Best Asha and Sona Diamond Rings & Why Some Think They are Better than Real Ones

There comes a moment in every woman’s life when she expects to receive a diamond ring. The occasion may vary, from an engagement to a birthday or wedding, but the same rule applies: it has to be beautiful. Although diamond rings have been coveted by collectors since the dawn of time, technology has made it possible for us to obtain perfect synthetic diamonds that perfectly replicate originals.

If you occasionally turn on the TV or read the paper, it is impossible not to have heard anything at all about man made diamonds. After nearly a hundred years of trial and error, science has finally managed to create truly unique and beautiful synthetic diamond jewelry, with the help of 21st century technology.

Why Do Some Think Synthetic Diamonds are Better Than Real Ones?

There has been a lot of heated debate on the topic of ‘fake’ diamonds. Are they the better option, compated to the mined variety? Is it possible to tell them apart? Are mined diamonds over-priced? The truth is that synthetic diamonds are just as beautiful as real ones and even experts are having a hard time telling one from the other. According to Cecil Adams, an award-winning newspaper columnist for “The Straight Dope”, ‘diamonds are a con, pure and simple’.


He believes this because mined diamonds are hugely over-priced by the DeBeers Diamond Cartel. In other words, the exorbitant price tags placed on real diamond jewelry does not reflect its value or scarcity. A recent study has actually shown that most couples pay at least 40% too much for their engagement ring.

But this is not all. Even if various jewelry companies claim that they only sell 100% real diamonds, at least three diamond varieties sold in the United States are being artificially altered, in order to increase value. Deceptive pricing aside, there is also a problem of the social order at play here, which buyers might want to address. These most valuable stones on the planet are being mined through forced child labor and other illegal means. This is also the reason why celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow have taken to only wearing synthetic diamonds for special events.

How to Choose the Perfect Synthetic Diamond Ring

All in all, ‘fake’ diamonds are far cheaper, do not come with the extra ‘baggage’ and are just as beautiful as real ones. If you have decided to go for man-made diamonds instead of real ones, you are probably wondering how you should go about choosing the perfect one. Truth be told, there are at least hundreds of options out there and the opinions about them are largely biased. We have decided to give you an overview of the most beautiful Asha and Sona diamonds on the market. They are perfect for special anniversaries, engagements and weddings.


Sona diamond rings are accessible and beautiful. Here are some of the best models you can choose from.

1. Solitaire Sterling Silver Ring by SONA


Granted, this celtic-style SONA synthetic diamond ring may look a bit bulky, but it fits perfectly on any hand and it will surely turn heads. The price for it hovers at 140-170 dollars. As far as specifications go, this SONA diamond features sterling silver, a white gold plated diamond, a channel setting and the warranty that it will never fade or become tarnished.

2. Genuine SONA Ms. Diamond Ring Imitation

This exquisite piece of jewelry will definitely appeal to any woman. The intricate and delicate design makes it the ideal choice for occasions such as Valentine’s days, birthdays or other special occasions. The material used for the ring is sterling silver, and the diamond has a prong setting. The stone is virtually indistinguishable from a real diamond. Lastly, the price for the SONA’s Ms. Diamond ring is approximately 200 dollars.

3. SONA Cluster Rings Rhinestone Beads

Cheap and beautiful are the two words to describe our third pick from SONA. The Jin Mosang Drilling Diamond ring comes with a Bezel setting, in China-Miao style, and adorned with small synthetic diamonds to the left and right sides of the ring’s band. This is by far the best price we’ve found for a cluster ring: a whopping 100 dollars.

4. Genuine SONA Three Stone Ring


Have you ever heard of a 40 dollar synthetic diamond ring? We’ve found a delicate Sona diamond ring for this price. The main material used for the ring is 925 silver-plated 18K gold and the stones are made from Austrian crystal.


While it may be true that prices from this company are a bit steeper, Asha lets its customers choose what type of center stone or metal type they want. Let’s take a look at some of their most beautiful engagement and wedding rings.

5. Vintage Scroll Round Asha Sol241 Ring


You can never go wrong with a classic. This ring features a gorgeous round H&A cut Asha center stone and white or yellow gold for the ring. If you are going for something more conservative, you should definitely pick this vintage design ring.

Price: roughly 550$

6. Vintage Scroll Round Asha sol250 Ring


Here’s another vintage design ring with a bit of a twist. Unlike the previous model, this one has an intricate model on the metallic band. You can also choose a matching ring for your better half! The Heart & Arrows cut for the Asha diamond will look perfect in this setting.

7. Tiffany Legacy Cushion Asha eng735 Engagement Ring


This is, indeed, an exquisite ring. It features a Tiffany Legacy design (an intricate metal model accompanied by smaller diamonds that act as the diamond’s frame). The band also has smaller simulant diamond applications on it. The center stone has a cushion cut. The ring can be purchased in palladium, white, yellow or two-tone metal bands and a 6 to 8 mm stone.

Price: between 1050$ and 1700$

8. Round Asha 5-Stone Trellis ann153 Band


Our last pick is similar to the delicate model from SONA, with the main difference being that the synthetic diamonds on this one are larger. The Round Asha 5-stone Trellis wedding band features five gorgeous H&A cut Asha gemstones which are set in 14k gold or palladium. The price of the ring is 585$.

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