Birthstone Keychain

A birthstone is a gemstone that symbolizes a person’s birthday. They have long been thought to possess legendary qualities that assist the wearer, whether healing, protection, or happiness. Contrary to common assumption, choosing a birthstone is not restricted to one stone or colour; instead, one can choose a birthstone based on their zodiac sign, month, day, and season of birth. These gemstones are frequently used in jewelry or as a pendant on a necklace, either alone or in combination. Here are a few options for selecting the correct birthstone for you

Personalized birthstone keychains can be a lovely gift for anyone on your list. Choose a chain that features your child’s birthstone or a combination of both. Personalized keychains never tarnish or rust, and these handmade creations also last for years. You can even have a keychain engraved on both sides. The birthstone keychain is the perfect gift for a friend or family member’s birthday or another special day.

Birthstones and their History

Birthstones, or gemstones that match a person’s birth month, are a relatively new concept. Its origins, however, can be traced back to biblical times. Historians think that the twelve gemstones on Aaron’s breastplate originally represented the twelve tribes of Israel. However, in the first and fifth centuries CE, Josephus, and St. Jerome began to associate these stones with the zodiac signs.

Each stone, it’s assumed, conferred exceptional abilities on anyone who wore it during the corresponding astrological period. As a result, individuals attempted to gather and wear all twelve jewels as talismans or for therapeutic purposes throughout the year.

Between the 16th and 18th centuries, the present association of one gem with each month and the habit of wearing only the stone associated with your birth month emerged. During this time, Poland was the birthplace of the so-called “traditional birthstones.” In 1912, the National Association of Jewelers published a “contemporary birthstones” list in the United States.

Here are Some Beautiful Birthstone Keychains

FAADBUK Butterfly Keychain with Birthstone Butterfly Jewelry Memorial Keychain Personalised Gift

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  • Butterfly Keychain with Birthstone – Meaning: Butterfly Keychain with Birthstone, minimalist Butterfly design. Symbolizes the birth of you or your family.
  • ALLOY is the material used.
  • 63mm*49mm is the size. TIPS: Manually measure the allowable error.
  • The butterfly is a potent emblem of transformation, and it teaches you to be aware of your expansion and growth cycles and the beauty of life’s unfolding. This item is ideal for you and your girlfriend, wife, mother, sister, and friends for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays.
  • This item will be delivered to you in a velvet bag to keep it safe from harm during shipment.

Birthstone Charm Key Chain Ring, Women’s Purse or Necklace Charm, Comes in a Gift Box! (March)

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  • With this Beautiful Key Chain Ring, you can keep track of your keys with style. Depending on the charm, about 3″ in length.
  • Birthstone Charm detaches and hooks to anything; buy multiples and hang them from the same key ring to make a more significant statement!!
  • It comes in a lovely gift box. The ideal present for the ladies in your life.
  • It can be used to make one-of-a-kind, attractive jewelry by hooking it onto a necklace or bracelet. It can be used as a bag or purse charm, and it can also be clipped onto zippers.
  • Handcrafted in the United States! Stainless steel jump rings and strong hooks.

Mom Birthstone Keychain – Family Tree Jewelry – Mother’s Day Gift for Mom or Grandma

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  • Family Tree Charm in Silver
  • Swarovski birthstones, 6 mm
  • Keychain made of stainless steel

Family Tree Mother’s Day Birthstone Keychain – Gift for Mom for Christmas or Birthday – Personalized Birthstone Keychains for Mother

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  • Family Tree Charm in Silver
  • Swarovski birthstones, 6 mm
  • Keychain made of stainless steel

Cow Keychain for Kids – Cow Key Ring – Personalized Birthstone & Initial – Cow Gifts for Cow Lovers – Made in the USA

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  • The charm of a Cow
  • 3/8″ Stainless Steel Initial Letter with Personalization
  • Swarovski Birthstone Personalized

What are Different Birthstones According to the Month?

The birthstone for January is garnet, which comes in various colours. From the flaming orange of Mandarin Garnet to the lush green of Tsavorite Garnet to the most well-known red of Pyrope Garnet, it is regarded as a beautiful gift to express friendship and confidence.

Amethyst, the February birthstone, is a quartz variation with a stunning purple colour that ranges from a blend of deep violet and red to a lighter lilac tint. The stone was thought to protect the user from intoxication and assist them in maintaining balanced thinking by the ancient Greeks.

March’s birthstone, aquamarine, has long been associated with youth, health, and hope. Its captivating colour spans from light blue to dark blue and is reminiscent of the sea. Aquamarine, the birthstone for March and the Pisces, adds a lovely touch to spring and summer outfits.

April’s birthstone, the April Diamond, is often associated with love, making it an ideal present for a loved one. While white diamonds are the most prevalent, fancy coloured diamonds, come in various colours, including yellow, blue, pink, etc.

May Emerald, the birthstone for May, has a stunning vibrant tone and a deep green colour of spring. Emeralds, the rarest of jewels, are thought to represent rebirth and love.

June is the month of pearls. Because of their natural beauty, pearls have been trendy in jewelry for generations. Pearls are a must-have for every young woman and make a remarkable statement, present, and heirloom. They are often connected with classic style, refinement, and sophistication.

July’s birthstone, the ruby, is known as the “King of Gems” and is associated with love, health, and knowledge. Rubies are the most valuable gemstone, and their value rises with the colour and quality of the gem. Wearing a fine red ruby was thought to bring good luck to the wearer.

August Peridot, August’s birthstone, is thought to bestow power and influence on those who wear it. With its distinctive lime green colour, Peridot will always stick out and be noticed!

September Sapphire, the September birthstone, is most prevalent in its pure, deep blue colour, but it can also be found in pink, yellow, and green. The gem was thought to protect those close to you from harm in the Middle Ages and symbolize loyalty and trust.

The birthstones for October are tourmaline and opal. Tourmaline is a favourite gemstone for many people because it comes in a spectrum of lovely colours. Opal gemstones are absolutely one-of-a-kind because each one is embellished with a different colour combination.

Topaz and, more recently, citrine are two birthstones associated with November. Citrine’s bright colour is regarded as a gift from the sun, and it’s also said to be a healing stone. Topaz, historically almost exclusively known and prized for its rich orange Imperial Topaz colour, is becoming increasingly popular in various hues, such as blue topaz.

December birthdays are honoured with the gift of one of three gemstones: zircon, tanzanite, or turquoise. Each gemstone carries a unique blue tone making it a perfect birthstone to begin winter. Although zircon comes in several colours, blue is the most popular.

How to Choose the Birthstone?

According to Month

Every month of the year has one or more gemstones associated with it. As defined by the US National Association of Jewellers, traditional birthstones and modern birthstones are available for months with differing birthstones. Bloodstones, for example, were traditionally associated with persons born in March, but according to current birthstones, Aquamarine is the birthstone for those born in March.

According to Zodiac Sign

Aside from selecting a gemstone based on the month of birth, birthstones can also be chosen depending on the person’s western astrological sign, often known as their zodiac sign or horoscope sign. Onyx stones are a good match for Leos, while amethysts are a good fit for Pisces.

According to Week

Birthstones can also be chosen based on the days of the week on which the individual was born.

According to the Season

In addition to the days and months, the seasons have a role in assigning a gemstone to each season of the year, notably the four prominent gemstones: emerald, ruby, sapphire, and diamond.

Is it Possible to be Harmed by Wearing an Emerald?

Yes, indeed! If Mercury does not get along with your ruling planet, wearing emerald could put you in a dire predicament. Furthermore, even if your dominating planet is partly, if not entirely, compatible with your prominent planet, you should exercise extreme caution when wearing the stone because the emerald will only operate in your favour when Mercury is in favourable circumstances.

For example, the Moon (prominent in Cancer) and Mercury can function well together at times. Still, they can also be highly incompatible and cause significant harm at other times.

Furthermore, it would be preferable if you just bought natural emeralds. There are a lot of fake gemstones out there, so be cautious. Wearing fake or weak gemstones isn’t just a waste of money; it may also draw negative cosmic energy, which can put you and your family in dangerous situations.

How does Crystal Healing Work?

While there are no scientific studies on the efficacy of crystal healing, one study implies that a patient receiving this sort of treatment may experience a placebo effect. According to Christopher French, head of the anomalistic psychology research section at the University of London, placebo effects follow a treatment not directly related to the treatment itself, working on the patient’s ailment.

French told Live Science, “There is no evidence that crystal healing helps over and above the placebo effect.” “That is the appropriate criterion for evaluating any treatment. However, your attitude toward placebo effects will determine whether you consider crystal healing or any other type of [complementary and alternative medicine] completely worthless.”

In other words, a person may feel better after receiving crystal healing treatment. Still, there is no scientific evidence that this improvement is due to the crystals utilized during the procedure. In 2001, French and his colleagues presented their findings on the efficacy of crystal healing at the British Psychological Society Centenary Annual Conference in Glasgow.

However, persuading someone who believes in crystals’ therapeutic properties can be difficult. “It’s difficult to dispute with folks who believe in crystals’ psychological benefits. We must respect those authentic experiences, “According to Zhuo Job Chen, a professor of psychology of religion at the University of North Carolina.

What are the Emerald’s Disadvantages?

If you wear an emerald green stone without consulting a professional, you may face serious consequences.

The following are some of the recognized emerald side effects:

Adverse mental health effects: If natural emerald isn’t compatible with your sun sign, it can hurt your mental health. It can cause a mental imbalance, impairing your overall and professional performance. It could also lead to mental illnesses like depression, schizophrenia, and paranoia.

Wearing an emerald without consulting with your parents, in-laws, or children can hurt your personal life.

Detrimental influence on physical health: In addition to hurting mental health, emeralds can cause skin problems and throat diseases if worn without consulting a professional. It can also impact your children’s physical (and mental) health.

Negative financial impact: If not worn correctly, natural emerald can get you into financial difficulty; no matter how hard you try to keep your costs under control, the money will slip right under the radar.


The therapeutic qualities of birthstones are claimed to exist. Wearing them may aid in obstructions’ physical, emotional, and spiritual discharge. These magical jewels are thought to have the ability to focus the planet’s healing energy on your body through contact, making you feel more peaceful and composed. Each stone has its unique healing and stimulating properties. The garnet stone, for example, is the stone for January, and it serves to energize your being and so release you from negativity.

Birthstones form a powerful spiritual bond between you and someone you genuinely care about, and this aids in transmitting your connection’s positivity and power in preserving and protecting you. This will ensure that your children, close family members, and friends are always safe.