Argyle Pink Diamonds



With Argyle Pink Diamonds being among the most rare and valuable  in the world, it’s no wonder why these precious gems are worn mainly by the rich and famous. They have astounding value: an incredible twenty times the price of a traditional white, colorless diamond. With only 50 released to the market each year, these beautiful diamonds are bound to turn heads.

Why Are Pink Diamonds So Rare and Valuable?

Barramundi Gap, an Aboriginal sacred site with special significance to Aboriginal women, is also the location of the AK1 open pit.

Deep in the outback of northwest Australia lies the Argyle Diamond Mine. This world-famous mine produces the vast majority of the earth’s pink diamonds–about 90% of them in fact. They are, however, still scarce since pink diamonds account for only one tenth of one percent of all the diamonds this mine produces. Only fifty quality pink diamonds get released for purchase each year.

A word of caution for those toying with the idea of purchasing a large 1 or more carat pink diamond: Don’t hesitate too long. There are reported to be about 10 years left of the larger sizes in the Argyle Diamond Mine–which means there are essentially only 500 left in the world.

The cost for these beautiful gems? Anything ranging from $100,000 USD per carat to over $1,000,000 USD per cart.

What Gives Pink Diamonds Their Stunning Color?

Not only are pink diamonds a stunning color, but they also have shades of purples, blues and reds–all among the rarest colors of diamonds on earth. This question is still up for debate and gemologists are still unsure of what makes these diamonds an almost hypnotically beautiful color. The vast majority of traditional diamonds get their color from trace elements in the rocks. However, pink diamonds come from some of the oldest rocks on earth and appear to get their color from incredibly intense pressure–even more so than traditional white diamonds.

Choosing Pink Diamonds

As with all diamonds, the 4 Cs (cut, clarity, color, carat) apply. The main difference with pink diamonds is their color, with the deeper and intense hues being the most valuable. The below chart gives a good idea of the shades of colors available:

Where Are Pink Diamonds Sold?

There are several retailers which sell pink diamonds, such as Harry Winston, Leibish & Co., and Tiffany & Co.. These stores are a great place to start, especially if considering a pink diamond engagement ring.


Affordable Alternatives to Pink Diamonds

Since might be out of most people’s price range, there are some other beautiful and more affordable options:


Pink Tourmaline

Pink Sapphires

Synthetic Pink Diamonds (Lab Created)

Pink Cubic Zirconia



 Images courtesy of Argyle Diamond Mine, Leibish & Co. and

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