Magnolia Diamond Engagement Ring

Whether you’re adamant about a classic solitaire or you want something unique and different, you can find the perfect ring for your partner with the help of a magnolia diamond engagement ring. Listed below are the pros and cons of these rings. They’re sure to delight your partner. Read on to learn how to select the right ring for your partner. The magnolia diamond is one of the most precious stones in the world, and its ring design will certainly catch your lover’s attention.

The Magnolia diamond engagement ring is named after the flower of the same name. It showcases a 0.25ct diamond in a platinum setting with a Bloom floral detail setting. You can purchase it online or in their Eastbourne store. You can request a GIA grading certificate, which lists the stone’s D color and SI2 clarity. The ring is a stunning piece of engagement jewelry, which will surely make your beloved feel like a million dollars.

Why Engagement Ring is Special? 

An engagement ring is a ring that indicates that its wearer is engaged, especially in Western cultures. The ring is presented as an engagement gift by a couple to a potential partner immediately after receiving a marriage proposal or during the wedding. This is a formal contract for a future marriage. In Western countries, engagement rings are mostly worn by women and may contain diamonds or other jewelry. The neologism “ring management” is sometimes used for wedding rings worn by men. In some cultures, men and women may wear wedding rings and use the wedding ring as a wedding band. In the Anglosphere, the ring is usually worn on the ring finger of the left hand, but the custom varies greatly in other countries.

Historically, wedding rings were worn during the couple’s wedding ceremony after receiving the blessing, but neither the wedding ring nor any other ring was worn when the groom wore the wedding ring on the bride’s finger as part of the wedding ceremony. In a ritual, sometimes the bride puts the groom on her finger. After the wedding, the engagement ring is usually put back on and worn over the wedding ring. Today, the presentation of wedding rings stands for “subarrayo”.

Why is the Origin of Diamonds Important?

Knowing where your diamonds come from is the first step to knowing they were sourced responsibly. Purchasing diamonds of known provenance will help you better understand the impact your purchase will have on the development of society in your country. Not only are you helping people thrive in places where they once struggled, but you are also helping to build infrastructure, educate youth, and provide health care for the entire population.

What is Magnolia Diamond? 

This ring is a masterpiece of jewelry design. It is made of platinum and features a round brilliant cut diamond in the center. The diamond is held in place by four claws on one side of the band. The diamond’s shape makes it stand out and shine from every angle. Unlike many other diamond engagement rings, the Magnolia ring is crafted from white gold and is slightly heavier than the pictured item. The ring is also extra shiny, making it perfect for evening wear, as well as for everyday wear. The designer of this ring is Polya Medvedeva, an oil painter turned 3D jewelry designer. She has created 60 different designs and created a unique ring with this one in mind.

What are Diamonds Made of?

The diamond is a highly prized gemstone that is almost revered in today’s society as a symbol of love, devotion, and wealth.

But what elements are diamonds made of? And how are they made? 

Like graphite, diamond is made up of only carbon. The carbon atoms in diamond are arranged in a dense lattice, which is less prone to contamination and gives it the title of the hardest natural material.

Origin of Diamond 

Color Colorless diamonds are often considered the most valuable, but diamonds can take on different colors due to mineral impurities or crystal lattice distortions. For example, black diamond due to graphite contamination, red diamond due to plastic deformation, purple due to plastic deformation and hydrogen pollution, green due to radiation deformation, pink due to plastic deformation, brown, yellow, orange, and blue from – nitrogen.

But if you’re wondering what diamonds are made of, carbon isn’t the only material. Diamonds have three other important components: pressure, heat, and time.

Diamond heat, pressure, & time 

Diamonds are formed in the Earth’s mantle, somewhere between 1 and 3 billion years ago. Formed by heat and pressure, diamonds are then delivered to the Earth’s surface by deep-source volcanic eruptions or the movement of subduction zones that bring the diamonds up to the ocean floor. In addition to being formed deep in the Earth, diamonds can also be formed from the immense heat and pressure of asteroid strikes

Diamonds require environments of at least 752 degrees Fahrenheit (400 degrees Celsius) and 434,113 pounds per square inch (30 kilobars). The most favorable diamond-forming conditions can be found about 100 miles (160 kilometers) underground

Check Out Some Magnolia Diamond Engagement Ring

AFFY 1/10 Carat (Cttw) Natural Diamond Magnolia Flower Ring In 925 Sterling Silver (Clarity: I2-I3, Color : I-J) (0.10 Carat Cttw)

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  • Sterling silver
  • Total diamond weight is approximately 1/10 carat; diamond weights are minimum weights
  • Sterling silver magnolia petals with black rhodium plating and bead-set, round, white diamonds at the center of the flower; textured finish on a slightly curved shank
  • Standard Fit; Sizes : 6, 7, 8, 9,10
  • Measures approximately 3/4″L x 3/4″W

Eraa Jewel Magnolia Engagement Ring, Round Cut 2.50Ct, VVS1 Clarity, Colorless Moissanite Diamond, 925 Sterling Silver Ring, Wedding Gift, Perfact for Gift Or As You Want

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  • Brand Name: Eraa Jewel
  • Main Stone: Moissanite, Main Stone shape: Round Brilliant Cut, Main Stone Color: Colorless, Main Stone Clarity: VVS1, Main Stone Luster: Excellent, Main Stone Weight: 2.00Ct (8.0MM) Approx, Side Stone: Round Cut, Side Stone Color/Clarity: White/VVS1, Side Stone Weight: 0.50ct, Type: Handmade Ring, Setting Type: Prong Setting
  • CRAFTED: In 925 Sterling Silver With 925 Stamp, Stone Make: High Quality
  • Diamond & Moissanite Maintains Its Clarity And Sparkle Throughout A Lifetime
  • EXCELLENT GIFT: For Birthday, Anniversary, Holidays, Stocking Stuffers, Graduation, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thank You or simply ”Thinking of You

Gemmart Magnolia Ring engagement Rings for teens

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  • MATERIAL : 925 Sterling Silver and Nickel-Freel. Avoid getting any sensitivity or allergy issues when wearing the ring
  • DESIGN INSPIRATION : Solid and Durable Design, Don’t worry about the ring breaking or tarnishing
  • PERFECT GIFT : The item will be packed in a beautiful jewelry velvet bag , ready for gifting yourself or someone else
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT : If you have any question, please be free to contact us !
  • Size info is estimate, if concern, Please leave me message.

Shiree Odiz “Magnolia” Pave Set Bezel Style CE Diamond Engagement Ring

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  • Stunning diamond engagement ring
  • with a choice of natural clarity
  • enhanced round brilliant diamonds
  • from 0.90 carat to 2.00 carat
  • set with 0.80ct dazzling F/VS diamond accents.

Rudrafashion Round Emerald & Black & White Dia 14K Yellow Gold Plated Princess Magnolia Flower Engagement Ring For Women’s

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  • Metal-Alloy, mixed with sterling silver to add strength and durability.Quality:give the look of gold, All luxury rings are quality made and protected from tarnishing.
  • We promise superior service which includes fast shipping, great communication, and Amazon’s refund policy.
  • Return For A Refund Or Exchange.100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • This Is Not a Factory Made Item. This Is a Hand Crafted Item From a Talented Designer. Each Item Is Made Individually For You.
  • Jewelry makes an ideal gift: 1. for your loved ones, e.g., girlfriend, fiancée, wife, mother, sister, or just a friend; 2. on any occasion, ex., Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, or just because!

Facts About Diamond

Diamond is one of the most difficult natural substances to detect. More than 70% of diamonds are used for industrial purposes and the demand for the material continues to grow.

Natural diamonds are carbon crystals formed under conditions of high temperature and pressure that exist about 100 miles below the Earth’s surface. Typically about 99.95% is carbon. The remaining 0.05% may contain one or more trace elements, which are atoms that are not part of the main chemical composition of the diamond.

The crystal structure of diamond is isometric, which means that the carbon atoms are almost identical in all directions.

Graphite, another mineral, contains only carbon but has a very different formation process and crystal structure. As a result, graphite is too soft to use, while diamonds are too hard to be scratched by other diamonds.

Without these elements, diamonds can become ordinary minerals. Fortunately, this particular combination of chemical composition, crystal structure, and formation process gives diamonds the properties that make them special.


Besides the hardness, diamond provides an impressive combination of chemical, physical and mechanical properties:

  • Hardness
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High thermal conductivity
  • High electrical resistivity
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient
  • High strength
  • Broad optical transparency from ultraviolet to •infra red
  • Resistant to chemical corrosion
  • Biologically compatible

Wearing your engagement ring every day – can you?

The simple answer is: yes! 

An engagement ring is not only meant to be worn prior to the wedding but also during the marriage. Since the engagement ring is usually the most expensive piece of jewelry a woman owns, it is too sad for it to stay in the safe!

Of course, depending on how delicate the ring actually is, or on the woman´s lifestyle, it is sometimes safer to wear the engagement ring only on special occasions and wear the wedding band alone instead.

How to Choose Correct Diamond? 

The GIA 4Cs of diamond quality will help you learn how to buy a diamond. This basic knowledge will not only unlock the mystery of a diamond’s quality but will also help you understand a diamond’s value and price.

  • Diamond Color In most diamonds, the term actually refers to the absence of color. The less color in the stone, the more desirable and valuable it is. Some of these differences are not visible to the naked eye, but directly impact the overall quality and price of the stone.
  • Diamond Clarity measures the amount, size, and placement of internal ‘inclusions,’ and external ‘blemishes.’ Grades run from ‘Flawless,’ with virtually no imperfections, to ‘Included,’ which contains a significant number of imperfections.
  • Diamond-Cut does not refer to a diamond’s shape, but to the proportion and arrangement of its facets and the quality of workmanship. The amount of brilliance, sparkle, and fire in a diamond is determined by cut. Grades range from ‘Excellent’ to ‘Poor.’
  • Diamond Carat refers to a diamond’s weight. Generally speaking, the higher the carat weight, the more expensive the stone. Two diamonds of equal carat weight, however, can have very different quality and price when the other three Cs are considered.

No matter how beautiful a diamond may look you simply cannot see its true quality. Knowing more about the 4Cs of diamond quality will help you learn how to buy a diamond. The 4Cs provide you with the information you need to know the diamond’s actual quality.


Choose the right metal type and finish for the magnolia diamond engagement ring. While platinum or white gold are the most popular metals to purchase for an engagement ring, it’s important to choose a stone that matches the color of the diamond. For example, if your partner prefers a rose gold engagement ring, she should choose a gold band of the same color as the diamond. This will make the diamond appear yellow-colored.

A platinum magnolia diamond engagement ring will be a timeless piece of jewelry. A magnolia diamond is one of the most popular and versatile gemstones. They’re also an affordable option for the ring-loving couple who wants something a little different. However, platinum can be costly. So, if you’re looking for an engagement ring that has a high price tag, make sure to look for a piece with a large center diamond.