better way to carry a healing gem that can aid your spiritual path than by simply wearing it. Artisans from different parts of the globe know what’s beyond the playful façade of Moonstone that they’ve handcrafted creative designs to suit everyone’s liking. Moonstone is an enigmatic June birthstone and a worldwide phenomenon. 

The June birthstone is the pearl. It is an opaque stone, and is considered to represent the sky. It is very common in jewelry and is very popular with June-born women. It can also be a good choice for a ring. The Moonstone is a beautiful stone for June-born women. It symbolizes wisdom, sensitivity, and adaptability. The Moonstone is a great choice for a June-born woman. 

The birthstone for June, this spellbinding gem is revived since the New Age Movement. What better way to carry a healing gem that can aid your spiritual path than by simply wearing it. Artisans from different parts of the globe know what’s beyond the playful façade of Moonstone that they’ve handcrafted creative designs to suit everyone’s liking. Moonstone is an enigmatic June birthstone and a worldwide phenomenon. 

The June birthstone is the moonstone. These stones have a silvery shade that projects in the sky. They belong to the feldspar family, which is a group of silicate minerals that make up 50% of the earth’s crust. In addition to being found in igneous and metamorphic rocks, the moonstone is also found in marine clay and soil. Its name comes from the ancient Greek goddess of the moon. 

The moonstone is the birthstone of June. This gem is also called the moonstone and is the patron of India. It is also the birthstone of the goddess of love and fertility. If you are born in June, you may wish to purchase a beautiful moonstone ring. It is a great way to show your love for the month and to express your appreciation for the goddess. The moonstone is a symbol of abundance and harmony and is often seen in the eyes of a young girl. 

What Are The Meanings Behind All Of June’s Birthstones? 

There is no one set meaning behind the choice of Pearl, Moonstone, or Alexandrite as June’s Birthstone. Over time, they have come to represent various traits and values which the wearer might find appealing. With three such unique options these meanings, or traits, might help determine a preference. Read on for our interpretation of the meanings invested in the three June Birthstones. 

Pearls represent purity and integrity. Interestingly, they are also the only gemstone to come from a living creature. Their representation of purity most likely comes from their origin in the water. In Ancient Greek culture, Pearls were treasured as the tears of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. A white, iridescent pearl is not the only type available. Pearls can range in coloration from a dusky pink to a cool charcoal grey depending on the diet of the mollusc which forms it. 


Moonstone is so-called for its smoky appearance in the light. Believed to represent feminine energy, the Moonstone has long been associated with the inner ethereal, or spiritual, world. In Ancient Rome it was believed that the stone was made from crystallized moonlight, hence its name. Today in Germany or Switzerland, Moonstone is valued above Pearl or Alexandrite, whereas elsewhere in the world it is oftentimes the least popular choice for a June Birthstone. It is chosen by wearers for its symbolism of strength and balance, as well as its historic significance with royalty. 

Alexandrite is believed to bring good luck to the wearer, due to its rarity and color-changing capability. Previously believed to only be available in Russia, in the mid-20th Century deposits were found in Brazil. As the newest addition to the June Birthstone list, this gemstone does not have a long history of symbolism. However, its reputation as an “emerald by night, ruby by day” due to its color-changing composition does make it an excellent gift for a creative person.