Should I Buy a Moissanite Ring?

Should I Buy a Moissanite Ring?

imagesWith all the talk about diamond alternatives, people are wondering more and more about Moissanite. In a recent poll, brides-to-be on the Wedding Bee forum were asked if this is a possible option for their future engagement ring. 21% indicated they wanted a Moissanite ring, 14% said they currently own one and love it, 2% said they currently own one and do not like it, 47% said they own a diamond ring and love it, 3% wish they had purchased a Moissanite ring, and 12% will only accept a diamond ring.

What does this tell us about the changing trends and attitudes towards Moissanite rings and other diamond alternatives? Take a look at what some brides are saying:


“I have diamonds in my e-ring, and I love it, but if I was more educated on moissanite when we were looking at rings, I probably would have chosen the moissy. Now I plan on getting one for a right hand ring.”

“I won’t go into my reasons on why we chose moissanite, but it was the best choice for me. I love it. Right now the sun is setting and I’m right by the window in my office and my ring is going nuts. That’s what I love about moissanite. It sparkles in any light, especially low light. It’s like sparkle parade when we go out in the evening to dinner somewhere.Do what’s best for you. Don’t care about what anyone else has to say. An engagement ring is not a sign of status. It’s there to look pretty and remind you that you have a man who wants to spend their life with you.”


“I just received my moissanite ring yesterday!!  I *love* it.  FI said he inspected it at every angle and different lighting for days before he gave it to me and it’s awesome!!  I do have diamonds for the side stone.  I wanted a clear, sparkly stone and moissanite fit the bill. Couldn’t be happier!”

“I have a diamond ring which I absolutely love, but I wouldn’t mind getting a moissanite right hand/cocktail ring  (wouldn’t have minded a moissy e-ring either)… I think moissanite is a beautiful stone and I really want a ring(s) to pass down to my children before I die without having to give away my engagement ring before I’m gone, but I also don’t want to spend gobs of money.”

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