5 Reasons to Choose Palladium Rings

If you’re like many shoppers, you would be considering a platinum engagement ring if it were more affordable. The good news is that there is an affordable “sister metal” called palladium that is hitting the market with full force.

But before we get started, we need to explain palladium. A fairly new metal in the jewelry market, palladium is in the same family as platinum and new 950 alloys have been developed to make it suitable for engagement and wedding rings. It’s a rare metal (more rare than gold). But why should you opt for palladium instead of platinum or gold? Keep reading to find out the fantastic qualities of palladium and you just may choose it for your next ring purchase.

Reason #1 to Choose Palladium Rings: Affordability

While many people simply can’t spend the big bucks on platinum, they often choose 14K white gold. But did you know that palladium is the same price as 14K white gold in most jewelry stores? You get all the benefits of the look of platinum–without the exorbitant cost. Ironically, palladium is considered a rare and precious metal (more so than gold) but the pricing in the industry is more affordable. People often choose palladium in order to get the look of platinum and yet be able to afford a better setting or diamond.

Reason #2 to Choose Palladium Rings: Naturally White

Because white gold is not naturally white but yellow in color, it needs to be rhodium plated in order to achieve the white color that you see in all 14K or 18K white gold engagement rings today. Palladium, on the other hand, is a naturally white metal that never needs to be re-plated and will remain the beautiful silvery white color forever.


Reason #3 to Choose Palladium Rings: Hypoallergenic

White gold, as mentioned above, requires rhodium plating that includes trace amounts of nickel. Some people are allergic to nickel alloys and are unable to wear white gold. Palladium is a more pure metal (like platinum) that isn’t mixed with nickel alloys for strength. It’s a brilliant solution to an affordable, hypoallergenic alternative to platinum for those with sensitive skin.


Reason #4 to Choose Palladium Rings: Durability

Like platinum, palladium is a highly durable metal and won’t tarnish or loose metal as it is worn throughout the years. Instead of being worn down like gold, for instance, the metal is simply displaced or moved around yet still remains in the ring. Platinum and palladium both will show minor scratches but will never loose metal.


Reason #5 to Choose Palladium Rings: Lighter than Platinum

Platinum is significantly more heavy on the hand than 14K gold or palladium–and this can be a disadvantage for many people who prefer comfort over the dense weight of a platinum ring. The weight of a heavier ring on the finger is more noticeable and while some like the solid feel, others don’t.


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