Zales Birthstone Necklace

If you want a birthstone necklace for your daughter, you can create your own by using a Zales birthstone necklace template. There are many different designs to choose from, and you can add a name or three to ten words to your birthstone necklace. Zales has a large selection of fine jewelry, including diamonds, gold chains, and colored gemstones. Their website is also an excellent resource for creating your own mother’s necklace.

Birthstones are gemstones that correspond with a particular month of the year. For example, January’s birthstone is garnet, while November’s birthstone is citrine. Birthstone jewelry makes a special personal gift for any occasion, and a Zales birthstone necklace is a thoughtful choice. Birthstone jewelry is available in sterling silver, warm yellow gold, or blush pink rose and is set in modern fashion styles.

Surprisingly, there is no authoritative source for the designation of gemstones as individual birthstones by people all across the world. There are, however, a multitude of stories and lists that detail several birthstone groups. They are as follows:

Mythical birthstones are thought to have originated thousands of years ago in Tibetan culture.

The Bible’s Old Testament mentions biblical birthstones, implying that the twelve birthstones correspond to Israel’s twelve tribes.

The origins of Ayurvedic birthstones can be traced back to ancient Indian culture and individuals who believed that certain stones had therapeutic properties.

Zodiac birthstones have evolved over thousands of years as astrologers have ascribed jewels of different colors to each of the twelve zodiac signs. These jewels are said to aid in influencing the planets in one’s favor.

The American National Association of Jewelers created a list of modern (traditional) birthstones in 1912 in an attempt to establish a standard. The conventional list of birthstones is still in use today.

January is the Month of Garnet

The heated, blood-red garnet, which is the January birthstone, contrasts with the coldness of the month. Garnet is supposed to bring the bearer friendship, loyalty, and sincerity, as well as the ability to assure good health and protection while traveling. Garnet is also known to help with depression by regulating the heart and blood flow. Garnets were once given as gifts between friends to show their affection for one another and to assure that they will meet again.

Amethyst is the Birthstone for February

The birthstone for February is deep purple amethyst, which is rich and regal. Wearing an amethyst is thought to keep one on a level keel. It is supposed to offer mental serenity and dispel violent passions and anxieties. Hearing difficulties, sleeplessness, headaches, and other pains have all been treated with amethyst. Amethyst is also thought to offer healing, peace, love, spiritual satisfaction, courage, and happiness to those who wear it.

March – Aquamarine

The traditional birthstone for March is icy-blue aquamarine, which is supposed to bring a sense of youth and hope, similar to the fresh spring that arrives each year. Aquamarine has been said to bestow foresight, courage, and happiness on those who wear it since ancient times. It is said to boost intelligence. Aquamarine has long been used as a healing stone, and it is supposed to help with anxiety. Legend has it that seafarers wore aquamarines to keep them safe and prevent seasickness when traveling.

April is the Month of the Diamond

The traditional birthstone for April babies is a diamond. Although the diamond is commonly associated with love and power, it is also claimed to enhance the wearer’s body and soul. It’s also said to protect them from harm and bring out their greatest traits.

May is the Month of the Emerald

The vivid green emerald is reserved for those born in May, the greenest month of the year. Its color is linked to fertility and happiness. Emerald is said to have the ability to predict the future and sharpen the mind. They’re also worn to increase feelings of love and contentment.


Pearl is the traditional birthstone for June, and it is lustrous and gorgeous. The exquisite pearl is thought to give modesty and purity to those who wear it. Pearls were said to fall from the sky when dragons fought in ancient Chinese folklore. Pearls were thought to be the tears of the gods in ancient mythology, and Greeks believed that wearing pearls would bring marriage pleasure. Pearls are thought to bring love, money, protection, and good fortune.


The traditional birthstone for July is a deep red-ruby. It’s a symbol of zeal and desire, and it’s said to bestow unending vigor, riches, and love to anyone born in July. It’s also a formidable ally for people who find themselves in the midst of hostile forces.

Peridot is the Birthstone for August

The traditional birthstone for August is the fresh, spring-green peridot. It is claimed to aid in the formation of friendships, as well as ward off envy, melancholy, and fear in the wearer. It can also be used to aid divine inspiration, improve one’s voice, and strengthen the effects of the medicine. Peridot is also said to offer good luck, peace, and success to those who wear it. It is also said to attract love and soothe anger.

Sapphire is the Month of September

September’s traditional birthstone, a cold blue sapphire, signifies the season’s transition from summer to autumn. Sapphire is thought to assist those born in this transition month to relax and cleanse their minds. It also guards its owner against deception, envy, and illness. Sapphire is considered to provide spiritual enlightenment and inner tranquility to those who wear it.


The traditional birthstone for those born in October is the elegant and iridescent opal. It’s intricate and vibrant, and it’s claimed to boost fidelity and confidence while also sharpening the mind and emotions. The opal is said to assist inner beauty and faithfulness, and can even help the user recall former incarnations, according to legend. It is very beneficial to the eyes.

Citrine – November

The traditional birthstone for those born in November is the golden-yellow citrine, which is warm and joyful. Citrine is thought to uplift and inspire those who wear it. Citrine is thought to help with creativity, personal insight, and self-destructive inclinations.

Blue Topaz is the Birthstone for December

The magnificent blue topaz is the stunning birthstone for December, with colors ranging from faint to deep. When wearing blue topaz, those born in the last month of the year are said to develop a nice mood and a tolerant attitude. It’s also a sign of fidelity and love, and it’s said to be able to heal a variety of ailments.

What are the Style of the Band & the Symbols that can Influence the Price of a Mother’s Ring?

The band of many mother’s rings has some form of emblem or shape that gives it more personal meaning. The price will, of course, be affected by the complexity of the one you’re considering buying, just as it will be affected by any other feature. Here are a few symbols that you might notice on one of these rings:

The Claddagh in Ireland. “Love, loyalty, and friendship” are the meanings of this sign. A mother is frequently a child’s best friend, most devoted supporter, and first love. It’s especially appropriate if your family is of Irish descent!

The symbol for infinity. The majority of people are familiar with it since it resembles an 8 on its side. It literally means “forever.” A mother’s ring conveys to her that you will always be there for her, that you will always love her, and that you will always appreciate everything she has done for you.

The center of the body. This is, without a doubt, the most recognizable symbol of the love you could present to someone. It’s been around for millennia, so a mother will understand precisely what you’re talking about. Isn’t it a perfect present for someone who crafted your own heart?

The butterfly is a beautiful creature. Perhaps the mother to whom you’re gifting this ring encourages her children to expand their wings and take in everything life has to offer. Maybe she’s just enamored with these lovely winged insects. In any case, this sign can be found on a variety of mother’s rings on the market.

Why the Diamond is the Very Best Birthstone?

Of course, no one gets to choose their birthdate. Anyone born in April, on the other hand, has been blessed with the most precious of all birthstones: the diamond. This isn’t just a matter of opinion; diamonds possess a unique combination of physical and intangible attributes that distinguish them from the rest of the sparkling field.

Diamonds have piqued people’s interest for thousands of years. For millennia, diamonds have been prized by kings, signifying love and inspiring artists. No other stone has accumulated the mystique and appeal that diamonds have. Legends abound about the diamond, its origins, and its abilities. Diamonds were thought to be shards of fallen stars by the ancient Greeks. (In reality, little diamond-bearing meteorites have been seen to fall to Earth, indicating they weren’t far away.) Cupid’s arrows were said to have diamonds at their tips in classical Roman literature. “The evil eye shall have no power to hurt him who shall wear the diamond as a charm,” an anonymous poet said in the second century B.C.E. of the stone’s potential to protect against bad luck. Even if you don’t believe in the magical claims, understanding the unending lore that surrounds diamonds is fascinating and makes for a great conversation starter.

How can Zales Gold Exchange Ensure the Safety & Security of my Valuables?

We take security very seriously, and we are fully responsible for your belongings while they are on our property. All deliveries are promptly registered into our system and are monitored by various surveillance cameras. A video webcam records the initial unloading and weighing of your belongings. You can watch the video of your products being unpacked, weighed, and graded at any time by logging into your account. During the processing of each item, it is weighed twice.

With cameras documenting each and every essential step, our complex system of checks and balances ensures that we provide our customers with the best level of transparency in the business. We are grateful for your faith in entrusting us with your assets; your peace of mind is very important to us. We will never leave your items alone unless they are in one of our vaults.

How will my Valuables be Transported Safely from my Home to Zales Gold Exchange?

We’ll send you a bundle of information after you register online. This package includes a return UPS envelope for shipping your gold and platinum goods to Zales Gold Exchange for evaluation and processing. Your shipment may then be tracked via UPS’s tracking system, and it’s also insured for up to $500 in case of theft or damage. In three simple steps, you can give us your items: Verify the authenticity of your personal information on the Zales Gold Exchange bag you were given. Fill the sack with your gold and platinum items.

Put your Zales Gold Exchange bag in the attached prepaid, pre-addressed UPS envelope. Call UPS for a free door-to-door pickup (where available). Alternatively, you can drop the envelope off at a UPS drop-off station near you. Visit or call 1-800-742-5877 for UPS locations and services.


Giving birthstone jewelry is a thoughtful and meaningful gesture, and Birthstone jewelry is also appropriate for almost any occasion. Birthstone jewelry is commonly given on significant occasions such as birthdays, graduations, and even anniversaries. Couples’ rings, mother’s rings, and family rings and pendants all have birthstones. The birthstone of a person is frequently chosen as the center of a high school or even college class ring.

Birthstone jewelry is clearly still a popular choice for a variety of reasons. It’s appealing, important, and has the potential to have both mental and physical benefits. Consider giving birthstone jewelry from Zales for these and other reasons.