Buying a Diamond Basket Engagement Ring

The design of a diamond basket engagement ring can be both simple and gorgeous at the same time. This form of setting is distinguished by horizontal bands that link the prongs, resulting in a ring that has a basket-like look. It is possible to see the center stone through the horizontal band, which is created by a basket-like setting. Prongs in a basket-style setting are similar in appearance to prongs in a typical prong setting, except that they are curved at the ends to hold the edge of the stone.

While the prong setting method elevates the stone above the base of the ring, the stone is less prone to bend over time as a result of this elevation. It is possible that some people favor this style for practical reasons, such as the fact that it contains more metal than a prong setting, which obscures the diamond’s side view. While a prong setting has a little edge in terms of shine, a basket setting will provide the most exposure to the diamond possible.

Buying a Diamond Basket Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are among the most costly purchases that most people will ever make, and ensuring that your diamond or other gemstone is protected should be a top priority when picking your engagement ring design. If you are looking for inspiration, check out our engagement ring gallery.

Choosing the correct setting for your center stone will guarantee that your stone is held securely in position while still appearing magnificent. To maximize the safety of your center stone, choose the setting that best suits your lifestyle. There are several versions of the prong setting, which is one of the most popular choices among brides. The basket setting is another popular choice that is frequently chosen to hold a diamond in place securely.

Diamond Basket Setting

A basket setting is quite similar to a prong setting in terms of appearance. In truth, it is a form of prong setting with only one significant difference from the others.

With basket settings, the traditional prongs that reach up from the base of the band and keep the diamond in place are used to hold the diamond in place. Aside from the prongs, they also contain a few horizontal bands that link the prongs and serve as a base for the gemstone to rest on. This results in the creation of a basket in which the diamond can be placed.

Compared to prong settings, which tend to raise the gemstone to a higher position, basket settings are frequently positioned lower. This lowers the amount of time the diamond is exposed to knocks and knocks.

The horizontal bands of the basket-setting engagement ring provide further durability and strength to the prongs of the ring, which are otherwise weak. As a result, prongs in a basket configuration are frequently found to be more durable.

The basket setting is a wonderful choice for those who prefer a prong setting but desire a setting that is more durable than a standard prong setting. If you lead a busy lifestyle or work in a position where you must use your hands frequently, the basket setting would be preferable over the prong configuration.

Basket settings, on the other hand, have more metal than prong settings, and as a result, the side view of the diamond is partially obscured. As a result, prong settings may have a minor advantage over basket settings when it comes to dazzling radiance.

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Is it True that a Basket Setting Makes a Diamond Appear Larger?

As previously stated, a high setting can make a diamond appear larger than it actually is. A high setting is most noticeable when worn with a thin ring shank or band, as shown in the example below.

A diamond in a basket setting is surrounded by a metal bar, whereas other settings such as four-prong, six-prong, and eight-prong settings can be used to connect them. Basket settings are frequently high-set, which means that the gemstone is elevated above the level of the finger. Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages that are similar to one another. Before making a final decision, it is advisable that you try out both types of vehicles. This form is particularly popular among ladies, but it can also be utilized for engagement rings in certain circumstances.

Is there Anything Special About a Basket on an Engagement Ring?

A basket setting is comprised of prongs that hold the gemstone in a basket-like configuration. Popular because it maximizes the quantity of light that passes through the diamond while maintaining it at a low setting, it is a popular choice. A basket setting is comprised of prongs that hold the gemstone in a basket-like configuration.

When put in a basket setting, a high-quality diamond may appear dull. As a result, the center diamond in a basket setting is typically smaller than in other settings. This, however, is not always the case in practice. Basket settings can be rather pricey, so it’s vital to do your homework before making a decision. Diamond basket engagement rings are available for buy from jewelry merchants at a reasonable price. But keep in mind to shop about it because there’s no harm in giving it a shot. The beauty of the diamond, as well as the sense of security it brings, is priceless.

Is it More Secure to Use a Basket Setting?

It is maintained close to your body, which provides additional safety. The basket itself serves as an additional layer of protection. The metal wrapping around the base of the piece holds it in place instead of the four or six prongs used in other designs.

Using a basket setting, you can keep the diamond close to your hand while also adding an extra degree of protection to its location. Because of the metal that covers the base of the ring, it is less likely to be damaged by drops or knocks. In contrast to a prong setting, which exposes the entire diamond to the elements, this setting keeps the diamond protected from the elements. Even a single knock on a hard surface or a single drop could inflict damage to multiple sides of the diamond. This style also makes it more comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

What is a Basket Setting for a Diamond and How Does it Work?

As a variant on the prong setting, basket settings are distinguished by a horizontal bar of metal that wraps around and around the diamond. This permits the diamond to rest in a basket rather than being kept in place just by the prongs holding the edges of the diamond. The main advantage is that the pavilion is protected from being knocked or bumped, which is a major plus.

What is it About a Diamond that Makes it Sparkle?

This is due to the fact that they do not have facets or faces that bounce and reflect light. Diamonds sparkle as a result of their ability to reflect light. When light strikes a diamond, it penetrates the diamond, bounces around and reflects within the diamond, and is eventually reflected back to your eye. That is the glint that you are seeing.

Diamonds are distinguished by their brilliance by three characteristics: reflection, refraction, and dispersion. Reflection is defined as the light that strikes the diamond and is immediately reflected back up, giving it an instantaneous sheen and brilliance. While this gleam is dazzling, it is simply the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to the real brightness that a diamond possesses.


The most popular engagement ring setting is a three-stone design. It protects the diamond while also allowing it to shine. It also has numerous other advantages, such as a long-lasting defensive design. A wedding band or a stacking ring with no center stone can be made using a channel setting. It is a timeless choice for any special occasion and may be worn by both men and women. A three-stone setting is a classic choice that represents a couple’s past, present, and future. A cathedral engagement ring is a unique choice that will show your love, whether you desire a single diamond or a cluster of tiny stones. If you wish to combine diamonds with other gemstones, this style is ideal. A cathedral ring has at least 16 diamonds. Other gemstones like as sapphire, ruby, and emerald will be used as accents.