What Wedding Bridal Sets Are Right For You?

What Wedding Bridal Sets Are Right For You?

wedding bridal setsWedding bridal sets are a pair of rings that are designed to be worn together.  These gorgeous rings come in a variety of designs, shapes and price ranges.  Let’s look at some of the difference and some of the most popular designs of bridal sets.

The Low-down on Wedding Bridal Sets

These sets come in a variety of designs from a classically simple diamond solitaire engagement ring to band wraps much more elaborate, displaying a multitude of accent stones surrounding an exquisite diamond solitaire.


Wedding Bridal Sets Option 1: Parallel Settings

These bands can be either quite simple or elaborate with stone designs.  These bands can either be worn together or separately.  The stones are usually not raised or extremely elaborate because that could interfere with the overall design when worn together.


Wedding Bridal Sets Option 2: Integrated Rings

This design is more elaborate, the designs are in such a way that they would not be worn separately.  If worn separately they would look totally incomplete.

The wedding band is designed to coordinate with the diamond of the engagement ring.  These bands, many times, offer an accent of stones or finishes that complement  and match the engagement ring.  They both become a centerpiece as one.


Where To Shop For Wedding Bridal Sets

These sets are so very popular, you will find an amazing selection available just about everywhere in the fine jewelry world.  Doing a little research online will give you a large selection to look into.  Some of the best known, well know jewelers to view online are:


Not only do they offer an extensive selection, you will find sets for everyone’s budget.  From $600 to $17,000, yellow gold, white gold, multiple stones, etc.  You can spend hours just researching Zales!


Jared, though a little pricier than Zales, does offer a beautiful selection of sets fitting a variety of budgets.  Their wedding sets start at $1,100 beyond $10,000.  They offer both white and yellow gold in many styles and from well known designers.

Hertzberg Diamonds

Prices ranging from $1,900 to $3,800, Hertzberg Diamonds offers several beautiful selections.  Some of their exquisite designs include round and square solitaires, baguettes and so much more.

Things To Consider With Integrated Rings for Wedding Bridal Sets

Keep in mind that these settings really do not do well separately.  They are designed and meant to be worn together.  In most cases, the bride will have to hand over her engagement ring so the two rings can be soldered together for a perfect and permanent fit.

Should the rings not be joined permanently and one is lost, the wedding band cannot be worn.

If passing on as an heirloom, the wedding band must be given up as well.

Some Final Thoughts on Wedding Bridal Sets

Because there is so very much detail placed in these rings, they can become subject to possible damage during daily wear.  In general, this particular style of ring is probably not a very good idea for highly active women.

These rings, without doubt, make an outstanding statement and are absolutely beautiful.  Keep in mind your particular lifestyle before deciding on this style of engagement/wedding ring.

Defining the perfect engagement ring should speak volumes regarding your tastes, styles and passion.  Take your time and you will find the perfect match for your that will always say “Forever”.

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