Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Halo rings have become increasingly popular, and while some men may not like them, more women are choosing them for their engagement rings. This type of setting has many benefits and can be customized to suit your taste. A halo setting can also make a diamond look up to half a carat larger than it actually is. This type of ring is a great option for women who are looking for a traditional, yet feminine ring.

A round diamond halo engagement ring is one of the most popular types of engagement rings. These stunning rings can be made with any shape of a diamond and will be sure to please your special someone. The most common types of round diamonds used in this style are round, oval, and cushion. This setting is also a beautiful choice if you want a simple, yet elegant ring. You can also choose to have a customized ring, and this can make the resulting piece of jewelry truly special.

What Is A Halo Engagement Ring?

Consider the shape. A halo ring is a setting that surrounds a stone with a ring of round pavé (pronounced pah-vay) or micro-pavé diamonds. Pavé means “to pave” in French, and it refers to a pattern of small jewels set tightly together in jewelry to create an outstanding field of brightness and dazzle.

Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

A halo ring with a round diamond is an ideal choice for a modern woman. While a round diamond halo engagement ring is more affordable, it can still be more expensive than an engagement ring without a hoop. The extra carats of the center stone will make the ring more visible, while the halo will protect the smaller center stone from any wear.

Typically, a round diamond halo engagement ring has a circle of smaller stones around the center stone. The halo design can be made with any type of center stone. A classic symmetrical ring is the most popular option for men. Some men do not like halo rings, but they do not mind colored gemstones. A halo engagement ring with a halo will look great on any woman.

A halo ring is a beautiful option for an engagement ring. Despite its price tag, a halo encircles the center diamond. The halo setting makes the center stone appear larger, but it also adds an edge to the ring, which can cause it to fall out. In addition, it can be difficult to pair with a wedding band. For this reason, it is not the best choice for every woman.

Different Types Of Halo Engagement Rings

Even while the halo appears to be a pretty precise type, there are numerous variations, giving you plenty of space for customization. Around the center stone, the halo could be circular, squarish, or diamond-shaped. The band can be white, yellow, or rose gold, and it can be straight, twisted, or double-ringed to meet the center diamond. The stones on several of With Clarity’s halo rings extend partway onto the band, giving them an even more dazzling sparkling impact.

Of course, you may personalize your halo engagement ring by selecting the center stone shape that you prefer. With that feature alone, this type of ring has a wide range of options, ranging from cushion cut halo engagement rings to classic round halo engagement rings. The oval engagement rings with a halo and pear-shaped halo engagement rings are two popular shapes. There are, however, some forms of halo rings with which you may be unfamiliar. Here’s a rundown of other lesser-known halo engagement ring styles that provide even more personalization:

  • Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring

This gleaming style gives accent diamonds even more room to shine, giving the girl who loves bling even more glitz. When the band of your engagement ring approaches close to the center stone and halo, it separates in this design. This setting resembles a diamond from the top, and its halo is supported by two thin bands rather than one. It’s a popular style because of the tiny stones’ ability to capture the eye.

  • Plain Shank Halo Engagement Ring

Many ring buyers understand that you can’t go wrong with a classic. That’s precisely what this look is. A graceful polished band softly arcs up to the diamond and its halo, ensuring that the central stone receives all of the attention.

  • Double Halo Engagement Ring

On the other hand, this design of the halo engagement ring is for the woman who believes that more is better. The double halo is also a spectacular technique to save money. The setting is more expensive than a single halo, but the little diamonds are much less expensive than a huge center stone. Because a single halo can make your diamond appear a half-carat larger, the double halo can improve the appearance of your diamond by up to a full carat.

  • Pave Halo Engagement Ring

Although the simple shank halo has long been the preference, the pave halo ring is swiftly catching up. It’s the lovely backdrop for these many ring setups. The extra accent diamonds only go halfway down the ring’s shank. It’s the perfect balance of added glitz and timeless elegance.

What Is The Value Of The Halo Engagement Ring?

Halo engagement rings are not as expensive as you might think. Whether you choose an 18K gold or 14kt gold ring, you can find the perfect one. A halo ring is an excellent choice for an engagement ring because it can be more versatile than a solitaire ring. If you’re thinking of proposing to your beloved soon, don’t hesitate to choose a halo engagement – you will never regret it.

A halo engagement ring can be as affordable as $500 or as expensive as $15,000 depending on the style and precious metal used and the center diamond. There is a halo ring to fit any budget. The Blue Nile has a classic hammered hiloriamond encrusted in 14k gold for $690. Another company, Fana, has a twist ‘halo’ shaped earring with a curved ring band with a center stone.

How To Personalize Your Halo Engagement Ring?

No matter which halo engagement ring you choose, you can’t go wrong. The style, which features a large center stone surrounded by smaller accent diamonds, can make even the smallest carat diamond appear enormous. And what if you’ve got a big stone? It may be made to look like a headlight by using a halo setting.

However, it may appear that choosing a halo engagement ring means foregoing the opportunity to personalize your band. Fortunately, this is not the case! There are plenty of ways to personalize a halo engagement ring, from minor tweaks to major transformations.

How To Match A Halo Engagement Ring & Wedding Band?

A halo engagement ring usually comes with a matching wedding band that can be worn with it. Because a halo engagement ring has a circular shape and a head that can protrude further than a traditional engagement ring, it’s crucial to combine it with a wedding band that matches the ring’s size and proportions.

This will ensure that the ring and the band fit snugly together. Accent diamonds that are the same size and quality as the accent diamonds on the shank of the engagement ring or the halo of the engagement ring should be included in a matching wedding band.

You can choose a straight band with or without diamonds if you want a wedding ring that can be worn individually and is not stacked. To learn more about the ideal match for your engagement ring, consult with a gemologist on the With Clarity platform.

Whether you go with a round halo ring or a different shape like a pear or an emerald, be sure it’s a band you’ll like wearing for years to come.


In conclusion, a halo ring is one of the most popular kinds of engagement rings. Its popularity is increasing, and it is a great choice for a romantic engagement. It looks more romantic than a traditional solitaire ring. Its halo design will accentuate the center stone and make it look more dazzling. A radiance hammertone is the most traditional type of halo setting.

A halo encircles the center diamond and creates an illusion of half a carat size. This setting is a classic choice that will not lose its value as it ages. However, some men do not like a ring with a halo. A rounded diamond halo is a great choice for a woman who likes to shine. It is a great option for those who want to make her engagement ring look glamorous.