Red Diamond Vs. Ruby

The differences between rubies and red diamonds are undoubtedly well-known to those interested in obtaining a gemstone. Although rubies are more challenging to come by than diamonds, they are also more expensive. A single ruby stone engagement ring will often cost significantly more than a red diamond engagement ring. However, if you know where to …

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Diamond Vs. Moissanite Sparkle

Moissanite and diamond are two popular natural gemstones often confused when choosing a perfect ring. The two stones have almost identical visual characteristics. Both are complex and clear gemstones that can be incredibly beautiful. However, the only way to tell which is better is by using professional equipment to examine the gemstones under a microscope. …

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What Is The July Gemstone?

Birthstones are gemstones or jewels that are given as a gift to commemorate a specific month. It is also known as a “birthday stone,” but the birthstone assigns precious gems in a different way. Birthstones have been there since the beginning of time. Traditional, modern, mystical, ayurvedic, and zodiac birthstones are among the precious stones …

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