5 Reasons To Buy Colored Diamonds

Do you think that white, colorless diamonds are the only choice for diamond jewelry? Think again! Colored diamonds are a gorgeous, fashionable option that more people should consider if they are looking for something unique and stunning. With countless colors, shapes and price ranges, there just might be the perfect fancy colored diamond for you. Keep reading to find out why a colored diamond might be perfect for you.


Reason #1 To Buy Colored Diamonds

There’s a color for everyone! With around 300 different color variations to choose from, one is bound to find one that really stands out. White diamonds are commonplace and do not have the ability to vary from color to color (other than undesirable yellowish tones). Just like each person, colored diamonds are unique and tend to be one of  a kind. Why have white, colorless diamond like everyone else?

Reason #2 To Buy Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds have the “wow” factor. Many Hollywood stars and members of the royal family opt for colored diamonds over white ones. While pink and yellow fancy colored diamonds are the most popular among celebrities, chocolate, black, blue and green diamonds have been trending well during the past few years. Even the finest designers such as Chistian Dior, Louis Vouitton, Alexander McQueen and Harry Winston jump at the opportunity to use colored diamonds in their latest designs.

Reason #3 To Buy Colored Diamonds

Believe it or not, there’s a colored diamond for every budget. While many of the purest and most highly saturated colored diamonds are out of the price ranges for many people, it is surprising to see that the prices aren’t quite that high. In fact, the price depends on three main things:

Saturation – Fancy colored diamonds range from faint or light to deep and vivid. The less-vivid the color, the more affordable it will be.

Hue – Certain colors (or hues) are more rare and therefore more expensive. Blue, red and green diamonds are extremely rare, while pink, yellow, chocolate, black and champagne colored diamonds are more abundant and therefore more affordable.

Clarity – The visibility of flaws and imperfections in a diamond can affect the clarity and also the coloring and fire of the diamond. However, white/colorless diamonds show clarity flaws much more than colored diamonds, so one need not be quite as concerned if going this route. A big bonus for many diamond buyers.

Reason #4 To Buy Colored Diamonds


Colored diamonds are a collector’s item and never out of style. In fact, finding colored diamonds is becoming more rare these days and the more vivid ones are even more difficult to come by. For instance, the main blue diamond mine in Pretoria, South Africa  is unable to mine more blue diamonds, and the number one pink diamond mine in Australia is reportedly closing down in 2018. Deep green and red diamonds are constantly sought after in the collector’s circle but are so difficult to find that most of them remain as heirloom pieces, in museum’s, fine auctions or a handful of luxury jewelers. All in all, colored diamonds are ideal for those wishing to own a highly unique piece of jewelry that can be passed down through the generations.

Reason #5 To Buy Colored Diamonds


While white, colorless diamonds often make a poor investment due to their being so plentiful in the market and have a low re-sale value, their colored counterparts tend to grow steadily in value over the years. For instance, pink diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia have increased nearly 100 times their value in the past 25 years. Colored diamonds are consistently being sold around the world in auctions for hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. The value will continue to go up as colored diamond mines close and supplies dry up.


If you’re considering buying a colored diamond, be sure to do your research and shop around. Most average jewelry stores will only sell white, colorless diamonds so you many need to do some checking online to see if you can purchase them elsewhere. If going that route, be sure to read the fine print and spend some time researching the reputation of the company. Also, while natural mined colored diamonds are difficult to find, don’t rule out lab created colored diamonds. They’re gorgeous, more abundant and more affordable.

*Please note that colored diamonds are also called “fancy diamonds” or “fancy colored diamonds”. Knowing these search terms will help you narrow down the best vendors online.


Images courtesy of Leibish & Co. , Modern Jeweler, D. Nea Diamonds and Fancy Diamonds.net.


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