Red Diamond Vs. Ruby

The differences between rubies and red diamonds are undoubtedly well-known to those interested in obtaining a gemstone. Although rubies are more challenging to come by than diamonds, they are also more expensive. A single ruby stone engagement ring will often cost significantly more than a red diamond engagement ring. However, if you know where to look, you can still come upon a stunning gem that contains a ruby stone.

Ruby reserves are far more significant than those of red diamonds. This version is more vibrant, using more dramatic colors such as pink, dark red, purple-red, etc. The most critical component of red color is chromium (Cr), mostly Cr2O3, and its content ranges from 0.1 to 3 percent, with the greatest concentration being 4 percent. The pigeon blood red ruby is widely regarded as the finest available.

What Is Red Diamond?

A red diamond has a red color and has the same mineral properties as colorless diamonds. Red diamonds are the most expensive and rarest diamond color globally, much more so than pink or blue diamonds because only a few red diamonds have been discovered. The cause of red diamonds’ color, like that of pink diamonds, is hotly discussed. Still, the gemological community most often attributes both colors to gliding atoms in the diamond’s structure when it faces tremendous pressure during production. Red diamonds are the most expensive per carat of all the fancy color diamonds, and they come in a variety of colors. Typically, they will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per carat. Since they’re the rarest color, finding them in large sizes is complex, and they are usually found in sizes of less than one carat.

What Is Ruby?

Rubies are gemstones that are red and belong to the corundum family. Although most rubies have a deep red color, the exact color of rubies can range from blood-red to orangy-red, purple-red, brown-red, or even a pink-red tone. Rubies are valued for their rarity and beauty. Taking advantage of the newfound interest in colorful gemstones that have recently emerged, we’re going to take a closer look at the adorable red ruby, which many consider being the most romantic of all valuable jewels.

Unlike diamonds, rubies are produced of corundum, a crystalline type of aluminum oxide. Colorless rubies contain trace levels of the metal chromium, which replaces aluminum in the gemstone and causes it to change color. When corundum is red, it is referred to as ruby. We refer to sapphire as any other color than white when it is any other color other than white. The coloring of a ruby, which ranges from rich pink to blood-red, distinguishes it from other jewels. Ruby is considered one of the most valuable gemstones in the world, along with sapphires and emeralds.

Classification of the Difference Between Red Diamonds and Rubies

When measuring the level of red diamonds and rubies, the carat weight, color, clarity, and cut size are used, but the level of a ruby is determined. In addition, the gem’s transparency can be seen. Transparency is separated into five stages when identifying rubies with the naked eye: transparent, translucent, translucent, sub-transparent, and opaque. The higher the transparency of ruby, the more valuable the value.

Despite the various variations between rubies and red diamonds, they are both valuable precious gem resources and gifts from nature to humans. The jewelry fashioned from them is popular on the market. They have unique cultural connotations and symbolic significance, as well as a high economic value. They also have opportunities for investment and appreciation.

Origin Difference

Natural ruby deposits can be found in the inconsistent marble belt on the southern slopes of the Himalayas, stretching from Tajikistan to Afghanistan, Pakistani Kashmir, Nepal, China, Vietnam, Africa, and Australia as well as Montana, USA. There’s also a case to be made about South Carolina.

Red diamonds, such as the world’s largest red diamond, the Moussaieff Red, are typically found in Australia’s Argyle mining area. Furthermore, major diamond-producing countries such as Brazil, Russia, and India may generate red diamonds.

Color Difference

The reserves of rubies are far more extensive than those of red diamonds. Ruby is more vibrant than other gemstones; popular colors include pink, dark red, purple-red, and other shades of red. The pigeon blood red ruby is the most valuable. The color of pigeon red ruby is as dazzling as fire, and it is the finest of all rubies. Although a red diamond does not have the same depth of color as ruby, the appeal of a red diamond is still significantly more significant than that of a ruby.

Value Difference

The most significant distinction between a red diamond and a ruby is their respective values. In comparison to ruby, the value of a red diamond is significantly higher. Because red diamonds are scarce, the value of red diamonds is determined by the scarcity of red diamonds. As far as current red diamonds are concerned, the Hancock Red and the Moussaie Red are the most well-known. These two red diamonds are precious and uncommon, and the United States Museum of Natural History has taken steps to ensure their preservation.

Price Difference

Rubies of exceptional quality are among the most expensive gemstones, with record prices exceeding $1,000,000 per carat. Rubies, on the other hand, are exposed to more treatments than practically any other gemstone.

Pure red diamonds can cost more than a million dollars per carat. As a result, red diamonds are the most expensive colored diamonds. For instance, this 0.71-carat Fancy Red Diamond Radiant shape from Leibish & Co. is priced at $603,600 with a clarity rating of SI2! Without any modifiers, this stone is GIA-certified Fancy Red. The carat value of this stone is around $850,000.

Ruby is less expensive than a red diamond. However, because it is less well-known, buying one for the same price as ruby is not worthwhile. The red diamond is more expensive than a white diamond since it is less valued than a ruby. A diamond is a beautiful jewel to wear, but it should never be used for anything too costly. Red diamonds can be found all over the world.

Types Of Rubies

Rubies are found in a variety of forms and red colors and come from all over the world. Most rubies, on the other hand, are classified into several varieties based on the country or region where they were mined. The following are examples of common types:

  • Burmese Rubies Burmese rubies, now known as Myanmar rubies, are often considered to be among the most valuable in the world. Burmese rubies have a striking deep red colour that makes them stick out and make them look very remarkable.
  • Thai Rubies Thai rubies have a darker, but less intense, hue than Burmese rubies, and are usually regarded as inferior in quality. These rubies have a higher level of chromium and iron, which contributes to their distinctive hue.
  • African Rubies African rubies, such as those from Kenya and Mozambique, are dark red or red-purple in hue. The rich, unusual hue of dark red African rubies makes them popular and desirable.
  • Pigeon Blood Rubies Rubies with a “pigeon blood” tint are especially expensive and sought after. The colour of these rubies is bright red with a slight purple tint. When viewed under a light source, they appear to be a deep red colour.

Is Red Diamond More Expensive Than Ruby?

Is it true that rubies are more expensive than diamonds? Even though some rubies are pretty valuable and can fetch extremely high prices, most rubies are significantly less expensive than diamonds of the same size. Because of the reduced price of rubies compared to diamonds, they are an attractive alternative for engagement rings and other jewelry.

What Is The Most Valuable Red Diamond?

The Argyle Phoenix is a red diamond with a round cut that weighs 1.56 carats discovered at the Argyle mine in Western Australia. It is considered one of the world’s most precious and rarest gemstones. It is depicted here being studied with a loupe by Josephine Johnson, manager of Rio Tinto’s Argyle Pink Diamonds, as shown in this photograph.

What Is The Most Valuable Ruby?

It is the Jubilee Ruby, weighing 15.99 carats, that has ever been sold at auction in the United States. Set in a striking gold and diamond mounting by Verdura, it sold for $14.2 million, or $885,000 per carat, making it the most expensive diamond ever sold.

How Can You Tell If A Ruby Is Authentic?

Rubies have a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, making them difficult to scratch unless you use a diamond. Other gemstones and imitations are more delicate in comparison. You can scratch the surface of your ruby with a coin to see whether it leaves marks; if it does, you most certainly have a counterfeit. Natural rubies will not be scratched by keys or coins, unlike imitations.


A red diamond is more expensive than a ruby for apparent reasons. However, because it is less common than rubies, acquiring one at the same price as ruby is not a good investment. Because a red diamond is less valuable than a ruby, it is more expensive than a white diamond. Even though a diamond is a precious gemstone that can be worn, it should never be used for something too pricey. There are several red gems that can be found throughout the world.

Red diamonds and rubies are both incredibly rare gemstones. Additionally, they are more expensive than other varieties of diamonds. Because red diamonds are incredibly uncommon and pure, their value per carat is significantly higher than white diamonds. When shopping for a red diamond, the highest purity and the least amount of treatment are the most important factors to consider, according to experts. Although it is impossible to obtain a flawless diamond, a red diamond can make for a very appealing piece of jewelry when set in platinum.