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Shopping for Discount Diamonds? 5 Things To Think About

discount diamonds
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Getting Your Money’s Worth When Buying Discount Diamonds

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” goes the classic Broadway song, but buying one could become complicated if you do not know what you are doing and fail to get your money’s worth. If you are planning to buy diamonds for your stud earrings, for an engagement ring, necklace, a tennis bracelet, as a loose diamond investment, or for other uses, with a tight budget, you may want to consider buying discount diamonds.

The 5 C’s Of Buying Discount Diamonds

Just because you are buying at mark down prices, it does not mean that you allow stores to short-change you. Adequately equip yourself with the knowledge in buying discount diamonds so that racketeers cannot pull a fast one on you. Shop around first to make yourself familiar with diamonds, discover what your preferences are, be updated with what is in style, and know what questions to ask. Here are five considerations you have to mull over when going through your buying decision.

Cost. Since you are looking for discount diamonds then, chances are, you are price sensitive and getting your money’s worth is important to you. You can buy at deep discounts if you buy in bulk from legit wholesalers. Typically, they can be found in big cities such as New York. You may also buy discount diamonds even with a single, one-time purchase from a wholesaler if you are lucky enough to know one or if a friend can refer you to one. Otherwise, you may have to compensate one of the Cs for another so that you can enjoy a reduction in price.

Carat. The carat weight of a diamond greatly influences its price. With all other factors constant, the heavier the diamond, the more expensive it is. When comparing two stones, the heavier one does not necessarily have to look bigger.

Cut. Do not confuse diamond cut with its shape. According to a diamond expert, this facet is the most important consideration that affects the beauty and price of a diamond, and it also has a say on how durable a diamond is. How a diamond is cut dictates sparkle and brilliance since it affects the manner in which light can travel through the precious stone, how much is reflected back to the eye, and how much “escapes” out through the back. A poorly cut diamond can be vulnerable to breaking and could be priced half than a similar but superbly cut diamond. So when opting for a lower priced diamond, find out about its cut so that you avoid buying a stone that could easily break and break your heart.

Clarity. This facet reveals the flaws inside or on the surface of a diamond. You can spot these imperfections, such as cracks, diamond blemishes, and tiny white, black or colored spots, using a jeweler’s magnifying loupe. If you can, try learning about the acronyms they assign diamond clarity, like IF for Internally Flawless. Diamonds with perfect clarity are rare and could be priced more. Do not worry about getting the most flawless diamonds. Even those with flaws are still beautiful.

Color. Most diamonds are not really colorless as they appear to be. The color of diamonds are graded with D, E, F referring to the colorless ones. The color grade of a diamond has an impact on its price although this is not the most significant consideration. Do not worry if the diamond you are buying is not a D or F, you can still buy elegant discount diamonds with color grades that are not within this range.


Buying discount diamonds can be complicated since several factors are into play and it is vital that you can decide the right combination of these factors that appeal to you.

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