Benefits of a Diamond Oval Engagement Ring

An oval-shaped diamond ring is a lovely variation of the classic round brilliant shape. The diamond’s facets are set in an elongated oval shape, making the diamond’s brilliance look lively and captivating. Because of its shape, an oval-shaped diamond makes your finger appear longer and slimmer. It is also less expensive than round diamonds. So, whether you’re shopping for a diamond engagement ring or a ring for someone else, consider the benefits of oval-shaped rings.

If you’re planning to buy an engagement ring for your girlfriend, you’ll find a huge selection at Jared. The ring selection is huge, and you can filter by the carat weight, designer, or metal type. You can also narrow down the selection by the size of the diamond, and this will help you get the exact ring you want without getting overwhelmed. Whether she’s looking for an elegant ring for a classic style or a modern one, a diamond oval engagement ring will surely be perfect.

More Cost-Effective

You can buy a larger diamond because an oval cut diamond is less expensive than a round cut diamond of the same carat and clarity. An oval cut diamond’s increased surface area makes it appear larger than a round cut diamond of the same size, making it a suitable economical option if you like a set with a large diamond.

More Glimmer

The way a diamond is cut determines its sparkle and brightness, and the oval cut is one of the brightest cuts available. If you choose a ring with an oval cut center, the clarity and color visible will glitter brilliantly on your finger.

On the Fingertips, it has a Slimming Effect

The oval shape of the diamond can make a woman’s fingers appear longer and slimmer, which can help slim her down. Always try on different shaped stones before deciding on a ring to ensure that the form of your ring matches the shape of your finger.

It doesn’t Catch or Scrape Anything

Because oval-cut diamonds do not have sharp angles, they are ideal for everyday use. Any diamond with sharp corners is prone to catch on surfaces when doing regular duties, putting the prongs that hold the stone in place at risk of fracturing. The prongs of an oval diamond are significantly less prone to break than those of a square-cut diamond.

Your Selection of Settings

The oval-cut diamond is not only a unique choice, but it also comes in a range of settings. A 4-prong, 6-prong, or bezel setting can be used with an oval-cut stone. A four-prong setting is less conspicuous, allowing your diamond to shine, and because the oval-cut is less likely to catch, four prongs may be plenty to secure it. The six-prong setting provides the extra security of a firm grasp, yet the additional metal may overshadow a smaller diamond. On the other hand, a bezel setting is a strip of metal that encircles the stone and secures it in place.

Here are Some Beautiful Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Hidden Halo Oval Diamond Engagement Ring 14K-18K White Gold Ring Oval Diamond Hidden Halo Unique Engagement Ring for Women – Gemma (Premium Moissanite)

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  • With this Hidden Halo Oval Diamond Engagement Ring, you can get a high-quality and irresistible ring. The ring comprises a thin band with an oval center stone and round stones that cover the band. With this Hidden Halo Oval Diamond Engagement Ring, you may get the perfect combination of high quality and strikingly gorgeous design.
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  • THE PRIMARY STONE Moissanite OR Cut – Excellent Diamonds 100 percent natural. 4.5-carat weight / 12 x 10mm Color – G/H Clarity – SI Cut – Very Good Shape – Oval Cut OR Diamond produced in a lab 4.5 carat weight / 12 x 10mm Color – G/H Clarity – SI Cut – Very Good Shape – Oval Cut Remember, you can alter your main stone to any stone you like if you contact me first.
  • SIDE STONES Type – Conflict-Free Diamonds that are 100 percent natural. 0.45 carat / 60 stones Round Brilliant Color – G/H Clarity – SI Shape – Round Brilliant Color – G/H Clarity – SI (High Quality) Cut – Excellent.
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Kobelli 2.1ct Oval Moissanite & 1/10ct Lab Diamond

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  • Lab-Grown Diamond Side Stones (1/, 9x7mm Oval Kobelli Moissanite GH/VS (2.1ct)
  • Kobelli USA designed, manufactured, and shipped this Oval and Slender Shank Engagement Ring with Iconic Classic Floating Prong and Basket Guarded Setting.
  • For convenient gifting and storage, a ring box is supplied.

Kobelli 2.1ct Oval Moissanite & 1/10ct Natural Diamond (HI/VS)

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  • Natural Diamond Side Stones (1/, 9x7mm Oval Kobelli Moissanite (2.1ct)
  • Kobelli USA designed, manufactured, and shipped this Oval and Slender Shank Engagement Ring with Iconic Classic Floating Prong and Basket Guarded Setting.
  • For convenient gifting and storage, a ring box is supplied.

14k Two-tone White Rose Gold Oval Diamond Solitaire Bellina Bridal Wedding Engagement Ring 3/4 Ct.

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  • Pure, Real & Natural Diamonds.
  • Guaranteed Elegant Velvet Ring Box Included.
  • Made with Highest Quality Craftsmanship 14k Gold Guaranteed.
  • Authenticated with a 14k Stamp.

Allurez Oval Diamond Hidden Halo Engagement Ring 18k White Gold (0.76ct)

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  • Made in the United States of America

What is the Popularity of Oval Diamond Engagement Ring?

There’s little doubt about this ring’s popularity, given its romantic meaning. Because an oval diamond seems larger than a round diamond of the same carat weight, it’s a form that works well for smaller but exquisite jewels, such as a 1-carat oval diamond ring. Because of their elegance and the romantic curves of the center stone, oval-cut solitaire engagement rings are always popular. Though oval diamond rings with accent stones and halos have an unmistakable attraction, these diamonds don’t require many frills to turn heads. Just ask the stars. In Hollywood, oval diamond engagement rings are plentiful. Here are a few of the oval diamond’s most well-known admirers:

Blake Lively’s renowned hubby, Ryan Reynolds, gave her an oval-cut rose gold engagement ring. Lorraine Schwartz’s ring has tiny micro pave bands.

Amber Rose flaunts a Wiz Khalifa oval diamond solitaire engagement ring with a massive 10-carat center stone.

Tom Cruise gave Katie Holmes an oval-cut vintage engagement ring with a 5-carat center stone, 6 carats of accent diamonds, and a split shank design that looked like an oval-cut antique engagement ring.

Nick Cokas’ platinum oval cut halo engagement ring is worn by Katharine McPhee. Her ring, however, is notable for the fancy colored diamonds in the center and halo.

Do Oval Cut Diamonds Appear to be Larger?

Engagement Rings with Oval Diamonds are Larger than you’d Except

The top surface of a round diamond comes to mind when most people think of diamond size. However, if that round diamond were replaced with an oval of the same carat weight, the oval’s top would appear larger! This is because oval diamonds have a larger surface area than round diamonds of equal weight. The surface area of a 1-carat oval diamond, for example, is 10% bigger than that of a 1-carat round diamond. This implies you can buy a diamond that appears larger for less money.

Fingers Look Slimmer with Oval Diamond Rings

Oval diamond engagement rings provide the idea of longer, more slender fingers due to their elongated design. So, if you’re looking for elegance, you’ve come to the right place! Those with long, thin fingers will appreciate how well an oval complements them.

Are Oval Diamonds Less Dazzling than Round Diamonds?

Like a round diamond, an oval diamond has a “brilliant” cut. So, while a round diamond has the maximum brilliance, an oval cut diamond is a close second! As a result, oval diamond engagement rings are ideal for someone who appreciates the beauty of a round diamond but wants something a little different.

The Bow-Tie Effect of Your Oval Diamond

The bow-tie appearance may be seen in most oval diamonds. Because this sometimes-dark region in the center of an oval resembles a gentleman’s bowtie, we call it a bowtie! Because the center faceting of all ovals differs somewhat from the tips, they all have a “bowtie.” It is deeper in the center with short facets, and with long facets, it is shallower at the tips. While most diamond cutters agree that the bow-tie appearance is part of the oval’s elegance, you don’t want it to be too dark or overpowering.

The bow-tie effect isn’t considered when grading a diamond; hence it’s not included on the certificate. Visual inspection is the only method to determine how severe a diamond’s dark bow tie is. For instance, here’s a photo of the visual check I did before buying my fiancee’s diamond. As you can see, her diamond has a little bow tie in the middle. This photo appeals to me because the dark background contrasts nicely with the bow tie. And, as you can see from the regular-lighting photo, the bow-tie look is modest and lovely once it’s set.


An oval diamond’s cut is significant as it impacts the overall beauty of the diamond. The cut will affect its structure and brilliance, so it’s important to shop around. The GIA does not give a cut grade for an oval diamond, as it’s impossible to find a perfect combination of table percentage and depth %. Consequently, any cut recommendation should be taken as highly subjective and general.

The oval shape has long been a symbol of marriage and is even used in signet rings. Its shape gives ample space to engrave the crest of a family. Around the 1700s, oval-shaped rings started appearing in Georgian-era England. Queen Victoria, Queen of England, had purchased the Koh-i-Noor diamond in India. She cut the stone into an oval shape and placed it in her queen’s crown, which now sits in the Tower of London.